12 Cute and Warm Earmuffs for Women

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Keeping ears warm during the winter might be more important than you thought! Nerves are more exposed within the ear, so you might experience pain or other symptoms when Jack Frost comes whipping through. Moisture is also an issue and can get into those canals, causing infection. Earmuffs aren’t just stylish. They are functional. This winter, look super cute with these adorable earmuffs for women to protect your ears.

Nirvana Designs might have the most unique earmuffs. Three different kaleidoscope looks are available, black being the most subdued, and the white multi offering a range of gorgeous, truly kaleidoscope colors. Made of wool, you know they are warm! Faux fur outlines the exterior. These are truly unique.

While these muffs are made of soft gray rabbit fur, this is an eco-aware Etsy shop that does things sustainably. We love the way the muffs wrap around the back of the head, making them wonderful for wearing with a ponytail or even with your hair down. The back of the head style is a lot more elegant and perfect for helping you maintain that hairstyle.

Looking for something a little bit more practical and sleek? These are perfect for the slopes, as furry lining keeps ears away from the cold but allows moisture to escape. The design fits around the back of the head, so wearing a hat or even a ski helmet is a lot more comfortable. Click by pulling to adjust the band.

So cozy! So fluffy! Frizzy fluff is made to imitate rabbit hair, so you are definitely doing the humane thing by opting for something other than fur. But then again, you still get the luxurious look, even though the materials are polyester and acrylic. Another super handy attribute is the folding mechanism that seamlessly fits these muffs into a purse.

Designed to look like sheepskin but actually made with synthetic materials, these earmuffs are environmentally better and more ethical. Opt for normal ear coverage, or go for an extra big size that is even warmer and also a statement piece for your winter outfits. So many colors are available to choose from, but whatever you pick will look so adorable.

White House Black Market has other winter accessories that pair with these notably adorable, royal purple earmuffs. Faux pearls, and sequins, adorn the headband portion, and reviews note the embellishments to be more apparent in person, than within the picture. Fuzzy warm fluff comfortably keeps ears toasty, while enabling customers to indulge in both practical and fashionable winter wear.

Recycled polyester and acrylic are used to create the cream colored, thick cable knit design on the exterior of these non-bulky earmuffs. Further adding to warmth and comfort, is the ultra soft recycled fleece lining, that gently sits against the skin. Reviews note the design to be “refreshing“, and the overall fit is less likely to get in the way of headgear, or winter hats.

Polyester fleece Gore-Tex® is used to create a minimalistic ear wrap, great for those who want something that’s not overly outstanding or noticeable. While the wrap has a solid design, with Velcro backing to adjust to the head, some folks mentioned that it wasn’t quite as warm as they expected. So maybe this one’s not for the slopes, but for perhaps a day out shopping or running errands.

Four headband ear covers come within this set, making the product an overall budget friendly choice. Add a cute touch to your winter apparel, with the stretchy yarn wrap, with a bow-like accent. White, gray, black, and a soft pink selections are included. Reviews mention that these keep the ears quite warm, and can be suitable for teenagers and adults. Most customers seem to like the fit, but there were a few mentions of the bands running a little small.

Nearly 1000 reviews have brought these cuddly knitted traditional earmuffs to a 4.5 rating on Amazon. There are also several other patterns and designs. Overall, customers say these are comfortable, and very warm. One review also mentioned that these do not mess up hair as much as other earmuffs might. The main complaint was that these tend to fit a little small on some folks’ heads.

Polar fleece has been used to make this ultra comfortable headband, which is supposed to be extremely lightweight and cozy. With a rounded band design, it is meant to keep ears fully covered, without adding bulk to your head. Customers note the band to be extremely warm, and a great alternative throughout the fall and winter. They also typically love the fun and vibrant colors, while the only complaint is that the product is a little thick on the forehead— there tends to be excess fabric from the top of the forehead to the brow.

Along with thermal fabric, and sleek gender neutral design, these earmuffs are more than what meets the eye. Built in headphones allow you to listen to your favorite songs, or even take a phone call, while traversing wintery conditions. Other features include Bluetooth compatibility, and being hand wash friendly. In the reviews, we found consistent comments mentioning good sound quality, and an overall comfortable wearing experience.

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