12 Best Lululemon Hats to Add to Your Wardrobe

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Lululemon seems to have all the bases covered when it comes to casual athletic wear. They really know how to make a product ultra-practical while looking incredibly sleek and fashionable. You have likely browsed their leggings and tank tops, but have you taken a look at the wide variation of hats offered by the company? From baseball caps and beanies to seriously old-school styles, Lululemon has developed an alluring assortment of hats that really have us wanting to accessorize our wardrobe. But far more than an accessory, hats help keep us warm and protected from the sun while keeping sweat from our eyes during an intense game. Keep reading for our favorite Lululemon hats.

Everyone needs a great beanie, and this neutral gray option, with a subtle neon Lululemon emblem, is ideal. Pair it with your ski gear, or give your casual outfit a rugged touch. The hat is thermal regulating, made of a specific wool type, and soft to the touch, not itchy! Keep in mind that this product should be machine washed on cold and laid flat to dry to keep it at its peak appearance.

If you are looking for something a little bit more detailed than a basic beanie, this uniquely knitted option could be it. The bubble knit pattern has a great texture that is both delicate and refined, while the fuzzy pom on top adds an element of fun. Look super cute when playing in the snow, or remain professional but not too serious when going business casual in the winter. This hat is made from merino wool, thermo-regulating, and super soft.

Whether needing to shield your face from the sun at a baseball game or just having something cute to wear while out on a run, this basic hat is a nice addition, either for practical or fashionable use. Made to be ultra-lightweight, the barely-there feel won’t have you working up a serious sweat. But if you do work up a sweat, the material is sweat-wicking and quick drying. Reflective details give more visibility to folks if running at night.

Lululemon offers a variety of baseball cap styles that work for both men and women. This particular one is ideal for blocking the sun on a hot summer day. An interior mesh lining helps redirect moisture away from your head, while the fabric in its entirety is water repellent. Expect a custom and comfortable fit, as the backstrap is adjustable to fit perfectly around the circumference of your noggin. Enjoy the lightweight feel and the classic look.

Don’t let ice and snow prevent you from getting out and about this winter. While being just one element that will be necessary to keep you warm, this fleece-lined hat is a super solid start to building a durable winter wardrobe. Soft and oh so cozy, your head is going to be in heaven. At least it will feel that way. A little bit of yak fur has been used to line the product, so it is super soft and incredibly efficient at keeping you warm. Opt for a cheerful and festive green or neutral gray.

Cousin Eddie was on to something when wearing that trapper hat while out and about in the snow when spending Christmas with the Griswolds. Trapper hats feature flaps that can look a little bit funny until you know their purpose. Designed to keep your ears ultra-warm, these handy extra pieces of fabric and insulation can simply be strapped up and out of the way when you don’t need them. This hat is also water repellent and solidly insulated.

We are having major early 2000s flashbacks! You might’ve seen a teenager wearing one of these bucket hats with a pair of culottes back then. Maybe they had some shimmering white or blue eyeshadow going on too! But this is seriously one practical style that needs to come back, as the design is protective from the sun or a little bit of an afternoon drizzle. The fabric is water repellent and can be easily wiped down, and eyelet holes promote ventilation. Three fun colors – opal, lavender, and black are available.

Running beanies are much thinner than the typical type that you would wear while strolling the streets of a perfect Hallmark Christmas movie town. Made of brushed fleece, this hat is really soft while remaining ultra warm. We like the reflective details that add more visibility to runners taking on the pavement at night. But our favorite attribute of this particular design is the opening made specifically for ponytails. Choose from a vibrant neon yellow or pretty pink.

Ear warmers are a solid option when you don’t want to mess up that perfect hairstyle. The knitted fabric looks absolutely adorable and really festive! Your ears and forehead will stay nice and warm while your blowout stays intact. While technically not a hat, it is certainly a great alternative that looks extra fashionable. Consider this the “visor” of cold weather practical headwear.

A few more practical additions have been added to this bucket hat, which looks more suitable for a day out on the lake or at the beach. Not only is it reversible, but the brim is more extended, providing more sunshade to your face. You are going to be so glad you wore this when everyone else is sunburnt, and you aren’t! The cinch cord rests loosely below the chin unless you need to fasten the hat while on a boat ride or pedaling on your bike.

Hit the tennis court, the hiking trail, or the baseball fields in this sun-protective visor! Visors look super adorable or handsome, and they also allow you to style your hair, unlike the traditional baseball cap. This design features an interior sweatband and will keep sweat out of those eyes when it matters most! This visor is a solid choice whether you are a serious sports person or just like a little bit of additional coverage while on a daily walk. Adjust it to fit your head perfectly.

Need a hat that is going to keep up with you during marathons or just while running around with the kids at the theme park during the summer? Either way, this hat is built practically while looking super cool. We love the details that are both subtle and awesome looking. But practically, the hat is sweat-resistant, lightweight, and can be clipped around your belt when not in use. Perforation makes for much-needed ventilation when starting to get a little overheated.

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