13 Coffee Mugs to Show Dad You Love Him a Latte

Dad Approved

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Let Dad show off his interests, personality, and how great his children are, with these mugs.

1. Don't kid yourself, he knows all of it.

There comes a time when you have to come clean to Dad about all your youthful indiscretions. That time, however, is after you have kids of your own to complain about.

2. Seems like a fair trade.

Sometimes getting gifts for your parents feels ridiculous. They have expensive hobbies, curated tastes, and world experience. You have a secondhand couch and a single pair of shoes. Lean into this feeling with a tongue in cheek mug that makes sure they know that you know that you can’t ever repay them- literally- for all the ways they’ve been there for you.

3. The force is strong with this dad.

For the dad who never needed mystical powers to stand out.

4. When Dad finally gets on board with this environmentally friendly stuff you keep talking about.

Encourage Dad to go green with this reusable borosilicate glass mug, which doesn’t hold stains or smells, but does comfortably hold hot or cold liquids without thermal shock.

5. Let Dad know who's boss.

For a protective dad-or one who’s warm and fuzzy.

6. For the one who solved the mystery of who put a dent in mom's mini van.

How to thank a dad that unleashed a lifelong desire to be a detective. Or a writer. Or a librarian. Thanks for always giving in to “one” more story at bedtimes.

7. An iconic character for an iconic dad.

Dad may be the boss, but he’s the cool boss, you know?

8. When you refuse to sit in a chair that doesn't spin.

For the dad that is so, so close to retirement.

9. This mug is absolutely dino-mite...

When Dad prefers tea over coffee, show him how tough he is with this Tea-Rex mug.

10. Rest easy Dad, the kids look good and that's what matters.

Dad may have sacrificed his youthful looks, but it all worked out. Look at how attractive those kids are!

11. For the dad who talks like a sailor, but still has little deckhands running around.

Dads with young children at home may still be getting used to the delicate art of self editing. Hopefully this cheery fox mug helps.

12. When a hot cup of joe hits all the right chords.

Whether Dad teaches music, plays, or just introduced you to all your favorite jams, this music note mug pays tribute to the ways his taste influenced yours.

13. Even the best wizard needs a morning pick me up.

Let Dad know you think he’s as brave as a lion with this Harry Potter themed Gryffindor mug.

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