Simply the Best Schitt’s Creek Gifts for the Ultimate Fan

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If you’re like the majority of the population, you’ve probably watched the iconic Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek. And if you’re anything like me, you have started communicating solely in Schitt’s Creek gifs. What, just me? Well, my obsession is your reward because I have scoured the internet for the most relatable Schitt’s Creek merchandise just for you! Even if you’re bedeviled with meetings, et cetera, I promise this list is well worth your time!

Next time you’re preparing a big family dinner, this dishtowel will remind you of the famous Schitt’s Creek episode when Moira and David Rose attempt their family enchilada recipe. Just be sure to fold in the cheese — we’re not sure what that means, but you just fold it in. We can’t teach you everything!

There’s no better way to meet and greet your fellow Schitt’s Creek fan (or an annoying solicitor) than with this doormat inspired by the lovingly sarcastic exchange between David Rose and Stevie Budd. Buy it for yourself or as a housewarming gift!

Wish you could visit Rose Apothecary in real life? We do, too, because everyone loves a general store that’s also a very specific store, but it’s also not just a store… it’s more of a branded immersive experience. For now, we’ll settle for the cute Rose Apothecary T-shirt and dream we went there instead.

If you’re feeling a little bit a la la la-la la la la, a little bit Alexis — you’ll need her signature initial necklace. Are you ready? Let’s do it.

This face mask pretty much sums up the majority of 2020 pandemic — just be sure to use Alexis’ signature hand motions when wearing it.

Ew, David — Use a coaster! These cute Schitt’s Creek-inspired coasters are great housewarming gifts. They’ll protect your tabletops and are sure to get your guests’ attention, so hopefully, they’ll use one — if they don’t, you can politely tell them to eat glass.

The perfect quote to go along with your glass of wine… or two… or three. We’re not here to judge. Pour a glass, put on your pjs and turn on your favorite episode of Schitt’s Creek.

Your gift will be the highlight of the baby shower! While the parents-to-be have “no idea the toll a bébé can take on its mother, or its mother’s mother,” their little one will look adorable in this onesie, even when they realize the bébé is crying.

No ornament quite captures 2020 as well as this one. It deserves a spot on everyone’s “startling little Tannenbaum” to commemorate the year that was just “ew.”

Hide your diamonds, hide your exes… with this cute tote bag, you’ll be a little bit Alexis. It’s the ideal size for travel and would make a great gift for your best gal pal or for your bridesmaids.

Next time you’re reorganizing your knits, be sure to add this one to your collection. Channel your inner-David Rose with this lightning bolt sweater, an iconic look for the beloved Schitt’s Creek character. Pair it with a black skirt or some drop-crotch pants, and you’re all set.

Because we all need a little entertainment at work sometimes, these pencils will say everything you really want to say in a meeting but can’t. Your favorite snarky quotes from Schitt’s Creek etched on your pencil are perfect for schitty meetings.

Enjoy the subtle aroma of sarcasm and melodramatic facial expressions with a David Rose-inspired candle. This hand-poured soy candle is actually a scented candle that burns for 35 hours.

If you appreciate the addition of musk melon goodness to your Chardonnay or peach cral-bapple to your Riesling, you need this wine glass with Moira’s famous quote from her Herb Ertlinger fruit wine commercial.

Make a statement with this eyewear! Pair them with a Cafe Tropical T-shirt or a black sweater, and you’ll make David and Moira proud.

Channel your inner-Moira first thing in the morning with this funny coffee mug. It’s the perfect holiday gift for any Schitt’s Creek fan!

Tell someone how you really feel about them with this quote keychain. It may sound cliche — we totally get that — but Schitt’s Creek fans will love it.

Twyla may not be able to serve you coffee at home, but you can imagine she did with your Cafe Tropical mug. Now all that’s left to decide is what to order off that huge menu or if you’re brave enough to try one of Twyla’s smoothies.

This grocery tote will inspire you to buy local and shop small to support businesses like Rose Apothecary. It’s the perfect gift for an eco-conscious Schitt’s Creek fan.

Keep your notes and to-do lists organized in this Moira Rose-inspired notebook. Whether for work or personal, it’s the perfect gift for a pettifogging, frippet, and lovable diva.

“You do realize I’m a professional vocalist?” Join Moira, Jocelyn, and the ladies of Schitt’s Creek known as the Jazzagals with this cute graphic tee. As Moira reminded the ladies, “when one of us shines, we all shine” — and you will too!

The modern designs and hilarious quotes from your favorite show will keep you entertained for hours with this Schitt’s Creek coloring quote book. Whether you color to relax or simply for fun, you’ll giggle to yourself as you remember the scenes while coloring each quote.

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