10 Loungewear Lines We are Loving Right Now

Comfy Cozy

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Ah loungewear, as if our casual staples had a baby with our favorite set of sweats or jam jams. Could there be a better combination? While this category certainly includes some super cute pajama sets that are great for sleepovers or Christmas morning, we’ve fallen in love with hybrid creations that fall more in the same category as yoga pants—so versatile! Even if you work from home or have nothing to do all day, slipping into a special loungy outfit can feel so good. From sustainable to ultra luxurious, we’ve rounded out our current faves.


Summersalt has everything, and quite a lot of styles and prints from pajamas to track suits. Many of their items have been carefully designed to be suitable for both a rainy day in, or an outing. Comfort and sleekness can truly coexist. The price is neither cheap nor outrageous, with some sets sitting in the middle just under $100. Keep in mind, fabrics are made from recycled materials to lessen the earth impact.


Wolven aims to Make Sustainability Sexy™, and by the looks of the colorful bra and pant designs, they are doing a great job. Each outfit and piece is created using yarn…which is made from recycled plastic. Pieces are reversible, offering fun ways to change up or play around with a look. Shorts, tees and other staples are available from the men’s line too.


Coyuchi primarily creates organic bedding that is from heaven above, so it just makes sense that their pajamas and loungewear are equally as enticing. Rompers, cardigans, shorts and cute pj sets will swaddle your skin like nothing else. Roomy jogger pants and tees are perfect for the guy in your life. Coyuchi keeps the same organic standards when crafting all apparel.


Pact is a loungewear line that is bringing affordable, organic options to the market. Basic leggings settle in around $29, and handy pocket versions are around $40. From soft tees to breezy jumpsuits for women, to casual hoodies and drawstring pants for men, they’ve covered all the bases, including picks for kids and babies. Even the earth toned bedding options are fair trade and sustainable.


Alo is that brand you want to put on when trying to snap a perfect yoga Instagram shot. Tops and bottoms are both simple and unique, with various accents and cutouts that don’t over announce themselves. It’s an elegant line with both beauty and the environment in mind. Whether wanting to let a little or a lot of skin breathe during your workout, or Netflix binge, Alo has something completely stunning for you.


Skin is a luxury brand that’s elevating the entire loungewear experience. Clothing is subtle, light and so lovely, it could be worn out. Feeling flirty? The lingerie has the same calming tones and buttery feel, even if you’re just wearing it for yourself. There’s certainly serious luxe vibes emanating from every Skin item. Get ready to truly treat yourself.

Senita Athletics

Senita Athletics was started by moms, so that there would be affordable, functional sports bras, yoga pants and swimwear for all. Whether chilling on the couch or going for a laid back run, the colorful materials are nothing short of adorable, and extremely comfy. Clever pockets, on the sides of pants and even in the back of a sports bra, are not only excellent for storing a phone, but medical equipment like insulin pumps too.

The Summer House

The Summer House believes fabrics are an art, and should be sourced sustainably, from the most talented artisans and craftsmen of India. Textiles are hand created in Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, in return for fair wages. Work environments of employees is top priority for The Summer House. It pays off, as each delicately designed ensemble is so gorgeous, you may just be that person who wears their jammies to the grocery store. And we seriously cannot blame you.


Billowing tanks, snuggly sweatshirts and skin kissing yoga pants by Satva are designed for every body type. Athleisure pieces are accented with a cute touch to make them suitable for a meet up with friends, or a movie night in. You’ll feel put together, but super snug—talk about a win win. Satva focuses on “holistic” clothing that healthily fuels the economy through sustainable farmed materials.


Sudara’s slouch pants and pajamas, each uniquely designed and meaningfully named, started with a mission to pull high risk women away from trafficking in India. Today women earn fair wages to create these stunning nightwear designs that add a dash of sunshine to often earth toned lounge clothing. Not only will you have something culturally significant to relax in, you will be helping women of India fight back against slavery.

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