12 Best Electric Shavers For Anybody With Sensitive Skin

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No matter your gender, choosing the best electric shaver to shave on your sensitive skin can get tricky. You need a sharp razor with a gentle touch that’s easy to clean and simple to use – and not all shavers are created equal. The key is to research what you need in a clean shave. It may take a bit more time and effort, but it will be worth it for a smooth, irritation-free grooming experience.

A great electric razor type for sensitive skin is a foil razor since it has a thin metal layer covering the blades and creating a barrier between your skin and the blades to reduce irritation. Rotary shavers are also a good choice, with round heads gliding over your skin’s curves to minimize the risk of nicks and cuts. The quality of the blades is one of the most critical factors, and high-quality stainless steel blades are the least likely to irritate compared to lower-quality blades. Keeping the blades clean and lubricated is essential to gliding over your skin without razor burn.


  • Philips – SatinShave Prestige Women’s Electric Shaver with Trimmer
  • Panasonic – Cordless All-in-One Advanced Wet & Dry Electric Shaver
  • Brori – Rechargeable Wet and Dry Electric Shaver with LED Light
  • Conair – Ladies All-In-One Shave and Trim System
  • EESKA – 2-in-1 Portable and Waterproof Electric Shaver and Bikini Trimmer 



  • Philips Norelco – Series 7700 Rechargeable Waterproof Electric Shaver
  • Braun – Series 9 Wet & Dry Electric Razor 4+1 ProHead with Travel Case
  • Kibiy – 5-in-1 Cordless LED Men’s Waterproof Rotary Shaver and Grooming Kit
  • MOKEMAKE – Waterproof Multi-Use Electric Trimmer with Rechargeable Dock
  • Wahl – Rechargeable Bump-Free Foil Shaver with Hypoallergenic Titanium Cutters



  • Meridian – The Trimmer 
  • Panasonic – Unisex Wet and Dry Cordless Electric Shaver and Body Hair Trimmer 

When looking for an electric shaver for sensitive skin, it’s all about taking care of those sensitive areas. The Philips SatinShave Prestige Electric Shaver has hypoallergenic blades designed to reduce irritation and the risk of nicks and cuts in those uber-sensitive areas with thinner skin, like your underarms and bikini area. The ergonomic design and multiflex head allow you to comfortably shave on your skin, whether a quick dry shave or wet with gel or foam for extra sensitive skin protection. The rechargeable battery gives you one hour of cordless use of the five accessories with a cute pouch for easy travel. 

This Cordless All-in-One Advanced Wet and Dry Electric Shaver by Panasonic is a fantastic choice for sensitive skin. It’s fully immersible in water, so you can have a relaxing shave in the bath or shower as you lather in your favorite rejuvenating shave gel. The powerful NiMH battery fully charges in just one hour and gives you up to 20 minutes of easy cordless shaving. If you’re in a hurry, one five-minute charge is all you need for one shave. This advanced electric shaver is designed with four high-quality and ultra-sharp hypoallergenic stainless steel blades and dual ultra-thin foils for optimum closeness and comfort without irritation. 

Brori created their wet and dry electric shaver with LED Light to help you easily illuminate those hard-to-find blind spots and give you a thorough hair removal experience. Big plus: it’s IPX7 100% whole body washable with detachable heads, so it’s safe to use in the bath or shower and comes with a cleaning brush to keep everything hygienic and safe for sensitive skin. The advanced 3D floating foil and three hypo-allergenic and high-performance stainless steel blades make for an effortless, painless, irritation-free glide along your body’s curves and contours. The cordless USB quick recharge offers two ways to charge up fast with 60 minutes of cordless shaving.

If you’re looking for an affordable all-in-one shave and trim system, Conair’s got your back (and most of the rest of your body). This cordless rechargeable electric shaving system includes a bikini trimmer for sensitive areas, an adjustable comb for precise shaping, a detail trimmer for cosmetic touch-ups, an eyebrow attachment for precise trimming, and a charging adapter and storage pouch for easy on-the-go travel. This wet and dry electric shaver has hypoallergenic foils and a no-slip grip for better comfort with an ergonomic shape to fit in your hand for more control. They also have a battery-operated version if you prefer using that for your next shave instead.

Sometimes electric razors can be a bit bulky, but the EESKA 2-in-1 portable electric lady shaver has a slim ergonomic design that’s compact enough to travel with enough hold to stay put while you shave the most delicate areas. The ultra-sharp blades are low noise, and the ultra-thin foil helps keep the razor close enough to shave without irritating the most sensitive skin on your arms, legs, armpits, and bikini line. You can even use this muti-functional shaver for painless cosmetic facial hair removal. It’s 100% IPX7 waterproof and supports one hour of shaving after just two hours of charging within its UBC-C charging port that can connect to a PC, power bank, or direct outlet.


