60 of the Best Bridal Shower Gift Ideas (The Ultimate List)

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There are so many things brides need when getting married. An endless list of ideas is available to those in search of the perfect thing to give. Maybe it’s a keepsake, or something practical for the kitchen, or just something to pamper her before the big day. It really is so much fun trying to find surprises for the soon to be wed couple. We’ve put together an extensive list of traditional gift ideas, and maybe some that are more outside of the box.

Keepsake Gifts

Brides can preserve some of the most precious keepsakes from the big day within the various drawers and envelopes of this keepsake box. From boutonniere’s, cake toppers, to invitations, all of it is kept in one compact protected spot.


A series of tasks and love gestures are detailed out within this game perfect for newlyweds. Kickstart their marriage in a fun way.

Games are a fabulous gift for newlyweds. Prompting fun and adventure from the get-go, it can solidify memories early on. Draw one of the sticks out of the tin to gradually check off ultimate date nights.

Wow the bride with a customized puzzle that features the exact location of where she met her future husband. An aerial shot of the place is centered on the 300 piece puzzle.

Personalized Gifts

Personalize these mugs with the upcoming wedding date. The initials of lovebirds are outlined with a heart, while the porcelain mug itself looks like a tree trunk.

Might as well get her the vase to match those lovely mugs. Made with the same porcelain, this is an elegant piece to hold dried wedding flowers or seasonal bouquets.

Could there be a cuter wedding guestbook? Guests use colorful ink pads to place their thumb prints in a position of a balloon above a tandem bike print. Then they sign their name on their prints.

Edible Wedding Shower Gifts

Creativity of the hosts can make these shortbread cookies something really special. Maybe it’s something you all enjoy at the shower, or perhaps the cookies have a special message for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon.

Real 24 karat gold lollipops? Now these definitely sound like something ultimate to have at a bridal shower! Bonus, they are raspberry flavored.

Brides most definitely need to pamper themselves before the big day. Within this beautiful bag are goodies like a bath bomb and organic lip treatment.

Joanna Gaines’ line at target is classic and eclectic, so anything would make a wonderful bridal gift. There is something about this mug that is simply lovely.

Stand mixers are incredible for those who love to bake. Mixing up southern cheese straws or some pecan divinity has never been so easy. This is also another beautiful product from Joanna Gaines‘ line.

Luggage may be a practical gift, but it can be glamorous. We can just see the glow on the bride’s face when she reveals this sleek set perfect for her upcoming honeymoon.

Espresso machines don’t have to be hundreds of dollars. New couples can enjoy bold brews together in the morning on their front porch with this affordable kitchen staple.

How much fun would a couple have making their own beer at home? Well you can give them this phenomenal kit, and instantly become the coolest guest.

Set up your favorite couple for future adventures. With two wine tumblers, two regular tumblers and a super efficient cooler, this set of Yeti will have them adventure ready.

Date nights at home are awesome. And who knew there was a sushi kit on the market? Fish not included.

Newlyweds can create their own personalized hot sauce with this at home kit. A signature flavor all of their own.

Give the bride the gift of being able to whip up cocktails properly. And these monkey tools are presented in the most adorable way.

Okay, so you definitely need this cocktail shaker to go with the previous listing. Especially if the bride thinks monkeys are cute.

Charcoal grills give chicken, fish and burgers incredible smoky flavor. While not overly fancy, this grill will get the job done. It’s perfect. Add some candlelight and wine for a romantic evening.

Circular marble with a brass love emblem in the center makes for the most gorgeous serving platter. From charcuterie to simple fruit presentations, we are sure brides will pull this out on many future occasions.

She will want a robe to wear beyond her wedding day. Floral designs come in a variation of vibrant colors, and are all so timeless.

Classic and elegant lace lines the trim of these bride and bridesmaid robes. Everyone gets their initial on the back, delicately outlined with a floral design.

Personalized with a clean and subtle design, the bride will love that her new name and wedding date will be presented on such a lovely kitchen piece.

Who would not melt over this little bandanna made for dogs? Because we are sure they are legitimately excited too.

