The 20 Best Athleisure Gifts to Receive in 2023

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If you haven’t heard of athleisure before, you’re missing out! It’s one of the most comfortable forms of fashion that doubles as fitness wear must-haves, which is why you can wear it lounging around the house just as much as you wear it to that new kickboxing class you’ve wanted to try. But athleisure is so much more than apparel–it’s about finding that balance between athletic wear and leisure living.

There are so many ways to embrace the athleisure lifestyle and it gets even better when you can share the love with the people in your life who deserve a little self-care through fitness and relaxation. Whether it’s a cozy pair of joggers for errand day, noise-canceling headphones for that long flight or a stylish pair of sneakers that also support your arches during a HIIT gym session, athleisure wear is a thoughtful and practical gift that’s always appreciated by those looking to be more active and stay comfortable in 2023.

Best Athleisure Gifts in 2023:






Let’s start with a coveted athleisure gadget that brings convenience and results to your health and wellness goals. Apple watches are a cultural phenomenon and the SE, or Special Edition, generation is the more affordable watch that still includes the key features you need to track all kinds of things. Whether you or your friends are fitness enthusiasts or want a simple way to set reminders to walk, stand or sleep better, the Apple Watch SE is a great gift. It can help you track daily activities like movement, standing and exercise while monitoring your heart rate and offering a variety of audio and visual workout apps. The sleek design and changeable bands make it a seamless fit for any outfit, anytime. 

JLab Go Air Tone earphones collaborated with ORLY Color Labs to give you the gift you never knew you needed until now. These earphones offer six skin tone shades ranging from medium tan to deep brown with warm, neutral and cool undertones. These are such a great find that even Kim Kardashian has tried to replicate them in her Beats Fit Pro partnership. Fortunately, JLab earbuds have better sound quality, more color options and are way more affordable than the $200 celebrity variety. The case fits in your pocket and has customizable earbud tips with crystal clear EQ3 sound modes, 8+ hours of playtime and an extra 24 hours from the charging case. 

When you want a sturdier headset to cancel the noise around you for work, working out or just enjoying a noise-free nap, these Infurture headphones are a great gift to do just that. Its USB-C fast charging function gives you 2 hours of listening time for just 10 minutes, which equals 40 hours overall. These Bluetooth 5.0 headphones have key features like a built-in microphone and a crisp, powerful bass line for optimal high-quality sound. The lightweight memory foam earcups swivel 90 degrees to fit your ears and lay flat around your neck as the swivel joints adjust to your head shape. The colors—black, blue and rose gold—can go with everything you wear. 

Sometimes you want an athletic look without the hair-frizzing headwear that comes with it. This satin-lined baseball cap by CurlCap is backless, so your curls won’t get squished underneath your hat. The satin protects your curls from frizz and breakage, and the broad open back lets those with thicker hair allow their ponytail to swing freely. Though machine washing and drying are not recommended, this 100% cotton cap is easy to care for by handwashing in cold water and keeping its shape by hanging it to dry. There’s an adjustable elastic strap at the back so it can fit around different hairstyles. 

The right travel duffel can make the difference between having everything you need for a visit to the gym or a comfortable stay on your travels. With the luxury of a zippered wet and dry compartment and ample storage space for your shoes in one compartment and any clothes, notebooks, laptop or fitness gear you need in another. There are also side mesh pockets to fit your water bottles, so this may be the duffel bag you can use for almost anything. You can get this in nine colors: dark gray, heather gray, army green, mint green, wine red, purple, pink, navy and black.


These newly-launched Long Cloud Hoodies by PopFlex Active may be the ultimate athleisure top when you want coziness throughout the day. Created due to the popular demand for longer hoodies, these uber-popular hoodies now have more length for those who want to feel fully enveloped in softness. Wear this over your favorite fitness outfit or as a comfy hoodie-style dress for a sporty look. There are new colors too, including Blue Steel, Deep Plum and Blushing Beige. It looks so homey that you may want to turn it into sleepwear on colder nights.

Though it’s marketed toward men, this Hanes cotton-blend sweatshirt can be a unisex option. There are 18 colors, including white, black, stonewashed green, maroon, denim blue and pale pink. Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester materials, this pullover sweatshirt is machine washable and sourced from farms across the U.S. It’s made of a thick material that keeps you cozy on those days you waffle between working out and another rest day. 

These joggers are beyond comfortable and will quickly become a go-to part of your favorite lounge-around outfit. They are 100% polyester and come in many colors and designs, so you can mix up your entire closet to match. The drawstring closure makes it easy to adjust if you need a tighter waist fit or more give around the waistline after a big brunch. It comes with two pockets (a big plus!), and you can wear them anywhere from the couch to yoga class to the supermarket. 

Mommas need some comfy athleisure wear, too! These maternity leggings have a crossover panel that gently supports your lower back and smooth flatlock seams to reduce irritation and rubbing. If any mommas are worried about their ankles, these come with ankle zips for easy adjustments. The antimicrobial fabric inhibits odor-causing bacteria and wicks away moisture to keep you dry from sweat or unexpected spills. It comes in Jet Black, so it goes with everything while still feeling effortlessly comfortable on walks, errands, cleaning or napping.

You can have the comfiest clothes in the world, but the right shoes can make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Adidas is known for some of the best athletic shoes on the market today and the Ultraboost line has been their most popular-ever collection for a reason. These Web DNA shoes are unisex, so anyone can slip them on to run errands or hit the gym. The 3D Stretchweb wraps around the Ultraboost midsole to keep a nice hug around your arches, while the eco-friendly Primeknit yarn upper material comfortably flexes when you need more stretch. The color on these Ultraboosts has an off-white and Ecru Tint base with a legend ink Adidas accent design.


