14 Best Candles for Men

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Candles can have direct positive reactions within our brain, and also help reduce stress levels. So candles are for everyone, as long as you don’t have allergies or reactions that are worsened by burning different variations. Maybe you were trying to think of the perfect gift for a certain masculine person—we are here to tell you that you may consider a candle. We took into consideration the ingredients that are used, overall reviews, and interesting or classic scents to narrow down our list. From earthy, and warm, to floral, we’ve developed a diverse list of smells for him.

Made with hand poured soy wax, this line of candles is also non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Made in Ontario, SoHum has a small but solid list of naturalistic scents. From figs, oranges, to various aromatic plants, the assortment covers a lot of ground, when it comes to smells. The patchouli and resin aromas that emanate from this candle, are noted in reviews to be ideal for meditation.

No additives, dyes or preservatives will be found in Grandpa’s Cardigan, at least the candle version. Anecdote Candles aims for a more ethical, hand poured product, that creates a reportedly wonderful throw (throw is the distance the scent is dispersed). We love the masculine scents, such as black pepper, and smoky birch, that are also combined with subtle touches of jasmine and mandarin. It might just trigger some nostalgia.

Sink in to a cozy, well worn leather jacket, at least via your senses. Maybe it takes you back to a great memory, or perhaps you just like the smoky and woodsy smell—reviews detail this is a great one for those who don’t like overwhelming floral stuff. Perhaps the guy in your life has been totally good with being bombarded with lavender peony, or peach pie candles, and you just want to gift him something that is a little more rugged and simple— this one is eco-friendly and boasts five star reviews.

Oak moss, sage, amber, patchouli and fern – – these are the primary notes that can be detected within the small batch candle. If he’s the kind of guy who can’t get enough of wandering through the forest, this might be the right one for him. While relaxing with a cold beer in the living room, he can light this up, and drift away to his favorite hiking places. Let the company know if you like the scent, so they will know if they should make more of a specific candle.

Manly aroma indulgence isn’t all about whiskey, leather and tobacco, they have scents that proudly display floral notes, and other more delicate fragrances. Within this specific variation, you’ll enjoy musk, vetiver, sandalwood, eucalyptus, lemon, patchouli and lavender when lighting this soy blend candle. While the majority of reviews on this line of candles is positive, some say you can get the product cheaper at Marshall’s.

Imagine, camping amongst spruce and pines, while the scent of cypress are in the distance. You can have this clean, refreshing woodsy smell, right within your home. In the reviews, it is mentioned that this candle is strong, but not overly heavy; a harmonious choice for those who appreciate the smell of nature, but may not necessarily want an overwhelming aroma of flowers.

Anecdote Candles in general have a solid reviews, so we could not resist adding the Quarter Life Crisis candle to the list! How many guys do you know that this could be totally fitting for? “All panic, no disco“—the hilarity potential of this candle gift is endless. Despite all of the novelty reasons that might be the deciding factor if we actually bought this, the notes sound pleasant and cheerful. Grapefruit, mint, lavender, bergamot, and rhubarb come together in an “energetic yet relaxing” combo.

Homesick Candles consults with 30 to 100 people, for every candle they make. This helps them nail different fragrance combinations, that represent a state, city, or occasion. They put love and true research into creating each and every unique offering. This Backyard Barbecue candle has been created to take you to a truly happy place, where your most beloved people are mingling and gathering together over good food and beer. Notes detected range from lemonade, amber, clove, bbq smoke, allspice, barley, vanilla, and musk.

We couldn’t look away from this adorable vanilla cereal bowl candle, that legitimately looks like a bowl of milk, and comes with pieces of marshmallow and grain resembling toppings. Place the “Lucky Charm“ style breakfast staple on top of the candle, and light the wick. The mesmerizing display will put off a vanilla aroma, along with that unmistakable “Cheerio”, or cereal like smell.

Undeniably, the scent of warm vanilla, cinnamon, caramel and pecans is one that will likely induce a feeling of comfort, possibly taking us back to the day where mom was pulling out a fresh batch of goodies from the oven. Reviews mention the delightful scent, and that it will even travel from one floor of the house to the next. We also find the shape of the glass jar to be attractive and neutral. Glass candle jars can often be re-purposed, to hold candies, or something as simple as paper clips or other office items.

Real beer bottles are used to make these candles! Bottles are cleaned, and smooth to create a gorgeous brown container. Bourbon whiskey is a classic and enjoyable smell, with the exact description of this one being “peppery and oakey”. Some of the negative reviews mentioned that this candle is pretty small, but it does have a 40 hour burn time according to the description.

Uniquely personalize-able, Birth Date Candles allow you to gift him a scent that is very specific to his actual birthdate. Various smells are inspired by the stars, and the recipients own horoscope. Natural soy and wax candles, along with natural fragrances, are incorporated into the product, which just makes it even better. Cleaner 100% cotton wicks, and reusable glass, mean they will be able to keep and admire the sleek jar.

He may have always wondered what the Death Star actually smells like, and now you can give him the ability to make an entire room smell like it. If you’re wondering, Homesick Candles has developed a combination of smoked amber, cement, tobacco, forged steel, birch tar, sandalwood, leather, frankincense, and black myrrh, to create their Death Star candle. So far, customers have given it five stars.

Perhaps he’s a practical guy, and just wants a really good, long lasting candle. Burning for 60 hours, the design is quite genius, allowing the candle to burn a little bit at a time, through the candle clip. The base, and overall style add serious ambience to his office, or man cave. Candle refills can also be purchased to fit onto the base. Customers note the product to be eye-catching, and love that it is also crafted from beeswax.

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