17 Best Gifts For Grieving Moms

Dealing With Grief

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It’s impossible to comprehend the pain that comes with losing a loved one. But, there is something so special and weighted when a mother loses her child. Grief is a chronic and debilitating life event that is immense in burden and isolating in nature. The loss of a child is unique in its depth, devastation, and depression. For a parent experiencing this type of grief, being shown love and empathy from a loving support system goes a long way in finding those fleeting moments of hope in what is despair beyond the depths of the sea. 

It can be hard to know what to say or do when someone has lost their child, but being a gentle and loving presence can do wonders. After some time, the right gifts can help moms know that you are thinking of them and their loss during the difficult time and no matter how long it’s been. If you’re a grieving mom, my heart goes out to you. Here is a list of the best and most meaningful gifts for grieving moms you can share with them:

Best Gifts For Grieving Moms: 

A handmade memory box can be a thoughtful gift. This one by Willow Tree Store comes with an Enclosure Card with a beautiful sentiment etched inside the box: Protect and cherish; Give wings to fly. The handpainted resin carving shows an adult and child in cream dresses embracing in a hug within a light gray and blue hinged lid rectangular frame. The larger size is great for them to put keepsakes of their child and for you to leave a kind handwritten message to mom.

If you know a mom who loves jewelry and has gone through an unimaginable loss, a personalized necklace can be a sentimental gift. Eve’s Addiction created this necklace to be a meaningful keepsake piece of a stunning heart and cross design in a gold-plated sterling silver pendant. You can add one to six birthstones to the left side of the open heart wrapping around the cross with a .25-carat colorless cubic zirconia stone at the center. This gift is a beautiful sentiment to keep lost loved ones close to the heart.

With grief, something as familiar as the weather can trigger memories. If you know a mourning mother who loves the gentle sounds of a wind chime, WoodByStu created one you can personalize for loved ones who are gone too soon. You only need to share the name of the person in remembrance, their role in the family, and important dates. It comes with a beautiful poem saying: Hear the wind and think of me. In your heart, I’ll always be. You’ll have two beautiful handmade options to choose from with different font styles and designs.

If you know a grieving mother who wants a safe space to share their feelings, a guided journal can be a great supportive tool to help them move forward using a sweet combination of memory keeping and grief processing during times of mourning. This journal is designed to honor those lost by commemorating memories and walking through the heavy burden of loss. Each section has self-care practices to help lean into that difficult emotional rollercoaster, introspective prompts to help you process, room for beloved photos and captions, space to share letters of love, and a rear keepsake pocket to save any personal mementos. The 88-page journal comes in a Sand or Teal linen bound hardcover with a gold-embossed title and spine.

Writing letters to loved ones gone too soon can help those grieving feel more connected to them and express their emotions. This journal is for mothers who need to free write letters to their child in heaven. This beautiful journal is made of vegan leather and has an attached black satin ribbon bookmark and comes in three color designs: White Marble, Grey, and Brown. You can also personalize it with In Loving Memory of (the child’s name) or keep it simple without one. With 224 lined pages to share their thoughts, a mother wanting to write letters to her child can appreciate the thoughtfulness behind such a beautifully therapeutic and personal gift. 

Journals can be used in different ways, even when the reason remains the same. This keepsake journal is for the grieving mother who wants to write and share all about her child. Where previously mentioned journals take a grief-processing approach, this guided writing book focuses on prompts that allow mom to share how proud she is of her angel child, what reminds her of them, their happiest memories together, and words describing their personality. It’s an excellent gift for the mom who doesn’t mind bringing up her child and talking about them – even amid unimaginable grief. You can gift the starry night and moon design journal in Black or Blue.

If you’re looking for a more subtle piece of jewelry to send to a grieving mom, this beautifully crafted hand-stamped necklace with a small heart and an angel wing in a gold or silver finish. You can share a heartfelt message saying: It’s ok to not be ok. Just know I’m always here. A message of love and empathy can go a long way, as can letting someone know that you are here for them whenever they need you. It also comes with a gift box, gift tag, and jewelry bag to keep everything safe and easy to transport.

