14 Amazing Faux Fireplaces You Can Buy Online

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Do you feel a little bit of emptiness inside, every time you look at that blank living room wall? Have you thought about pictures, plants, or other furniture pieces to fill the void? Well, think no more, because a faux fireplace will give that touch of cozy while balancing out the look of your living room, bedroom, or any other place in the house that you might want a major show-stopping attribute. Faux fireplaces often have multiple safety features, that traditional fireplaces do not have. With many also being more energy-efficient, you could possibly see a downslope in your heating bill. Lastly, depending on the model you opt for, you will be able to finally decorate a beautiful mantle. Below are our top picks for faux fireplaces.

Perhaps you are looking for a fireplace design, that could elegantly melt into your beachside home aesthetic. Or maybe, you have a more modern theme going on within the home, and this driftwood look would be more ideal than something made of stone or wood. With different color settings, the flame can be either a warm amber, or cool blue, and you don’t have to have heat emitting if you choose not to. A special plug design is intended to be safer, and the quartz heating won’t dry out the air.

How cute is this small, yet extremely efficient fireplace? White and bright, the cheerful design will lighten up a darker, smaller space in a snap. When living in an apartment, or just a small home in general, having a fireplace may seem like something that is impossible in the current space. Well, maybe not! Take a look at these measurements, as you may find this particular fireplace option fits in some of the smaller spaces. When utilizing the heating option, it can efficiently supplementally heat up to 1000 square feet of space.

She wants a stunning fireplace, but he wants an ultimate media table that can hold movies and a large flat-screen TV. Guess what? You can have both! It is common for TV tables to be able to accommodate an electric fireplace component, and it actually looks really great! With cabinets on both sides, ample storage is available. Comprised of hardwood, overall this is just a gorgeous piece of durable furniture, that is further enhanced by the warm glowing flames of the firebox.

Take your modern contemporary home design up about 10 notches when adding this ultra-sleek LED electric fireplace to the living room or even kitchen. With the capability of being mounted on the wall, the look turns out incredibly clean, and will instantly make the chosen wall a focal point. While simplistic in its presentation, the fireplace puts off a variety of heat levels, while multiple flame colors can be chosen to set moods, whether you’re having a party, or romantic dinner with your honey.

Oblong and completely beautiful, this modern fireplace can either hang solo on a wall, or it can be built into a faux fireplace set up. Logs glow in various colors, with crystal coals twinkling underneath. Try out the totally blue option, that really gives off an edgy vibe. Control the settings from the comfort of the couch, with the simple-to-use remote. However, this particular design also features a touchscreen for controlling the settings.

Adorned in light, gray materials, this fireplace is a neutral option, that can blend into a more contemporary home, or one that might be more on the rustic side. Around the firebox, are smooth brick accents that are lined cleanly for the perfect framing. Hardwood and birch veneer comprises the charming piece. Enjoy 1000 square feet of supplemental home heating, and of course the realistic beauty of the flame. This particular fireplace has nearly a five-star rating, out of nearly 100 reviews.

Wood-burning stoves certainly bring back some serious nostalgia for those who remember these, at the time, kind of dangerous heating components in their home. But now, electric versions have been introduced, and are certainly far safer. Instead of a real frame, of course, there is a fake, 3-D flame that provides a realistic look, while being a much more safety-conscious idea. Choose from a handful of colors that fit best with your design, like the white cottage tone, or the more rustic cinnamon color.

Do you have a real fireplace, but hate the maintenance that comes along with it? Aside from having to scoop all the ashes out, you have to think about the creosote buildup and the overall structure preservation of the chimney itself. Needing a break from all of that? These electric logs can be a solid solution, for bringing your real fireplace to life, with actual heat settings and a realistic glowing look, while preventing the extra work that comes along with burning real wood. Bonus, as with most faux fireplace options, this is an energy-saving product.

Lightweight mock stone is stacked around the opening of this fireplace, and the lighter tones used in its construction are extremely uplifting, and ideal for brightening up a space. At the same time, it will be warming up your snug living room. Up to 400 square feet can be heated from this unit alone. A mantle frames around the rest of the structure, giving it an elegant appeal. Utilize the super easy-to-use remote, or try out the voice-activated functions. Choose just the right flame color, that fits the mood you are going for.

Okay, this is probably not what everyone was thinking when we said faux fireplaces, but it actually can come in handy when looking for a cheap option for a party, or a set up when the grandkids are coming over for Christmas. Reviews note that the display is quite sturdy, especially considering it is made from cardboard! The image details are quite lovely, with intricate brick, a roaring fire of course, and cardboard stockings to be hung above. Maybe space truly won’t allow for much, if so, this can really add some festive winter cheer.

Safety should certainly be first! We love that this wood-burning stove fireplace has an overheating protection element built-in. That certainly provides some peace of mind. However, it’s always a good idea to supervise when having a heating device going. No worries that you’ll accidentally burn your hand on the exterior, as the stove has a cool touch feature, which keeps the outside safely touchable. Enjoy the beauty of the realistic flame, while not taking up much space at all. The stove is only 17 inches tall, so it can nestle into just about any corner.

When wanting to truly give your living room, bedroom, or office that genuine lodge feels, a stone fireplace can be exactly what you need. Luckily, this faux option is absolutely gorgeous, with a detailed rock facing, giving that warm and welcoming touch. A dark wood mantle, along with other accents truly enhances the piece to its full potential. So if you have that older cabin, that you’ve really been wanting to contribute that special touch to, you have found it! The fireplace portion can heat a 1000 square foot space! Time to break out the hot chocolate.

Add some rustic farmhouse charm to your living room set up, with this TV table, and fireplace combo. With the capability to fit a 50 inch TV, the surface is sturdy and solid. Sliding barn doors reveal ample storage for movies, video games, or other TV cords and necessities. The color is quite neutral, so can fit in if you have cream walls, or even something as bold as purple or red. The glowing center fireplace will be able to heat a 400 square foot room and look amazing doing it.

We are taking things back to classic, with this mahogany style fireplace, that looks as if it could fit seamlessly into a Victorian home. Glossy wood veneer presents in the most lovely way, while the extension offers the option to fit the piece into a corner. A corner fireplace can sometimes be a better option than having one in the center of a wall, depending on the flow of the living room. Fill that awkward corner with something truly gorgeous, and functional! Two side doors with windows offer extra storage space.

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