Meet Flesh Beauty, the Brand Working to Redefine Skin-Colored Makeup

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When you think of inclusive makeup, you probably think of Rihanna’s beloved brand Fenty Beauty. Offering over 50 shades in both liquid foundation and concealer, the iconic singer sought to create products that look fantastic on everyone, no matter who they are. Inclusivity in the makeup industry is still a work in progress, unfortunately, but there are other options out there to help folks of all skin tones flourish.

Enter Flesh Beauty.

Launched in 2018 by none other than Linda Wells, founder of Allure magazine and previous chief creative officer at Revlon, the brand wanted to follow in Fenty’s footsteps – big footsteps to fill, right? – and make cosmetics in every color of you. Flesh or nude-colored is not universally light-colored, and the lack of diversity in foundation shades is still a persistent issue in the makeup industry.

“Sometimes a writer would describe something as ‘flesh color’ in a story and we’d have to say, ‘No no no, you can’t say flesh or nude and have it be interpreted as one color,” Wells told Allure after the brand first launched. “… If you can believe it, there are still paint colors and other things out there that are identified as ‘flesh’ or identified as ‘nude’ and they’re a peachy beige, and that’s just not acceptable. So this is the idea of flesh color being every color of skin — the color of your skin.”

But like Rihanna’s brainchild, Flesh isn’t a predictable line of nudes; it describes itself as “uncensored, unfiltered and unapologetic,” bursting with color and expression. (The eye and cheek gloss in the shade “Enchantment” has got me spellbound, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. We’ll get there).

The collection offers an assortment of makeup including liquid and stick foundation, SPF serum (wear sunscreen each and every dayeveryone!), primer, balm and liquid highlighter, blush, eyeshadow palettes, plus a fabulous line-up of lip products.

Check out some of our favorite Flesh products below.

With 40 options to choose from, you’re bound to find a shade that works for you. Pure Flesh Liquid Foundation is a buildable medium coverage formula with a natural, velvety finish that’s infused with aloe vera to soothe and hydrate your skin. The waterless formula means it’s got a weightless feel and you won’t be dealing with cakey makeup all day long. Sign us up.

Next up is the foundation stick that also comes in 40 shades. Its formula delivers the coverage of the liquid foundation but offers some pretty neat benefits. The stick can double as a concealer all over– find a shade that’s two or three shades lighter than your foundation – or a contour if you choose a darker shade and blend in the hollows of your face.

This gorgeous primer is filled with blue and purple photo-reflecting agents to add radiance. It features glycerin and proVitamin B5, so your face will be smooth and ready for makeup application. You can use it after you apply moisturizer or skip foundation entirely; you’ll be glowing no matter what.

Hide the Evidence concealer is the best of both worlds. You can conceal and correct in one handy pen so you never have to struggle with the coverage being too light or too dark. I always struggle with getting right in the corner of my eyelids and around my nose, so these tiny little brushes look like miracle workers.

Feast your eye on this glossy goodness! The oil-free formula ensures lightweight shine and it’s also fragrance-free. You’ve got your choice of peach, red and gold, all of which change shades at different angles for maximum sparkle. Oh, and did we mention you can use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips? Talk about versatile.

The compact features with a velvety, creamy formula that doubles as a lipstick and a blush. It also includes a mirror for convenient application with all seven shades. You can apply with your finger for a softer effect or a lip brush for a more precise look.

The Ripe Flesh Glisten Drops will coax out your inner goddess. The four shades – shimmering pearl, blushing start, golden topaz and gilded chocolate – contain a high volume of mica pearls and contain gelled water for extra hydration. You can mix with your primer, moisturizer or foundation, or wear alone for a glamorous glow.

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