The 11 Best Slim Wallets for Men in 2022

Minimalist Must-Haves

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Long gone are the days when dad carried a stack of bills and receipts — next to the Blockbuster card, no doubt — in his bulging back-pocket wallet.  With security concerns on the rise and clothing styles modernizing, it’s time to move to a minimalist, slim-profile wallet with protection against RFID scanners. These slim wallets offer stylish solutions to keep you organized while traveling or for everyday use.

What You Should Know

  • Over 7,000 Amazon reviewers

  • More than 30 color options

  • RFID blocking

This trim front pocket wallet features six card slots, including a clear covered pocket for ID. At only 0.12″ thick while empty, its genuine leather construction ensures it will stay soft and durable, even with all-day wear. More than 30 color options allow for matching any style and aesthetic, from subtle neutrals to bold and punchy attention-grabbers.

Review Highlights

“I absolutely love this wallet. I initially bought it for the RFID-blocking capabilities (to protect my credit card information), but beyond this, the overall aesthetic of the wallet is masculine, sleek, and minimalistic.” 

What You Should Know

  • Keyring makes this a good EDC piece

  • Holds 2-8 cards plus cash

  • Stretchy knit texture

The dream for anyone on the go, this slim wallet features a key ring or lanyard ring and an available matching lanyard, perfect for joggers or cyclists. Wearing it around the neck on a lanyard also makes it highly functional for anyone in health care, when mobility is key and messes are common.

Review Highlights

“This wallet fits into a number of my jean pockets for when I don’t feel like bringing along a whole bag. I’ve also been able to slip it into a pair of cowboy boots against my calf when I went to a few football games and a concert or two.”

What You Should Know

  • Three card slots

  • Classic brown leather

  • Ralph Lauren Polo detailing

Ideal for men looking for an ultra-lightweight wallet to wear in a shirt or jacket pocket, this all-leather card case by Ralph Lauren conveys polished style and durable construction without excessive flair.

Review Highlights

“I use these slim card cases to carry my loose cash in my front pocket. The leather on the Polo case is such high quality and so soft that it makes it very classy. Always get compliments on this case.”

What You Should Know

  • Clear ID window

  • Magnetic money clip

  • Genuine leather

Three card slots plus an ID window make this wallet slim and trim enough to go anywhere with just the essentials. An excellent choice for travelers looking to bring only the necessities, reviewers noted no problems with credit cards or hotel keys becoming demagnetized, despite the strong magnetic closure on the money clip.

Review Highlights

“It’s the perfect front pocket wallet for holding 3 cards, a few bills, and an i.d. or drivers license. If you’re looking for something stylish, constructed well, and very minimalist. This is the perfect wallet.'”

What You Should Know

  • Amazon’s bestselling men’s wallet

  • Dozens of color choices are available

  • Neutral design, great for his-and-hers gifting

Highly affordable, this slim wallet is lightweight and portable, comfortable enough to wear in front, back, or shirt pockets. When purchasing, verify that you’re getting the genuine article by selecting Buffway as the seller; they offer a one-year refund/replacement guarantee.

Review Highlights

“Excellent minimalist wallet, it is thinner with all my cards and money than my other wallet empty! Great for front pocket carry. I wear athletic shorts in summer that don’t have back pockets, so this works for me.”

What You Should Know

  • Just over half-inch thick while empty

  • Seven-card slots plus a money clip

  • You’ll need to gently “break-in” the money clip

Slimmer than a traditional wallet but with more than enough carrying space, this will be your new go-to. The minimal profile makes it a stellar choice for wearing in suit or trouser pockets without creating an obvious outline or weighing down clothing.

Review Highlights

“After owning this for a couple of months it has become my daily wallet, replacing the giant leather behemoth I used to sit on. I’ve been impressed with the quality and how well the product has held up so far. You’d think it was brand new by looking at it”

What You Should Know

  • No closures, no folds, just front/back/center card slots

  • Four color options

  • 100 percent Polyester

Match your Herschel luggage with this slim card-carrying wallet, perfect for lightweight travel. Minimal weight means this little wallet can fit snugly in a gym bag or Dopp kit, so you’ll always have cash and a couple of cards on hand when you need them. It also features an RFID blocking layer for extra security while on the go.

Review Highlights

“This hand’s down has to be the BEST slimmest wallet I have ever used. I purchased this about six months ago, and it has held up extremely well. The stitching of both the logo and outlining are all still in tact with no loose ends.”

What You Should Know

  • Holds eight cards and ten bills

  • Made in America

  • 3/4″ thick

Cards fit snugly and stay protected in this hard-sided aluminum alloy case. The defined case size prevents the otherwise inevitable wallet bloat from years of use, mindlessly stuffing receipts and rewards cards until it becomes impossible to close. This auto-closing case protects cards from being crushed or warped, even if it’s carried in a back pocket and sat on, and blocks RFID skimming.

Review Highlights

“Love this wallet. Even with attachments it’s still thinner than my old leather wallet I stuffed EVERYTHING into. This wallet makes you realize how much junk you’ve been carrying around and fixes it.”

What You Should Know

  • Nearly 10,000 Amazon reviews

  • Eight color options

  • U.S. bills fit great, but some other currencies will need to be folded twice to fit

This bifold-style wallet combines a more traditional look with an incredibly slim profile for more comfort for the wearer. A quick-access slot gives you an immediate grasp of your preferred card, and a detachable money clip keeps cash on hand and organized.

Review Highlights

“I started with a regular bifold that everyone starts off with. Then it got too bulky. Then I started looking into minimalist wallets. Many of them were too minimalist in utility that made their usage cumbersome. This wallet solved the problem. It has a billfold, has a slot of drivers license, a draw strap, and an extra slot for the main card.”

What You Should Know

  • 1.4″ x 4″ while closed

  • Genuine leather

  • Prime Wardrobe eligible — try before you buy

With a standard design, it’s tempting to think this wallet is old-fashioned, but the minimalist profile is maintained by including just a few card slots, plus space for hiding two cards or some emergency cash.

Review Highlights

“If you want a slim, bifold, minimalist with a single bill compartment wallet. This is your wallet. Only four “card” compartments, but for me that’s enough, two for credit cards, two for personal cards like id and license.”

What You Should Know

  • Traditionalist-approved design

  • 5-12 Cards

  • Seven color choices

Tons of care and design went into this gorgeous, traditionally designed wallet, with new improvements any man is sure to enjoy. With a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, Bellroy is standing behind the construction of its top-grain leather wallet. Wearers have to show some constraint and acknowledge that it’s up to you to keep it minimally loaded to maintain that small profile.

Review Highlights

“Regarding functionality, you can store several cards (4 quick access cards and a 4+ on the other card pocket) without the usual bulk of conventional wallets. Bills fit perfectly and there are 2 ‘hidden’ pockets compartments on the bills section, both of which can be used for a variety of purposes.”

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