2024 Beachly Reviews: This Subscription Box Serves Summer Vibes All Year


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It’s almost the season of ocean breezes, tan lines, dripping ice cream cones, blissfully warm evenings, and relaxing vacations. Stylish accessories are a must when planning a day of fun in the sun or a day at your lakeside cabin. No matter how you like to spend time outdoors, the Beachly subscription box will have something for you.

Get Started With a Beachly Subscription Box

A Beachly membership brings a splash of aloha straight to your door. You’ll get a bundle of one-of-a-kind goodies delivered four times a year that draw inspiration from the sunny shores of Hawaii, Bali, California, and more. Keep reading for answers to all of your questions about this beach lifestyle subscription box.

What Comes Inside Beachly

New customers can select from three different Beachly boxes: women’s, men’s, or beauty. Each is filled with fun items that don’t skimp on quality or practicality. Beachly reviews rave about the sheer variety and how each box adds a splash of summer to their lives, even on the coldest days of winter. Surf know-how is not required for Beachly — it’s made for anyone who appreciates the laid-back coastal lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy these items, either.

Women’s boxes include a mix of apparel, accessories, jewelry, coastal home decor, skincare, and hair products, and healthy and active living products. You’ll get six items that are worth up to $475. The men’s surf subscription boxes feature tees, board shorts, shorts and pants, sandals, button-down shirts, hoodies and fleeces, and hats. Each comes with four to five pieces worth over $180.

The beauty box, meanwhile, has four to six clean beauty items that could include lip balms, fragrances, cleansers, moisturizers, nail polish, and hair masks. These are worth up to $100 retail value.

How Much Does Beachly Cost?

Here’s the breakdown of how much the Beachly boxes cost depending on which one you choose and which payment plan you prefer. For seasonal memberships, you’ll pay for each box every three months (pay as you go), while annual memberships require you to pay for all four of the year’s boxes up front.

  1. Women’s box: $99 plus shipping charged every three months OR $360 charged once per year
  2. Men’s box: $99 plus shipping charged every three months OR $356 charged once per year
  3. Beauty box: $29 plus shipping charged every three months

Beachly boxes usually ship out within four to seven business days of your billing/renewal date. Transit times vary depending on location and range from seven to 14 days.

How to Cancel Beachly

Beachly makes it easy to cancel your membership at any time. Submitting a cancellation request before your next scheduled renewal date is crucial so you don’t get charged. If money is tight, you can also skip your next box without ending your membership entirely.

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in!

Get Started With a Beachly Subscription Box

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