10 Lotions and Oils for Some Much-Needed Pregnancy Pampering

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Pregnancy wreaks havoc on skin. Between fluctuating hormones, weight gains and shifts, and vastly differing responses to heat and cold, it seems there’s a new skin concern every week. Indulge in some pampering time while you’re still able with these comforting lotions and oils designed for stretch marks, dry skin, and all the other ups and downs of pregnancy skin.

Hydrating vitamin E and sweet smelling lemon combine in this lush after shower oil for a glossy, hydrating, and lush all-over moisturizer. Absorbs into skin quickly with no greasy residue, and helps keep that pregnancy glow going. Wonderful throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum period, when drops in certain hormones can cause even more skin problems than during pregnancy. Works great as a massage oil for swollen joints, over new dry skin, or to stretch in preparation for labor.

If cocoa butter is a calming, nostalgic scent for you then this two pack of Palmer’s massage lotion and belly butter is a great way to wind down after a long day, while fighting stretch marks and dry skin. Dermatologist approved, with argan oil and Elastin for improved skin elasticity, so it’s a great choice for both weight gain and skin changes during pregnancy, and helping skin return to normal during weight loss after pregnancy.

Prevent scarring and itching with this shea butter and jojoba oil infused belly cream, great for keeping skin moisturized and preventing those aggravating itches that pop up on inconvenient to scratch places. An oatmeal bath, or shower with oatmeal scrub followed by this creamy lotion can settle some of those irritated nerve endings.

Preventing stretch marks is always the best strategy, but life gets in the way of good skincare despite our best self-care intentions. Clarins helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks, especially those with red or purple undertones. Reviewers report satisfaction with how well it works, with one saying, “I used it religiously throughout my pregnancy and emerged with zero stretch marks. Same with my second pregnancy. I am now 12 weeks pregnant with #3 and am already using the product.”

Great for a baby shower gift, or for expectant moms to treat themselves, this three piece gift set includes a honey rich vitamin infused belly butter for moisturizing, a lightweight all over moisturizing body cream with mango butter to fight dry skin, and a postpartum bath powder with matcha green tea for antioxidants, to heal strained and stretched skin after labor and delivery.

In this corner of the market we must say Oui, the French have outdone us. Mustela is clinically tested, with 96% of respondents saying they did not develop stretch marks at all, or stopped them from further developing with Mustela.

Perfectly sized for keeping in a purse, Honest Company’s Organic Belly Balm calms tight skin, so keep it on hand all day to keep discomfort away. The Omega-5 fatty acids soothe itchy skin flare ups quickly, without staining clothes. If vitamin E gives you the most relief, go directly to the source, complete with a spray-on option for fast relief.

Fight stretch marks early and often with Mederma’s clinically tested formula that’s safe to continue applying after delivery, even for breastfeeding mamas. Bodies continue changing even after delivery, whether you have slow or rapid weight loss, and whether or not you breastfeed. Mederma helps skin return to even tone, color, and texture after stretch marks have formed, helping them blend in to the surrounding skin more seamlessly.

Buying products for mom that work great on babies is an easy way to always have the necessities on hand. Motherlove’s birth and baby oil works on cradle cap, prevents meconium sticking to newborn skin, is a great choice for perineal massage before and during labor, and soothes inflamed and aggravated skin in the postpartum period.

Leg cramps are no joke, especially in the third trimester. Keeping hydrated and following medical advice for vitamins is essential, but regular massages and stretching can also help keep those cramps at bay. This Peppermint oil leg and foot cream brings a tingling warmth to tired skin, and livens up sore muscles. Feet swell and sting throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period, but before you prop them up at the end of the day, a thorough rub down will boost circulation and discourage fluid retention. If you’re already at the stage where you can’t reach your feet, a partner makes all the difference, but a home foot massager like this one pays for itself quickly.

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