The Best Shapewear for Your Lower Belly in 2024

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Sometimes you want a little more tummy control, which is absolutely fine! Whatever your motivation, shapewear for your lower belly needs to not only work, but it has to feel comfortable and made to last. So, which product has the best for tummy control specifically for the lower belly pooch, and has outstanding reviews? The following shapewear options will sculpt your beautiful belly however you desire.

Consider this a modern-day corset, because it is supposed to smooth and genuinely shape the curves you have, versus smash them down and cover them up. And you’ll probably be able to breathe a lot easier with the mesh fabric, and soft bone structure. Easily pull them on and clasp them together, for an effortless slimming experience. Cooling technology has been used in the cultivation of the fabric, so in the summer you’ll be a lot more comfortable.

Side and rear lace add such a delicate and pretty touch to these high-waisted briefs. And by high waisted, we mean really high waisted, so your entire tummy will have slimming and shaping control. We love how the fabric is designed to enhance your natural shape, while adding a feminine touch to the shapewear concept. Enjoy the fact that this won’t dig into your skin, and will also stay in place at the same time.

The open concept is really phenomenal, as it gives you support where you need it, or want it, while allowing you to wear your own bra. Maybe it’s your favorite bra because of the design, or maybe it’s just really comfortable. You’ll still get a touch of lift from the design itself, and the lift that your own bra provides. With this particular piece, expect extra firm tummy control.

The front zipper is everything! And it allows you to put on and takeoff the garment easily. Firm tummy control doesn’t mean having to wrestle with your shapewear to actually get it on! This option isn’t about flattening everything out either—in the posterior area, the fabric is strategically placed to lift and shape the natural curves of your beautiful booty.

Maybe you don’t like the booty lifting attributes of the Celebrity Contour shaper from Leonisa, well this one is almost the same thing, but without the more exaggerated butt cut outs. However, it will still add some lift to your tush! The rest of the garment focuses in on the tummy, and provides firm control and flattening attributes. Cinch it closed and zip it up, then pair with your favorite bra since this is an open bust design.

Still get the posture and back supporting benefits, but with a full body suit, that gently contours the waist, butt, and hips. The open bust concepts is what seals the deal on this design being a triple threat. Feel comfortable and supported while looking darn good doing it.

Bring it back to basics, with a simplistic brief, that still hides some super beneficial attributes. A silicone grip keeps the garment in place around your upper back, which in turn provides full tummy control and shaping. But what might make it one of the top choices, is its back supporting, better posture promoting abilities. So you’re buying one product, and getting two major benefits.

Almost looking like a lovely ballerina suit, the basic, comfortable bodysuit is designed to really control the tummy. A built-in bra gently adds support, and various sheer attributes contribute a beautiful touch. If you’re looking for a bodysuit that doesn’t feel incredibly constricting, this might be a great option for you.

Eliminate bra bulge, and smooth out your torso, while wearing this full body suit that also elongates the legs. We love the elegant way the open bust is shaped, gently crossing over down toward the tummy region. From a practicality standpoint, you won’t have to worry about completely removing the garment to go to the restroom, as the accessibility has been built in to the design.

Not only does the tummy get a little bit of support, the thighs and upper legs will be shaped and contoured as well. The simplistic design covers the bases when it comes to defining your abdominal region. The high waisted shorts are less likely to ride up then other shapewear shorts, so run around and play with the kids, or dare to wear them on a day out around the town.

Versatility is the word, with these incredible shorts, with a wide waistband that will give you the slight tummy control you were looking for. A pocket is even hidden within the waistband, therefore making these a great option for biking as well! So one day you can wear them to smooth out your curves, underneath a favorite sundress, then the next day, they can serve as workout wear.

Bali’s high waisted two pack control shaping briefs have the most elegant lace tummy panel in the front. Those who opt for this product also can expect gentle, light waist and rear shaping attributes, that still allow your natural body shape to be on full display. The addition of spandex adds an extra element of secure support, that feels comfortable, yet effective. Choose from neutral colors like nude, or other subtle options.

Additional embellishments on your shapewear is a fun way to enhance your natural body shape, while doing it with a little bit of style. The jacquard front panel on the front of this lovely pair of briefs, is that extra flair you might’ve been looking for. This product takes things just slightly more next level, with firm control. However, the fabric is intended to be extremely soft, and the wear experience is as if there was nothing there at all. These briefs are also machine washable, for extra convenience.

Emphasize your curves – – we like the sound of that! While this zip up bodysuit does provide a slimmer silhouette, the design is meant to enhance what you already have. So flaunt it! Designed to provide firm control, your dress to that special dinner party will be taken to the next level. The open bust concept, and the specially designed fit on your posterior region add a seriously fire appeal. But our favorite feature of all might be that the suit is designed to allow you to go to the bathroom without removing the entire garment. We can hear the sighs of relief.

The simplicity of this full body shaper is also what makes it such a great option. Just slip the garment on, and see excellently contoured curves, without the downside of having to deal with seams that keep rolling down. That’s right, this option details a special seamless line, that won’t bunch up like some other full body suits might. Made with microfiber, the suite sounds as if it would feel like a soft and gentle hug, while shaping your tummy and thighs.

Are you looking for a tummy control option that is really basic, and straightforward? Perhaps you have other beloved shapewear products, and are just looking for an accessory to add. Well these panties are a nice base garment to add to your selection. The lace design is lovely, and comes in a multitude of colors. Not only is it just a great pair of underwear, it will help control lower belly pooch. Slide them on to give yourself that extra svelte appearance when wearing your favorite little black dress.

Spanx has proven itself via various garments, to be one of our staple go-to’s when it comes to quality shapewear. From beauty queens, to the savvy casual dresser, Spanks can be a solid addition to any look. These power shorts have a streamline and solid design, that will not only smooth out and shape tummy curves, but will also extend down the leg, for a continuous, sleek curve line. Use them to make putting on your favorite pair of jeans ultra comfortable, or when prepping for an exciting date night.

Find comfort and ultra slimming effects, from Spank’s fully bonded front panel. Do you have another pair of shaping shorts that just squeeze, pinch, and have you dreaming of taking them off at the end of the day? While your tummy and thighs are smooth and controlled, your posterior, and upper legs will reap benefits of the garment as well. A selection of tones are available to choose from, and the product can also be machine washed. Just be sure that you let the fabric air dry, while laying flat.

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