Stakt created more than a simple mat. This three-in-one foam blend mat is foldable with a patent-pending design that gives you a more versatile tool in your fitness arsenal. It’s 10mm thick, two times thicker than the average yoga mat—which is great for your knees and other joints. The mat can be used for yoga and folded once to increase support during kneeling and fully folded to increase incline exercises. There are three colors to choose from like seafoam (green), rosewater (pink) and iron (dark grey). 

This microfiber towel has great multi-purpose use as it’s fast drying, super absorbent and fits anywhere you go. It’s sensitive skin-friendly (it feels like soft suede), absorbs up to 5 times its weight,and comes with a reusable carry bag. The six different sizes range from x-small (12 x 24 inches) to XX-large (40 x 72 inches), so you can customize what kind of towel you’ll need and where you’ll need it. Use the smallest sizes as a face towel during a particularly sweaty gym session, or get the largest ones for beach days or on trips where you want an extra wide towel. There are 11 colors to mix and match your style or color code their use around the house and gym.

Athleisure is about finding that comfort in movement, and these mini hand weights are a great way to keep up with your fitness routine while ensuring those hands are comfortable. Each weighs 2.75 pounds, and the ergonomic hold is comfortable due to the foam wrapping around each weight. It’s an excellent gift for a beginner looking to start an at-home resistance training routine. They come in a black and blue trimmed design and can easily fit in your gym or weekend bag.

Though you should always exercise caution when using a foam roller, it can be beneficial when you need a little help stretching those tighter muscles. The foam roller is made of 30% renewable materials—including bamboo, straw and wood—and comes in recyclable packaging. The hollow core is hand-wrapped in EVA foam for a firmer structure, and the 3D surface layer allows for better blood and oxygen circulation as you stretch your muscles. This is a gift within a gift, as it comes with a free online instructional video library to help you learn the best ways to use foam rolling from experts at TriggerPoint.

Acupuncture is a well-known ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine that inserts incredibly thin needles into strategic points on your body to alleviate tension, pain and stress. If you can’t make an appointment with a reputable acupuncturist right away, this 100% natural linen and coconut fiber acupressure mat and pillow set may be a great way to safely introduce you or a friend to the practice. With just over 7,900 acupressure points across the linen mat and soft cotton pillow, this gift is great for anyone who wants to try something new and introduce relaxing practices to their wellness goals.


Getting one of these may make you want to get all of them. Simple Modern created its line of bottles, tumblers and mugs with convenience in mind. The BPA-free water bottle is double-wall insulated to keep beverages cold or hot without slippery condensation. The top is tightly sealed, so it’s leak-proof (though it’s not recommended for hot beverages due to the pressurization), and the lids are top-rack dishwasher safe. This gift of hydration also comes with two different BPA-free tops, so you can choose whether you want to use the pop-up straw lid (with two straws) to sip from or the screw-top chug lid for a quick swig when you can’t be bothered to wait til the other lid is done cleaning. 

Maybe you want to take a walk outside. Maybe you want to swing your water bottle from the side table to the couch. Either way, this sling water bottle bag is an excellent gift for anyone who always likes having a water bottle nearby. Made of velvety neoprene material, this sling bag can hold up to a 40 oz sized bottle, cash, cards, keys, passport or other essentials you need on a simple walk outside or a leisure trip abroad. It has adjustable straps with the embossed logo, and you can choose from five color options: Santorini (bright blue), periwinkle blue, grey camo, woodland green camo and solid black. 

If you want to feel healthy but don’t always have the time to spend more than a few minutes in the kitchen, get your own portable BPA-free personal blender. In 40 seconds, you’ll get a refreshing smoothie to feel healthier—even if you’re lounging around all day. This 4-blade head mini blender is Type-C rechargeable, which means you can take it on the go as you charge via your laptop, power bank, car charger or regular charging plug. It’s waterproof and easy to clean; just cut any fruits into smaller bits for a smoother fruity treat. You can drink directly from the lip of the lid or by inserting your favorite silicone straw. This can serve as a double-duty tool if you or someone you know likes to make one serving of fresh baby food, homemade sauces, and even DIY hair and skincare masks. 

If you have a friend who hits the weight room often or gets sore from sleeping on the wrong side of the bed, why not gift them something to help get those knots out whenever they need to? This RAEMAO Massage Gun has 15 unique massage heads designed for different muscle groups and ten-speed modes to help soothe sore areas, loosen stiff muscles and improve blood circulation. The LCD screen makes adjusting the speed easy and shows the power percentage, so you never run out when needed. It’s incredibly lightweight and comes in black, carbon, gray and silver with a carrying case for easy travel, a USB charging cable (charging plug not included) and the user manual. 

Whether you plan to take that new cycling class or want to make more time for a spa day, things always go smoother when you have a planner to keep track of it all. This Wellness Planner is a great gift to help everything stay organized with heavy non-toxic premium paper that won’t bleed through, an illustrated manual to guide you through each section, colorful ribbon bookmarks to keep tabs on where you want to go, an inner pocket for any extra notes, and a sturdy pen loop and elastic closure. This planner will help you feel less anxious about staying on track with your wellness goals with stickers to liven things up, and it comes in 14 colors. 

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