9 Sheet Masks That Will Keep Your Skin Living Its Best Life

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Unlike mud or cream masks, sheet masks come with a cotton, paper, or cellulose cloth that lays over the serum and protects from too-rapid evaporation. They take as little as 10-20 minutes to absorb into skin, and the right one for your skin type will make for glowing skin, while addressing your secondary skin concerns, like wrinkles, acne, or dark spots. Finding the right match may take some time, but masks are an enjoyable, affordable indulgence that can bear dividends over time, with cleaner, happier, healthier skin.

You Should Know

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Made in the USA
  • More expensive than other options

Smooth, calm, and de-stress skin with this four-pack of masks by Orgaid. Hyaluronic acid transforms tired skin, while organic botanicals reduce redness and vitamin B3 works to reverse fine lines and other signs of aging. Besides anti-aging, they also offer a version with greek yogurt, for a high-protein diet for your skin, and one with revitalizing Vitamin C formula to brighten and exfoliate while delivering antioxidants, a great choice for recovering from too much sun exposure.

“I wash my face a lease twice a day coupled with the prescription cremes that I use for acne my face tends to get dry. I used this mask once and Wow this thing is amazing. My face felt so soft and fresh after using it.”

You Should Know

  • Highly moisturizing
  • 100% cotton mask
  • No fragrance-free option

If you’ve heard about the snail mucin trend in Korean skincare but have never braved it for yourself, here’s your chance. Snails naturally secrete hyaluronic and glycolic acid, which penetrates skin and encourages collagen production, for a longer lasting glow. La Pure has their products certified cruelty free, plus contains a higher mucin concentrate than most other brands on the market; a combo platter for those looking for a guilt free routine with proven results.

You Should Know

  • Best sampler pack
  • Inexpensive
  • Have to contact the seller directly to get multiples of a favorite scent

Target any skin issue with this multi pack of masks from The Face Shop. Great for hosting a girl’s night in, or giving as stocking stuffers or bridesmaid gifts, this variety sampler has something for everyone, from Tea Tree, to Cucumber, to soothing honey or calendula. Reviewers say, “While each mask claims to mainly do one job, like “hydrating” or “brightening” I found that all generally help to moisturize your face. It’s just the degree of moisture really depends on what type you use, which is perfect for my temperamental eczema!” With moisturizing glycerin, skin feels full, soft, and restored.

You Should Know

  • Leaping Bunny certified
  • Extra serum included
  • Best quality for the price

Highly reviewed sheet masks for less than a dollar each? It’s pretty cheap and easy to banish skepticism at that price point. This 12 pack of masks comes in a mix of recipes, from winter skin nourishing oatmeal, shea, or avocado, to summer perfect aloe, green tea, or peppermint.

You Should Know

  • Great size for gift giving
  • Cheaper on Amazon than from other sellers
  • Long Lasting

Activated by body heat, these hydrogel masks work right away at firming, brightening, and banishing wrinkles. Free from artificial fragrance or color, denatured alcohol, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, triclosan, and other undesirable additives, you’ll save almost 50% getting this sampler pack from Amazon, rather than buying single packs from your usual favorite beauty supplier. Even at this discount, it remains one of the most expensive mask options, but users agree; these aren’t just scented creams, this is a skin prescription, and Dr. Jart delivers results every time.

You Should Know

  • Best for Dry Skin
  • Best for frequent users
  • Affordable

Reviewers say, “Even when I neglect my skin care, I can always count on a nice glow after using one of these in the morning.” And we agree. Milk Masks have our backs when we need it most; after a bad breakup, during a tough stretch at school, or recovering after illness. Milk essence makes for creamy soft skin; fully rehydrate after stressful or skin damaging days. A’Pieu masks prevent drying, so they’re great for preparing for tough skin scenarios, like a day at the ocean, or drying airplane air. They also help restore and recover after busy holidays or other stressful events where good skincare often goes by the wayside.

You Should Know

  • Best for sensitive skin
  • Best for avoiding pthalates, sulfates, and parabens
  • Best for gentle exfoliation

A luxury mask set, you get what you pay for with this king of Korean skincare. With 17 clearly listed ingredients, all of which scored at a 1 or 2 by the Environmental Working Group, and all Vegan, you can be sure of what you’re exposing your skin to. Never tested on animals, these masks are gentle enough for daily use.

You Should Know

  • Pleasant, unique scents
  • Included serum is excellent
  • No tacky residue

Made with mineral rich glacial water, these Icelandic themed masks come in a range of fantastic scents. Users say, “Not only are these a steal but I really loved using them! The smells are nice and they feel really good. They even fit my face almost perfectly. Not too long not too wide.” CNF cosmetic is also the manufacturer behind more expensive mask brands like Tonymoly and The Face Shop, so you can expect similar quality from these masks, at less than half the price of those bigger name brand options. With a serum-like texture, these masks are best suited to nighttime use, rather than under primers and makeup. Great for relaxing at the end of the day.

You Should Know

  • Broccoli, Cactus, Red Wine? Super rare scents are great
  • Multiple essence types means there’s a perfect option for everyone

Tonymoly masks are an indulgence that pays major dividends. The brand originated in Korea and has a cult following around the world for their extreme effectiveness- as well as the adorable packaging. Available as single sheets or 10 packs, they’re on the expensive end of the sheet mask spectrum- at 3$ each they fall definitively in the “Luxury Beauty” side of the scale. But if masks are your special occasion indulgence, instead of your daily habit, it’s well worth giving these a try.

Reviewer Feedback

“The rose mask completely removed unnecessary redness. My face was less red, and it was only red around my acne spots. I cant express how relieved my skin was. I’ve tried many things for acne, I didn’t even get that mask for acne, and this improved my acne related issues drastically.”

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