14 Best Shampoos For Hard Water At Walmart

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Water infused with calcium and magnesium sounds great, but in reality, it’s hard water and can damage things from your appliances to your hair. Ultimately, moisture has a hard time penetrating each strand after one’s hair has been exposed to the minerals. Buildup accumulates on the scalp, which may become itchy, while hair can become thin, frizzy, broken, and tangled. But you shouldn’t panic because a handful of things can reasonably be done to stop hard water hair damage in its tracks. Changing up your shampoo is one of them, as certain formulas can help remove the buildup and restore balance.

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Frizzy Hair

Impurities and product buildup just don’t sound like that big of a deal, but I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to have no idea why hair is completely weighed down and why the scalp is ultra irritated. Thanks, hard water. This tea tree oil formula also contains peppermint and lavender, which sounds like a lovely way to wind down after a long day at the office. However, the peppermint could infuse the scalp with energy in the morning too. Folks mentioned this to be great for dandruff too. Keep in mind that scalp buildup from hard water can often be mistaken for dandruff when it actually isn’t!

Dry Hair

Made with aloe and liquid Micellar Technology, this product is specifically designed to lift buildup away from the scalp while allowing the gentle lather to run through your strands without causing damage. Aloe adds additional nourishment and conditions and moisturizes the hair and scalp, promoting hair growth. It handles buildup very well, and the nozzle allows you to get to your scalp easily.

The overall idea behind this shampoo is gentleness. They have used a thought-out combination of silk proteins, botanical extracts, and herbs to deliver a solid product that is kinder to dry hair. Reducing tangles is another appreciated aspect for those with dry hair, whether it be genetics or from hard water. As we know, tangles mean breakage.

Moisturizing the hair with honey and shea butter, the formula also restores pH balance and removes mineral deposits. That about sums it up! And those are definitely critical needs when having to repetitively expose hair to hard water.

Do you have rough and brittle hair? Consider trying out this protein-infused keratin treatment shampoo with black rice. Hair is composed of 90% proteins, so the idea is that the infusion can enhance strength. Improvement can be seen in one use, per the description. Reviews specifically mention the shampoo leaving hair soft, clean, and tangle-free. Pair with the Keraphix Hair Masque for Damaged Hair if in need of extra treatment.

Color Treated Hair

Customers get bang for the buck, as they said, including shampoo and conditioner. This shampoo is designed to leave your hair feeling clean and can also be useful for color-treated hair, as it restores color and enhances shine while improving body at the same time. However, some customers reported leakage of the bottles during transportation.

Banish buildup without stripping the good stuff from your hair. With a formula that improves consistency, you may also see an improvement in the elasticity of curls. Key ingredients include Aloe Vera, rice protein, and panthenol. Rice protein helps to strengthen strands. Aloe soothes the scalp, and panthenol locks in overall moisture. As a bonus, there are no parabens or harsh sulfates.

Oily Hair

Drench those locks in 100% natural tea tree and hemp oil. The minty scent is lovely and invigorating on the scalp, which sounds like a great addition to a morning routine. If it is a concern, the product does not contain any CBD or THC and is free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, and silicones. We appreciate that the bottle is made with 85% recycled plastic. The reviews show that the shampoo is good at removing dirt and oil without drying hair. Suave does not test on animals and is Certified Cruelty-Free by PETA.

Gently cleansing impurities and buildup, those with dry hair may see the benefit, as it may not be as stripping as other shampoos. Being sulfate-free, it’s great for color-treated hair additionally. Some customers mentioned that they have fine and oily hair, but when using this, they can skip washing some days. Many love the fragrance as well. Just so you’re not surprised, keep in mind that the product doesn’t lather but is effective.

This particular Neutrogena product claims to remove up to 90% of heavy residue, which can play a large role in hair that looks dull and weighed down. You can keep using your favorite shampoo, as this one only needs to be used once a week to deliver results. From our research, this shampoo has customers feeling thoroughly cleansed from root to ends after knocking out pesky buildup. One review mentioned, “After using this shampoo the residue in my hair washed away and my hair was literally squeaky clean. I ordered 4 more bottles because I can’t find it in local stores.”

Thin Hair

Different parts of our body function optimally at certain pH levels. So this Herbal Essences formula has been specifically pH-balanced to remove build-up. The result? Voluminous hair per the description. Another alluring aspect is that this is made without mineral oil or silicone. Minty citrus notes are left behind for a pleasant but not overwhelming scent.

All Hair Types

Don’t we all strive to have hair that feels nourished, soft, and smooth? That’s the general claim of this Nexxus product. Of course, I’m also a sucker for a bottle with a pump because I feel like less product gets wasted. You won’t find silicone, dyes, or parabens in the detoxifying and hydrating concoction, with elastin protein and marine minerals. The description mentions trying out the Nexxus Clean & Pure Invigorating Detox Scalp Scrub and Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5in1 Invisible Hair Oil for optimal results. Reviews are largely positive, with one stating, ”This shampoo did exactly what I was looking for. After the first wash I noticed I no longer had an itchy scalp.”


Vegan and with a low carbon footprint, there are many reasons to feel good about this particular shampoo. The bottle is also made of 100% recycled materials and is recyclable. Hemp seed oil, nana leaf, and organic coconut oil are a powerful trio of healthy ingredients that kick buildup butt while being a little kinder to the environment. It’s also recommended to pair this with the nourishing conditioner and scalp serum. Those who have purchased the product noted that it has even improved hair loss while smelling amazing at the same time. To be fully transparent, some reviews mentioned that they found the product harsher than expected.

According to the description, you can repair the strength of weak hair bonds in just six uses. Sounds like it might be worth a shot! After it does its repairing job, it also mentions the formula protects from damage. It’s 100% sulfate-free, paraben-free, dye-free, gluten-free, and vegan. Customers like the pretty packaging and that the bottle is easy to squeeze. It’s the little things! Some were not fans of the floral scent.

Other Tips That Can Combat Hard Water

  • Install a full home water softening system. This is an expensive option but can be the remedy for hard water woes on your hair, skin, and household appliances.

  • Try out homemade remedies. Dilute apple cider vinegar or citrus juice such as lemon, and let it soak on the scalp for five minutes. Then rinse well. When I moved to an area with hard water, it took me a while to figure out why I had visible buildup in my hair and itchy, irritated skin. This is my first line of defense, and it worked relatively well.

  • Try a water softening showerhead. Amazon offers a variation, one of which I use myself. (Near Moon if you’re interested). This is a cheap, quick-fix option.

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