12 Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair in 2022

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How many times have you sucked the vacuum cord up into the brush or struggled to vacuum up the never-ending amount of dog hair from your couch, furniture, carpet, or let’s face it the entire home? If I break down the two most challenging parts of vacuuming it would come down to dealing with cords, and dealing with pet hair. Two difficult situations! Luckily, there is an abundance of cordless vacuums on the market specifically designed to be powerful and efficient enough to tackle pet hair. From fin floor brushes that don’t tangle with hair to easy emptying dust cups, we’ve selected our favorite vacuums that will help get the job done!

Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

One review we read in particular noted that they used their old vacuum first, then followed with this one, and accumulated half a canister of dirt more! The vacuum can continue for around 60 minutes without another charge with a powerful Dyson digital motor. Multiple tools are available, including a small mini motorized extension that can be ideal for reaching pet hair caught in crevices. Not only will this Dyson eliminate more dirt, but it can do so on carpet and hardwood floors while also cleaning the air at the same time.

Several high-tech and modern functions make the Lupe a phenomenal vacuum. For example, the roller seal in front of the high-powered brush forms a barrier that prevents particles and dirt from escaping. Lupe offsets their carbon footprint every time a vacuum is sold, making this a carbon-neutral product. To further sweeten the deal, there’s a 90-day trial, where there are literally “no cords attached.” Free shipping and a two-year warranty add an allure to this otherworldly device.

While some reviews say that the operating time is actually less than listed, which would be about 25 versus 40 minutes, it still has accumulated almost 5000 reviews and holds steady at a four and a half star rating. The brush roll is designed to be self-cleaning, so you can try to put behind you those times you’ve trimmed furry life forms from underneath the vacuum. The pet multi-tool is ideal for gathering hair from furniture, stairs, and other difficult spots.

This model is designed to clean things that might be a little out of the ordinary for a home vacuum, such as your vehicle. However, a variation of tools also makes it a breeze to clean up debris and bits of fur from a computer keyboard while even being able to extend to the ceiling. Reviews often state that the vacuum was bought because it is lightweight and ideal for cleaning stairs. However, the battery life enables folks to typically clean an entire house around 1500 square feet or more. The vacuum does not stand on its own but is not heavy, so it doesn’t seem to cause any issue.

One of the more unique features of this cordless vacuum is the fixed-angle hose, which is great for cleaning ledges, bookshelves, and trim over doorways. Other attachments make it relatively simple to clean things like curtains, which can hold quite a bit of allergy-inducing debris. Those who left reviews also mentioned that this model is quite easy to put together and even rivals Dyson!

While the battery life of this cordless Samsung vacuum is 40 minutes, it comes with a spare battery that doubles the amount of time you can spend cleaning. We are also fond of the unique cleaning station method, making it super easy to release and dispose of the debris from the vacuum without making a huge mess. The filter can help tackle pet dander, but it can also reduce pollen particles in the air.

Looking for something that is a quick grab when you have a smaller mess to clean up? A handheld vacuum is great to keep around because you can run out to the car with it or do a quick run over the couch before your mother-in-law arrives. The powerful suction pulls hairs that have been embedded into the fabric, and customers have also mentioned this works well in cleaning up cat litter. A motorized brush tool, a crevice tool, and an upholstery tool come with the product.

Not into the feel of the ultra-slim vacuums? No problem. Shark has developed a cordless vacuum that feels somewhat like a traditional vacuum and has a lithium battery. However, the product also converts into a handheld device, making cleaning stairs and harder to reach places a little bit easier. One of our favorite attachments is the anti-allergen duster, which allows you to provide light suction while gently brushing over various surfaces. The vacuum is also equipped with a HEPA filter to help pull particles out of the air.

The easy to empty dust cup easily allows dirt to be ejected with one press of the button. It’s small enough to hold it over a garbage can to get rid of all the “yuck“ that you have vacuumed up. Power fins dig deep into the carpet while also preventing hair from wrapping. The top portion of the product converts into a handheld vacuum for quick and convenient usage. Are there hairs that just won’t come out? Try the boost button for a surge of ultra suction power.

While featuring a little bit less run time, coming in at 40 minutes to be exact, the benefit of this cordless vacuum is that it is lightweight. When needing to get into the corners of the stairs, which can be a great place to harbor lots of pet hair, the vacuum converts into a hand tool that is easy to manage and maneuver. After use, you can hang the sleek and thin device can be simply on its docking station.

Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair

Shark has created a robot vacuum that seems to be a major bang for your buck. Compatible with Alexa, the vacuum is truly a smart device. You can also operate it from your phone and schedule cleaning times. While this will avoid ledges, stairs, walls, and furniture, it will not avoid poop. So this is something to take into consideration. When we researched through the questions on Amazon, one answer said that the vacuum would suck up a puppy pee pad and drag it around. But if you feel like you can avoid those types of diabolical situations, this vacuum is a solid win at an outstanding price.

So we had to bring you a robot vacuum that does avoid pet waste. This is also referred to as P.O.O.P., or the pet owner official promise. The company guarantees that the vacuum will avoid any unpleasant surprises on your carpet, or they will replace your vacuum for free. So if your major fear of purchasing one of these little devices is coming home to a smeared mess, this could be a major game changer. Of course there are a multitude of other cool features on this vacuum, such as the self emptying capabilities.

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