ColourPop’s Harry Potter Collection Is Perfect For Wizards and Muggles

Wizarding Ways

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ColourPop Cosmetics is known for buzzy, exciting launches with some of our favorite pop culture characters and media franchises. Who can resist buying a new Super Shock Shadow that’s as smooth as butter or an eyeshadow palette with those stunning pressed glitters? Spooky season is almost here, and ColourPop has given us an enchanting surprise: the Welcome to Hogwarts collection. The brand says the Harry Potter line is its most requested collaboration ever, and this has been a year in the making. Whether you’re a witch, wizard, or Muggle, you’re bound to find something magical for this upcoming Halloween.

First up is the main event, the Back to Hogwarts eyeshadow palette. The 24-pan palette has shades inspired by iconic items in the series, plus the Houses come in metallic, matte, pressed glitter, matte sparkle, and Super Shock tie-dye finishes for your most bewitching look yet. Shade names include Lumos, golden Snitch, pumpkin juice, Patronus, gillyweed, floating candles, and Dementor. It’s a solid mix of neutrals and nudes that will complement the falling autumn leaves and have you saying, “meet me at Platform 9 ¾.” The front has a whimsical illustration of the Hogwarts castle on a blue background with names and mascots of the four Houses surrounding it. Open the palette to see the crest in all its glory with the gold words “Back to Hogwarts” in gold.

Then we’ve got the Pout Enchantment Lux Lip Set, made up of three liquid lipsticks and one lip gloss. H. Granger is a warm nude, R. Weasley is a burnt orange, H. Potter is a rich dark red, and L. Lovegood (my personal favorite in the bundle) is a shimmery ice blue. The boxes they come in feature cartoon versions of the four characters, and I love the designs more than I thought I would. They even include Luna’s iconic Spectrespecs pink glasses and Hermione’s grumpy orange cat Crookshanks.

Next up is the Noble History Graphix Ink Liner Set to give you serious color with just a swipe. Each liner is tailored to a specific Hogwarts House. Hufflepuff’s Cup and Gryffindor’s Sword are both metallic finishes, while Slytherin’s Locket and Ravenclaw’s Diadem are matte. The brushes are ultra-thin and flexible, making it easy to achieve the perfect cat eye for your next HP movie marathon.

ColourPop is killing it with the tie-dye finishes. All three highlighters are made with the signature creme-to-powder Super Shock formula and are inspired by three beloved Harry Potter creatures: Dobby, Buckbeak, and Hedwig. Dobby is a warm gold, Buckbeak is a silver taupe, and Hedwig is an icy white. Each one comes in a convenient magnetic compact with a mirror, making it as easy as “Accio” to take it with you on the go.

Last up in the collection is the Great Hall Lip Balm Set. Each House has a spellbinding scent: Butterbeer for Gryffindor, Peppermint Toad for Slytherin, Sugar Quills for Ravenclaw, and Popping Pixie Wing Dust for Hufflepuff. The balms, made by ColourPop’s sister brand Fourth Ray Beauty, have a lip-pampering formula from mango seed, shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E.

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