Sometimes, nighttime can be the hardest time when grieving the loss of a loved one. This lighted memorial moon lamp is a beautiful nighttime reminder that their loved one is gone for a moment but never forgotten. The special quote engraved on the lamp says: Because someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home. This keepsake moon lamp is made of stainless steel and resin with an on/off switch that’s powered by three AA batteries (make sure to add those to your gift). It’s a personalized memorial gift of comfort and sympathy that will remind them they’re not alone, no matter the time of day.

Wrapping someone in warmth and love can help them get through the deepest moments of grief. This Compassion Comfort Blanket has words of love, strength, encouragement, and prayer to let them know that they have support during the difficult times. This blanket is made of uber-comfortable and super soft Sherpa that’s double-layered yet still lightweight enough to be breathable during warmer nights. It’s also machine washable in cold water and tumble dry on low, so they can easily clean it without worrying about pilling or shedding.

One of the hardest parts of losing a loved one is going through their things after the dust has settled. It’s hard to say what it feels like when they’re no longer here – and it can be that much harder for a mother. Because of this, you need to gently ask and get permission from the grieving mother and family before moving forward. As such a personal gift, this handstitched Memorial Quilt is a beautiful display of turning what once was lost into something new to cherish. This shop makes quilts out of loved one’s clothes with customizable options for the cotton backing and up to 2 months of work.

Grief is a very personal experience that presents itself in unique ways for everyone, and it can shift on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis. It is about getting through those moments day by day to start healing and step into a ‘new normal’. Author Jan Warner lives through the grief of losing her loved one and created a safe space for many women to learn how to coexist with grief and find peace. This guided book comes with 365 daily reflection readings, 52 self-healing exercises, and weekly themes to explore the unsaid and learn how to cope in a healthier way.

Author Nisha Zenoff is a grief counselor and psychotherapist who has lived through one of the worst experiences a mother can go through – losing her seventeen-year-old son in a tragic accident. This grieving mom has been there and wrote this book to help other mothers who are asking how they can even think to move forward without their baby. Whether you’re one week or several years into the grieving process, this book helps guide a grieving mother through those questions of hopelessness to find that self-compassion and healing through grief is the answer.

During times of grief, you want to be mindful of irritating the nervous system further. Don’t underestimate what tea, gardening, and a keepsake can do to calm the nerves, relax the mind, and support better sleep. The package includes a soy wax Light of My Heart Candle with soothing organic essential oils of neroli, chamomile and petitgrain; Seeds of Hope to plant Forget-Me-Not flowers; a Rose Quartz Heart; Organic Periodic Tea with cinnamon, ginger, and red raspberry leaf; and Organic Peaceful Tea with sleep-promoting citrus chamomile tea

Prepared meals are a godsend to anyone going through a major loss. This is especially true for mothers who always take care of everyone else. Sending a gift of preprepared meals will probably make them cry in a good way as they can customize their menu and only have to pop it in the oven to enjoy healthy and delicious foods. You can send a physical or e-gift card (whichever is most convenient), and then they can order whatever they want to eat without worrying about the mess or clean-up.

If you know someone prefers to cook, a grocery delivery membership can be equally as helpful and meaningful so they can have one less thing on their plate (pun intended). Some people – myself included – find cooking to be therapeutic during times of stress. Shipt allows you to gift a year’s membership to someone who may not have the time or energy to get out of the house after such a devastating loss. You can make each day a little easier for them with groceries delivered right to their door.

Cleaning is a great way to clear the mind and calm the nerves, but it’s not always easy to get up and organize when you’re carrying so much grief and pain around every day. Giving the gift of cleanliness and organization can do more for a grieving mother’s mental health than you realize. Having a clean space has been proven to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and promote better sleep. They can set up a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning schedule, then manage everything online and relax as cleaning professionals come in to take care of any messy areas that need attention.

Grief counseling can be the gateway to getting through each stage of grief and helping to grow in other ways during the most difficult moments of their life. It is important to make sure you’re close to someone enough to open the discussion of going to therapy in an empathetic and kind way. Make sure to let them know that there’s nothing wrong with building a support system to get through the tough times, and Talkspace makes it easy to give the gift of call, chat, email, and video therapy sessions.

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