Dear Foam slippers are so crazy comfortable anyway. Any bribe would adore to slip her toes into these fluffy white shoes with the most appropriate saying.

She can go ahead and sport this cup around while prepping for the wedding. Fill it with coffee, or a favorite smoothie. Or that detoxing tea to get that extra glow before the big day.

Hey not everybody has to wear sexy lingerie. This T-shirt may be just their style, or they will definitely get a kick out of it.

Stunning and affordable, golden sequins contrast against this white bag. She can use it to carry her supplies for getting ready, or even just as a purse.

We love this honeymooning shirt. Now we just need to find one for the groom.

Later she will thank you for giving her this pillow. With a simple flip, she can go ahead and let hubby know what is up for the night.

Every bride needs this wooden block countdown calendar. It’s just like the ones from childhood, counting down the days to Christmas.

With a gorgeous rose gold color and a subtle engraving, this will be a keepsake that she has forever.

It’s nice to have some affordably priced trinkets to hand out during the shower. Engagement ring socks are awesome.

Have all of the bridesmaids help fill this precious wedding day emergency kit bag.  Everyone can contribute something they think could be needed, whether it be from their own personal experience or just a clever thought.

Wedding planners are extremely helpful for brides. And later, it can serve as a keepsake.

Anyone with long locks could use some lovely hair ties. These just happen to come with bridal appropriate packaging.

A humorous married life coloring book—Talk about original! Maybe this will keep her mind off of her nerves the night before, or maybe it’s something she can do on the flight to the honeymoon destination.

Maybe the couple is already phenomenal at cooking, yet this hilarious cookbook can still provide plenty of inspiration when dinner becomes monotonous.

Everyone needs a good outdoor blanket, whether they live close to the beach, or if they just have a great park to hang out at during those sunny days. This one folds up and has a handy handle.

Cat lovers will be ecstatic over this themed wine glass. The subtle kitty cat picture with the adorable phrase is just too lovable.

With “just married“ printed on the back, the sun hat is still a subtle acknowledgment of the recent nuptials. Plus, it will protect that beautiful skin from UV rays.

Can a bride have too many coffee mugs to put in her new cabinets? Especially ones with hilarious phrases? We think not.

Every bride needs something blue. This angel is symbolic in many ways, and is tiny enough to be inconspicuously clipped on to her bouquet or somewhere on the dress.

Personalize a coffee mug with you and your best friend. It will be a bridal gift she will never forget.

Brides will feel incredibly special when everyone brings out this spectacular crown for her to wear during the shower. However, it is elegant enough to possibly compliment  various wedding dresses.

Are they Nightmare Before Christmas fans? Dazzle them with a brass or copper personalized Jack and Sally piece of artwork.

Beautifully set on a copper background is the actual sound wave pattern of someone saying I love you. Whether it be a gift to the couple, or your way of telling the bride how much you love her, it’s precious.

Made with sterling silver and imitation pearls, these hairpins are an elegant touch to any bridal wear.

Toasters are super handy. What if some Eggo waffles sound good for breakfast? Give something other than the regular old toaster, go with something retro!

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a six pence in your shoe. That’s how the old saying goes, and you can get your bride this gorgeous keepsake to follow with tradition.

Bride Swimsuit Personalized

Having a bridal shower pool party? This bride swimsuit will be a hit. And she can wear it on her honeymoon!

This “smells like I’m getting married” candle is such a clever and cute gift for a bridal shower. Bubbly champagne and fresh peonies meld together within this heartwarming home gift.

Another Etsy work of art, this piece displays the star charts for the night both the bride and groom were born, and the night they met.

This gorgeously crafted box can either sit out at the wedding, or at the bridal shower for guests to fill with well wishes and advice.

If she hasn’t picked out a cake topper, and is cool with someone else doing it, this personalized silhouette complete with pets would be a memorable and meaningful bridal shower gift.

Couples can start to mark all of their journeys together on this stunning map. It can be personalized with their names, adding an extra special touch.

Okay so maybe this is something that would be hard to pull off since it would be before the actual wedding cake is made. But if you have any idea of how it is going to look, you can have a replica wedding cake ornament made. Or it can just be a belated gift.

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