No matter how rough and tough you can get, the skin on your face still deserves a delicate touch when shaving. You want the smoothest shave without the unsightly razor bumps and the Philips Norelco Shaver Series 7700 delivers. Their ComfortGlide rings have a special protective coating to shield from nicks and the SkinProtect blades use up to 90,000 cutting actions per minute, so you’ll need fewer passes for a close shave. The easy-to-use cleaning pod thoroughly cleans and lubricates your shaver in just one minute and the powerful Li-ion battery gives up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving (roughly 20 shaves) on a one-hour charge. (Helpful tip: if you’re in a hurry, a 5-minute quick charge gives you one full shave. 

This Braun Series 9 Wet and Dry Electric Razor is a top-rated grooming kit for a reason. Braun’s SyncroSonic Technology uses 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute to glide over the skin and built-in Protective SkinGuard to smooth your sensitive skin. You get OptiFoil blades that last longer, a titanium-coated precision trimmer, and a 10D flex head to adapt to your facial contour. AutoSense Technology reads and adjusts its power to your beard’s density, and the powerful Li-Ion battery fully charges in one hour for a time equal to a month of shaving. The LED display shows battery level, hygiene status, and a travel lock indicator for safety wherever you go – not to mention the leather travel case and other goodies you’ll get in this best-selling men’s grooming kit.

This multifunctional electric shaving grooming kit has five attachments: a rotary shaver, hair clipper, nose/ear hair trimmer, facial cleansing brush, and a face massager. You’ll have 3-limit combs (3mm, 5mm, and 7mm) with upgraded 6-blade flexible shaver heads to save time and get a closer shave. The IPX7 waterproof 5D precision rotary blade heads fit your facial contour and ensure a close shave for even the most sensitive skin – even on your head! The Smart LED Intelligent Display shares the power level to charge, a travel lock to avoid unnecessary use, and a cleaning reminder to help you keep everything hygienic. You can use the USB Type-C charger for fast charging for up to 90 minutes of shaving after 1.5 hours of complete charging.

If you’re looking for a multi-use electric trimmer, this MOKEMAKE waterproof trimmer may be your new go-to grooming tool. It’s gentle enough to use on your most private parts and your chest, arms, legs, and back. The ultra-sensitive blade and high-power motor make it more effective yet gentle enough to handle the contours of your groin area. The soft ceramic blades feature advanced protection technology that can be used wet or dry to minimize pulling or nicks. It has a built-in LED light to help you trim the easy-to-miss spots in dim light, and the long-lasting battery lasts up to 90 minutes on a full charge on the USB rapid charging dock.

Let’s talk about convenience! This Wahl electric shaver is your travel-friendly answer to shaving on the go. It comes with flexible hypoallergenic titanium foil cutters for sensitive skin, a non-slip rubber grip for better control, a travel lock for safety and power protection, and a pop-up trimmer for precise detail around your neckline, beard, and sideburns. The rechargeable shaver has a durable NIMH battery with 60 minutes of runtime on a single charge and includes a foil guard and cleaning brush.


Whether you identify as non-binary or want an electric shaver that can work with female and male body contours, Meridian’s The Trimmer may be everything you need. It’s a bestselling trimmer that uses its signature ceramic blades to prevent razor burn and bumps in fine, coarse, and curly hair without painful snags or nicks. You can choose one of three colors: Sage (green), Ocean (blue), or Onyx (black). In this kit, you’ll get the USB charger, two adjustable guide combs (3 to 6mm and 9 to 12mm), and a cleaning brush. You’ll enjoy 90 minutes of smooth and safe shaving in the shower or out of it before your next recharge 

Panasonic’s unique V-shaped motor head is an excellent electric shaver for the hardest-to-shave places. The Skin Protective Blade technology reduces skin irritation on thinner sensitive areas while gliding around those curved areas. You get two precision attachments to trim the armpits, bikini area, and groin, along with an adjustable comb attachment to easily trim chest, leg, and arm hair. No matter your gender, you can use this body hair trimmer at home and during travel with its portable ergonomic I-Shaped body design for total control in narrow places. It quickly charges in one hour, giving you up to 50 minutes of shave time and a convenient travel pouch to keep your replacement blade when needed.

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