Best Armadillo & Co Rugs That Add Elegance To Any Home

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Armadillo & Co rugs are all about thoughtful design, but what does that really mean? It means slowing down and not mass producing. Every piece gets the attention and detail it deserves, thus resulting in true craftsmanship. When you bring an Armadillo rug into your home, it is likely you will feel an instant sense of calm and serenity once laying it down over your flooring. This is the very premise of its design. If you’re the type of person who likes to bring wholesome, quality and timeless decor pieces into the home, this article is for you. Below are our most adored Armadillo & Co rugs.

We can imagine this rug resting effortlessly in a Scandinavian-style living room with clean-cut edges and a modern fireplace. However, the bold black and tan selection might be a statement addition to a glamorous-styled home. Either way, you’ll be experiencing the comfort and warmth of pure wool, and the intricate weaving will be more and more appreciated the closer one gets.

We think it is incredibly cool that the flecks of color within these different gray-toned rugs are meant to mimic those of rocks. That being said, maybe consider an intricate photo of the snowcapped Rocky Mountains as an accent piece to go with this lovely option. However, you could keep it basic and simply use the rug to add some serious texture to your office.

Candy apple red, ocean teal, pretty powdery pink, elegant gold and deep luxe navy are just some of the breathtaking dyed wool colors that you can bring your room to life with. Whether you already have lots of bold colors going on or opt for a neutral aesthetic, one of these colors is bound to add an enriching aspect. No matter what, these richly-colored rugs add a statement to the space.

Intricate weaving and braiding have created a somewhat loose, yet still solid presentation within this dimensional rug. Choose from a handful of colors, whether you’re keeping things cool and neutral with lots of gray or a little bit warmer with a light oat color. Four sizes are available to customize the fit under your living room furniture, kitchen table or even office furniture.

This rug’s material is first coiled then delicately braided into a circular form that is the most lovely addition to a foyer or a living room. The technique presents itself beautifully, and there are several colors that will show off the details like a slightly pink blush, earthy green, gray and darker, almost black tones. We can see the kids sitting on this and playing with their dolls and trucks on Christmas morning.

Tightly knitted, the Raffia rug is reminiscent of coastal life. Have you ever stayed in a quaint beach home, right on the sandy shores, that has one of these relaxed but gorgeous floor coverings or something similar? The design is intricate and detailed, while the fringed edges add a touch of carefree flair. Two colors that go with just about anything are available in the style.

A modernistic up and down pattern is created by different pile heights of gently hand-knotted material. The look is an homage to African wild terrain, and it’s as soft under the foot as it looks. So whether you’re looking to add some authenticity or dare we say modernity to your home, this abroad-inspired rug is ready to impress.

Sherpa – just the word alone can make one feel so incredibly cozy. If you thought blankets were super cuddly when made of that material, a rug is going to be even better, as it can truly define a space. Treat your feet to the heavenly coziness of Sherpa and drift away into dreamland as you feel like you’re standing on a cloud. We also like that there are several colors to choose from.

You’ve probably noticed by now that Armadillo rugs can be quite neutral, but show-stopping nonetheless. If you’re looking for something with a more distinctive design, maybe this Moroccan-inspired diamond pattern will strike you. While standing out with its somewhat bold pattern, the design blends seamlessly into a neutral environment. The knotting has been delicately crafted to be low pile.

Spherical and stunning like an actual dandelion, the Dandelion rug features various circular woven components. It has quite a whimsical feel, so we can see this dressing up a glam bedroom seamlessly or even acting as a phenomenal addition to a sunroom. Can you imagine how lovely it would be to sit and have coffee atop this unusual yet elegant home centerpiece?

Designed to reflect South America, the Pampas rug is yet another calming and peaceful design that might inspire you to pull out the yoga mat and turn on some Zen music. In the most subtle way, this rug features a vague striped pattern that is so delicately faded, it’s hardly noticeable. Choose from two enlightening, non-abrasive colors that will melt like butter into your home decor.

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