17 Must-Have Toys for 2-Year-Old Boys

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When they begin to transition from babies into boys, toddlers can be so much fun to buy for. They’re just starting to explore the world, and are busy playing and learning. Everything from colors to shapes to the excitement of the playground is new, and they never seem to stop moving at this age. Picking up a mix of toys, from bouncing balls and ride-along tricycles to quiet toys best suited for indoor play, ensures they’ll have something fun in every setting.

Blocks may be advertised as quiet indoor play, but parents of little boys know better. Traditional wooden blocks are great, but Mega Bloks are larger and easier to handle, as well as being lighter, so any “accidental” throwing doesn’t break the lamps.

Sure to see constant use, you’ll be amazed watching your boy grow on this little slide, developing confidence to climb the ladder and slide down all by himself. In the summer, park it in the kiddie pool and turn it into his own mini water park.

Keep busy on car rides with this no-mess magnetic writing tablet. Battery free and good for years of play-writing, the stamp set gives smaller children practice identifying shapes.

Possibly the only reason little boy clothes have pockets, Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars remain a childhood staple. While they’re listed as being strictly for age 3 and up, which is an easy rule to follow with the oldest child in a family, kiddo No. 2 (or after) will have access to a lot of toys earlier than may be safe — it’s almost unavoidable with big families. Make sure they’re always accounted for and their use is supervised — and that they never go in anybody’s mouth!

Lego is a household standard for many families, but those tiny parts and pieces are easy to lose, and awful to step on. Start them off with a beginner-friendly set, like Duplos, that are designed specifically for little hands and big imaginations.

If bath time is a struggle, coerce your kiddo into a tear-free compromise with a fun bath toy. This floating, magnetic fishing set is air tight, so there’s no risk of trapped water growing anything funky inside these toys.

Most little boys go wild for firemen, and it’s likely that they’ll be inundated by fire trucks every birthday, but it’s never been easier for them to dress up as a fireman for Halloween — or every day. Melissa and Doug offer a range of pretend play costumes, and the Fire Chief set comes with a jacket, helmet, bullhorn, and more.

Little ones without a good grasp will find these jumbo crayons easier to hold than the standard-sized version. A 16-pack ensures a wide range of colors to explore, perfect for getting that big imagination onto the page.

Building a pretend store is tons of fun, and lets kids stretch that imagination and imitate adult activities. Teaching tots to identify foods can make them more willing to try the real versions, too. A few empty cereal boxes or yogurt tubs is a good start, but you can really go the extra mile by picking up a little shopping cart and some play food. Kids will love making their selections and bagging up their purchases.

Decorate the fridge and dishwasher with this 20 pack of vehicle-themed magnets. They’ll have fun playing with this set that helps them practice labeling, and builds vocabulary, and parents will appreciate the easy clean up and convenient storage box.

A fun riding toy transforms into a mini coaster with this snap-together track that’s easy to assemble and disassemble for storage. Enjoy pleasant weather outdoors, or pull it out for indoor play when it’s just too chilly to go to the local park and play.

They may hop around like Tigger all day, but when it’s time to take a nap or go down for the night, getting them to slow down may be easier with a cuddly friend they can squeeze, like this soft plush Eeyore.

Host playdates in style with this outdoor play house that’s perfectly sized for the preschool set. A pretend mailbox and play sink add to the charm of this tiny villa.

Kicking, rolling, and bouncing a ball are all great ways to burn off energy and develop important hand-eye coordination skills. This four pack of inflatable kickballs offers a range of play options. Since they float, they’re also good pool toys, and they even fit into most mini basketball hoops, great for shooting those first jump shots.

This complex four-part puzzle set offers tons of practice for fine motor skills. The ombre color sets and non-toxic finishes give boys lots of practice identifying shapes and colors, and the puzzle build problem solving skills.

Good for a single kiddo or a party, this bubble machine turns a sunny day in the backyard into an instant good time. Tots will love trying to pop bubbles as they fly out of this automatic blower. Hands-free play means this blower can even buy mom, dad, or the grandparents a minute to do yard work or just take a breather.

You’ll get years of enjoyment out of this multi-use rider, from ride-along stroller alternative through to independent-use tricycle. For toddlers who have aged out of comfortably fitting in a stroller but aren’t ready to handle a full day walking at the county fair or other day-long activities, this is a shoulder saver that lets them experience all the fun of independent riding without being able to get themselves into trouble.

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