Gillette Just Released The World’s First Heated Razor

First of its kind

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What You Should Know

  • Heats up in less than one second at the touch of a button
  • Two heat settings, stays warm throughout the shave
  • Wireless magnetic charging that lasts up to six uses
  • Five blade razor, includes two replacement cartridges

This new luxury Heated Razor by GilletteLabs is the first of its kind in the world. Mimicking the warming comfort of a hot towel, it enables your shave to be as soothing as possible. The stainless steel warming bar heats up almost instantly, and distributes an even heat that lasts throughout your entire shave.

Impossible to overheat thanks to built-in technology, the razor maintains heat at one of two settings, 110 and 122 degrees. Gillette’s own FlexDisc technology contours to the specific features of your face, guaranteeing you will feel the razor’s warmth with every stroke.

This is a 5 blade razor, and it comes with two cartridges of Gillette’s best blades. The premium grade zinc handle gives this razor a sleek, sophisticated look, which combined with the upright charging dock, means this luxury razor will look great on your bathroom counter.

Reviewer Feedback:

“I got the email about this razor and I had to try it .. they said it would come by fathers day however it came in a few days !!! I tried it out asap. I used my art of shaving bourbon kit and my new heated razor .. it is AMAZING !! If you like to take the time to shave properly then you must have this heated razor !! Period .. with the art of shaving pre shave oil, shaving cream with badger hair brush and lotion .. it’s the perfect shave !!! Last razor you will need!”

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