The 30 Best Gifts For Your Boyfriend

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A thoughtful card and ice cream cake (with extra sprinkles) are great, and all in all, the thought is truly what matters. But what if he surprised you with a sunset hot air balloon ride on your big day? Naturally, that might provoke the want to let him know how much that warmed your heart, by finding a memorable something for him. Considering different personalities, and specific interests, we’ve compiled a list of perfect birthday gifts for a range of price points. From the adventurist, foodie, to the practical dude, keep reading for some gift giving inspiration.

Butcher Box will deliver the highest quality cuts of meat and protein right to your man’s doorstep. From salmon and steak to chicken and bacon, the possibilities are absolutely endless, and unbearably delicious.

Give the gift of adventure for years to come. With the reliability of a Honda engine, and the durability of an all terrain beast, the Pioneer 700 Deluxe is ready to rip through turf, grip rocky paths and trudge through mud. Toss gear, (or a picnic lunch for two), in the 1000 pound capacity cargo bed without thinking twice, and tow up to 1500 pounds.

If he’s a fan of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, then you have to get this. A replica of the metal sled that sends ole Clark whizzing through the forest into the Walmart parking lot, your man will be like a kid on Christmas when running outside to try it out.

The beard trend is continuing to stick around, so there’s a good possibility that your guy would benefit from a complete grooming kit, with all of the essentials.

Help him say what he really means, by just having it printed on a coffee cup. These are pre-made, and totally hilarious. He won’t pass up the opportunity to complement you all day at the office. (At least we don’t think so—y’all can work that out).

Those feet will stay warm and toasty with the wool lining of this boot. Made to be ultra comfortable, these can be worn indoors as a slipper, but the sole is also sturdy enough to be worn outside as part of a casual outfit.

The gift of comfy pants – – is there anything better? The elastic waist band, fleece lining and relaxed fit will be the perfect thing for him to relax in, while you both watch Netflix together.

A pillow can seem a little too practical, but a really good pillow requires some thought. Made from a bamboo exterior, and memory foam filling, resting on this feels like sleeping on a cloud. More environmentally conscious materials have been used to create a better, cleaner product.

Whether he loves to play games in front of the television for hours or just likes to cuddle up with a book, this super comfy chill sack, also known as a beanbag, but way better, is ideal.

Created to resemble the back of a jersey, this pillow is a cool accent to his man cave couch. Personalize it with a name of your choice on the back. Various teams are available.

Dr. Squatch is a body care line designed for men. They deserve to have silky soft skin too! Made with natural, and amazing smelling ingredients, your guy will enjoy indulging in these soaps. Shampoo and conditioner are also available, and we highly recommend the clever soap saver.

When is it not a good time to gift anyone charcuterie? Goldbelly has seriously awesome boxes to send off to loved ones, but this assortment of tasty proteins has our stomachs grumbling something fierce.

Sure, you can buy any old jerky from the grocery store. But something truly authentic and made with love and care comes from a little place like Wild West Jerky, in the center of Utah. Order anything from salmon, beef, to venison! But the elk has a tenderness that’s unbeatable.

Poo-Pourri has developed one of the most laugh inducing marketing campaigns in existence. And they have kept it coming, with their camping themed products that are designed to “cover your tracks“ when out in the wilderness.

Truck bed tents add more stability to sleeping quarters out in the wild. It also keeps things a lot more contained, and they look really cool. He will be excited to try this handy shelter out, maybe during an evening with you, looking at the stars.

Black Rifle Coffee is veteran founded and has the coolest blend names and products. For your rough and tough guy, consider Blackbeard’s Delight blend, or one of the brand’s more intense roasts.

If your man is a bit of a whiskey wonk, giving him a unique bottle of whiskey is something he’ll always enjoy. Oak & Eden would make a great addition to any enthusiast’s collection because of its innovative in-bottle finishing with a toasted spire of wood inserted into each bottle for an aromatic finish that’ll have him savoring each sip of this flavorful spirit.

So you’ll probably benefit from this, but there’s nothing wrong with that! For those who love to whip up a good meal on the grill, a smoker is the only link missing. Charcoal allows you to get that extra rich flavor, versus electric.

This game is something a little bit more unique to add to a man cave. It changes up the same old humdrum pace that games like darts have set. There are many teams to choose from.

Not just any old bracelet, this one is equipped with tools like a screwdriver and knife. Quite a few tasks can be accomplished from this simple little trinket. But it also looks quite handsome too.

Commemorate all the amazing places that you’ve been together, with a push pin world map! It looks great in the living room, an office or even the man cave.

While the survival kit may look like more of a gimmick, it’s pretty practical. Inside a military grade flashlight, are items that would be essential if out in the wilderness. Matches, water purification tablets, and other cleverly thought out items.

Cornhole is the perfect backyard barbecue game. He can have his beer in one hand, while tossing beanbags with the other. Etsy has an abundance of artisans that create the most beautiful boards, such as these vintage Atlanta logo selections.

So simple and so adorable, any Pokémon loving man might just be convinced to propose after being gifted this, by his lovely girlfriend.

Guys can be more sentimental than we think. He just may very well put this personalized piece of artwork front and center in his office. With a map of the location where you met, and a heart over the exact spot, this is truly a customized masterpiece.

Not every guy wants a man cave. Some guys are just old school, and are happy with claiming the garage as their territory. With an old-school vehicle, and personalized with his name, this garage sign is for that mechanical minded love of yours.

Who is too manly to sport their beloved dog on a neck tie? Sports jackets just got way more adorable. A long list of breeds are available to choose from, from a Pug to a Labrador.

Toaster tacos? Sounds like the perfect gift and date night! All you need are tortillas of your choosing. The tagline says it all: “Crispy Healthy Tacos…Right From Your Toaster”.

Inspire or nurture his love for cooking. Chemistry meets culinary arts with this interesting kit that provides tools and ingredients to transform food into something wildly different.

Hobie is the ultimate resource for stellar kayaks that can traverse various types of water, from somewhat obstructed shallow nooks, to deep open spaces. Anglers will appreciate the ability to elegantly glide and navigate while casting a line. Wrap it in a bow and claim your reward as best girlfriend ever.

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