These Eco-Friendly Sneakers Earned the Title of World’s Comfiest Shoe

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– They offer awesome styles and sizes for your whole family. The kid’s Smallbirds are adorable.

– We tried (and still wear) two of their most popular shoes the Wool Runners and Tree Runners. Both are super comfy!

– They’re machine-washable and so soft you can wear them without socks. Socks or not, this means you can keep them super fresh.

With millions of pairs already sold, chances are you’ve walked right by someone wearing a pair of Allbirds shoes and not realized it. This San Francisco, Calif.-based shoe company has taken the world by storm with its line of creatively colored, super-comfy and eco-friendly shoes. Its shoes have become famous not only for being unbelievably comfortable but constructed of natural, environmentally friendly materials like responsibly sourced merino wool and eucalyptus tree fiber.

Google product reviews of the Allbirds shoes include phrases such as “like hugs for my feet” and “best tennis shoes ever.” The company and shoes have been positively highlighted by TIME Magazine, Refinery29 and Business Insider, to name a few. They’ve even officially been dubbed “the most comfortable shoe in the world,” according to TIME Magazine. It’s safe to say the secret is out about Allbirds and its mission to bring comfort to the feet of the masses, one pair at a time.

Why all of the fuss? According to Allbirds, the New Zealand-sourced merino wool used in its main line of shoes is not only ultra-comfortable, but also has temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties. In fact, it’s so soft that you can easily get away without wearing socks. To top all of this off, Allbirds shoes are also machine washable making it even easier to justify spending a little more on them than you might on a different brand at your local athletic or department store.

Allbirds has definitely doubled down on its product lines with all of the success the company has experienced. This is made obvious by how fast their product line has expanded into a whole bunch of styles, colors and materials. For men and women, Allbirds now offers wool runners, wool loungers, tree runners, tree toppers, tree longers, and tree skippers. For your kiddos, choose from the adorable Smallbirds line in the original wool material, which will undoubtedly be expanded into the other materials sometime soon. If you become a fanatic, Allbirds is also known to release special edition colors and combinations — most recently in recognition of Earth Day.

Allbirds is proudly “direct to consumer” and does not sell in other stores. The company has started to open stores in select cities like San Francisco, New York and London. For the rest of us, the website will have to do for now. It’s hard to be too upset with free shipping makes and easy returns.

Shop them here:
Allbirds Men’s Collection
Allbirds Women’s Collection
Kid’s Smallbirds

BONUS TIPS: Allbirds shoes do run slightly small so you may want to go with one size bigger than usual. That said, the company is extremely friendly about size exchanges. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee, even if you have worn the shoes outside!

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