Magical Disney Merchandise You Can Bring Home While The Parks Are Closed

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While Disney parks in both California and Florida remain closed,  superfans are looking for any opportunity to show off their park pride. Whether you’re watching all the classics on Disney+ or are taking the family on a culinary road trip through the Princesses’ cookbooks,  there’s always an opportunity to inject a little more magic into life.

Hit the trails (or the treadmill) in this Cinderella workout tank top. Available in size Small to XXL, reviewers suggest a gentle wash to preserve the image as long as possible.

In sizes from 0-3 months all the way up to 24 months, this adorable baby bodysuit is a great way to rock a Disney look without committing to a costume. The Minnie Mouse inspired dress is a look that’s perfect for layering, which means this will make for a cute photo outfit for Christmas, Valentines, 4th of July and more.

Boys love Disney inspired dress up too, and these cool Black Panther pajamas are a no-fuss way to feel like their favorite action hero. They’re currently drastically marked down, so grab them before they’re gone!

This fun Anna dress-up costume will give girls endless hours of pretend adventures, and they’ll love getting to be the heroes in their own make-believe stories.

This silhouette sweater would almost be minimalist, but the oversized puff ink lettering takes all the subtlety down fast. Long sleeve but lightweight, it’s a multi-season indulgence that all Disney fans can love wearing, and comes in sizes xs to XXL.

A throw pillow doubles as both decor and comfort item; this Mandalorian themed pillow is soft and squeezable, perfect for getting through tense sections of favorite shows and movies.

After you get your sparkle fix with this stunning genie’s lamp necklace, what will you ask for with the other two wishes?

Your bling can be guilt-free; these Minnie Mouse earrings are affordable enough to be perfect for kids and adults, and owe their shine to cubic zirconia, so there’s no concerns about diamond sourcing.

Display homemade goodies in style with this retro cake stand. The cherry pie theme is perfectly styled for displaying cakes, pies, or other baked treats.

Nothing is more fun on a summer afternoon than splashing around in a pool or sprinkler, then heading in for a delicious treat. These boys swim trunks perfectly capture the magic of summer, with a fun pattern featuring a variety of yummy looking ice creams.

Let little chefs participate in the kitchen without ruining their clothes. This fun color drip apron is from Disney’s Ink & Paint style line, and may inspire kiddos to do some creative art of their own.

When your home-baked creations are delectable but look like a disaster, stash them away in this cookie jar. It’s so cute, you can even stash store bought cookies in there, just as an excuse to have it out on display– we won’t tell.

Of course you can steal the hotel toiletries, but when those are out, what to do? If you’d like a staycation that feels distinctly like a stay in a Disney resort, picking up this spa like set of their shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion is sure to evoke some scent memory.

If you’re splashing in the pool this summer, these floating drink holders make it easy to keep every member of the family cool and hydrated, and color coding who had which drink.

These go in and out of stock fast, because there are obviously a lot of HSM fans out there. All the more reason to get yours personalized if you manage to snag one!

Create a tradition of weekend breakfasts that put previous holiday fare to shame. This waffle maker churns out 3 mini mickey waffles every cycle, so it can keep up with the family without breaking a sweat.

Show off your princess creds and park pride with these glitzy beverage holders, perfect for keeping drinks cool while you catch some sun.

A live show won’t be in the cards soon, but that doesn’t mean that your theater options are limited to the big streaming services. Film adaptations of some of Broadway’s best are available in a variety of mediums, so it’s easy to catch up on shows you’ve missed.

A humorous gift for the constantly late riser, these sweatpants are just right for anyone who is Grumpy in the early morning hours.

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