10 Gifts Your Super Cool Grandma Will Love


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Grandmothers hold our deepest secrets and encourage our wildest dreams. They fill our childhood memories with their nurturing warmth and affection. Let her know she is, and always will be, the coolest grandma around.

1. Nothing beats spending time with grandma and a hot cup of tea.

There’s really nowhere better to go than grandma’s house when you need a warm drink and a listening ear. No matter what trouble you walked in with, whether relationships, school, or other pressures of young life, it always seemed that by the time you’d finished your drink things had begun to look brighter and more hopeful.

2. You're going to need some tea to go with that tea pot.

In her working days coffee may have reigned supreme for productivity, but grandma can mix it up these days. Enjoy caffeinated tea on busy days, and relaxing herbal on a rainy day by a fire. If you have grandma to thank for your good taste, return the favor with these tasty teas. A mix of black and green, loose leaf teas, she’s sure to find something perfectly suited to her. Drop by for a cup and catch up like old times; a warm mug and grandma’s listening ear never lose their magic.

3. Unique, cute, classy...are we describing this clock or grandma?

Make a statement with this hand made vintage mantle clock shaped like an antique bicycle. The attached basket is perfect for filling with small seasonal blooms, and the muted mechanics means there are no distracting ticking sounds. The double sided clock face makes it a versatile decor piece, as the time can be read from either side. Perfect for side tables or fireplace mantles, where it can be viewed at multiple angles.

4. Grandma was drinking wine before you were even born.

Keep a visual diary with this metal monogram cork holder. Keep corks from different regions, and remember enjoyable travels, like sipping Riesling on the Rhine, or Burgundys in Bordeaux. Organize by year, and watch it become a monument to shared relationships, or band special occasion corks together and remember every wedding champagne, new years’ toast, or girls’ night in.

5.These aren't for a regular grandma, these are for a cool grandma.

Gorgeous and one of a kind, these slices of polished agate make gorgeous vase fillers and focal points for centerpieces. Add layers of texture and color contrast with these beautiful geode slices. Reviewers also had positive things to say about them in regard to numerous crafting and hobby uses, from jewelry making to tabletop mosaics. Devoteé collectors say agate is a stone that helps with focus and stability; we know the focus will be on these beautiful, unique stones.

6. Show grandma you love her to the moon and back.

Perfect for grandmothers with an in interest in astronomy or astrology, these crescent moon cubic zirconia earrings catch the eye easily and reviewers report frequent compliments, whether worn dressed up with evening wear, or dressed casually during everyday wear. One wrote “These earrings look very nice. I was afraid they would look too much like costume jewelry, but they do not. The color of the metal looks exactly like the description and the stones look very real. Many compliments on them..”

7. Really these are just too cute not to have.

Who says succulents and fairy gardens have to be minimalist? Ditch the stark white pottery and succulent trend, and instead add color and vibrancy to small space decor with these happy, perky Corgi pups. Whether grandma has her own adorable, well-loved pups, or just gives off the same queen vibes as another famous Corgi loving grandma, she’s sure to love the pop of personality in these portable plant holding pups.

8. Get to the top of grandma's knitting gift list with ease.

Knitting grandmas are still some of the coolest around; they make comforting, wearable art, and we love having her handmade touches to deck out our space. This tongue in cheek yarn holder is perfect for the knitting grandma who enjoys a good pun, but also appreciates a little organizational help with a hobby that is known to encompass far more space than originally imagined. Be prepared to learn about her preferences for wool over acrylic; hopefully you’ll make it out with only a little needling about your personal life after giving this glossy handmade yarn bowl.

9. Grandmas and cooking go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Give grandma a gift that is as beautiful as it is functional with a custom made cutting board. It’s sure to become a treasured family heirloom, and is pretty enough to serve appetizers, cheese, or crudite before any family meal. Highly customizable, you can choose size, color, and design options when ordering, and receive a truly one of a kind gift.

10. Perfect for convincing grandma to come visit you more often.

Perfect for a grandma who’s always on the go, this rolling overnight bag makes visiting friends and family a breeze. Breeze through the airport and enjoy effortless holiday stays with the convenience of a rolling bag. Lightweight and easy to operate, it fits as a carry-on or under seat bag for most airlines, but the oversized central compartment means there’s plenty of room for presents.

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