City Bonfires Wants You To “Get Outside and Make Memories”

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Don’t have a fire pit? Don’t even have a backyard big enough for a fire pit? Two guys from Maryland created a solution while at home with their families during the COVID pandemic. City Bonfires is a bonfire made for the city, of course! Or really anywhere, as long as you use it outdoors. Bring the warmth of an ambient cluster of flames to your deck or other open-air space.

City Bonfires are made for roasting marshmallows and creating ultimate s’mores.

People roasting marshmallows City Bonfires

A food-grade soy wax fills the small 4-inch container and can be used for family fun nights or romantic evenings. Cook hotdogs and tell ghost stories, or enjoy a date night of wine drinking by the lovely flame. S’more‘s kits can be purchased alongside a little bonfire, but ensure that everyone doesn’t start roasting marshmallows for about 20 minutes after it’s begun burning.

Getting the bonfire started is quite easy. Just ensure you use that long candlestick matches or a torch lighter. Matches (small ones) are definitely not recommended for getting the fire going. Once you have lit the edges all the way around, it will begin to roar just like a regular fireplace, just much smaller!

City Bonfires

Since the entire surface lights up, this is beyond a candle. Three to four hours of mini campfire fun awaits those who support this small business. If you don’t use it all in one night, no big deal! Carefully slide the lid back on top to extinguish the flames until next time. So if you are feeling down in the dumps because you live in an area where a fire is a “no-no,” City Bonfires is ready to add a little bit of light to your life.

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