10 Doorbell Cameras That Don’t Require a Subscription

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Regular doorbells just don’t cut it anymore. Today, video doorbells are used for security measures, and for even socialization! It will gradually become a lot harder for thieves to swipe packages off of porches because the ultra-clear high-resolution video will catch the whole thing. And never worry again about missing a drop-in from a beloved friend, because many video doorbells allow two-way communication, so you can say hello from wherever you are. So whether you want to make sure the kids get off the bus safely, or that the priceless eBay treasure you’ve scored doesn’t go anywhere until you can bring it inside, these video doorbells, which don’t require a subscription, might be just the thing.

This particular Blink system is powered by two lithium batteries, that last up to two years -– so you can go wire free. Answer your door with two way audio, no matter where you are. Perhaps the neighbor next-door is selling Girl Scout cookies, let her know that you will buy some tomorrow when you are home! Definitely don’t want to miss those Thin Mints! The device is also compatible with Alexa, and does not require a subscription unless you are using the cloud-based storage. If you would like to store footage, simply use a USB to download it. A handy mounting plate allows you to secure the doorbell, where it is most convenient.

Whether you just want to make sure packages arrive safely on your doorstep, or if you’d like to see what kind of animal is pooping in your yard when you aren’t looking, this camera will do the trick. One of the stand out features, is the night vision capabilities, which can pick up more clearly on various images once the sun goes down. With video calling, you can greet visitors from your phone, or utilize pre-recorded messages when you are not able to personally answer yourself. Consumers can expect this camera to stand up well against the elements, whether that be rain, snow, or sunshine. Arlo gives customers a free three month trial of their specialty features that come with a subscription, such as advanced storage. However continuing the subscription is not required.

Looking for something super easy to install, that has basic yet effective features? This Arlo device is compatible with other devices from the brand, but has a really simple concept. Plug it into the wall, and no wires are needed for set up. The device will connect to your Wi-Fi, and will notify you of any motion detected, or when someone presses your doorbell. A siren can also be set off, if you feel that something isn’t quite right, or if you see something strange from your video device.

This Google Nest camera provides all of the basics when it comes to doorbell security. However, it is important to note, that the storage can be considered minimal. But a major alluring aspect is, if the power should go out and you lose Wi-Fi, the camera will record up to three hours of important activities. Designed to detect motion, the camera can pick up animals, vehicles, and people of course. This can all be done in virtually any light, whether ultra sunny, or totally dark. So if you’re just looking to make sure the delivery guy isn’t being too rough of your packages, this could be a good option.

You can set up the security system, in literally 30 minutes, which is extremely impressive. Different mechanisms come into play, to give you ultimate protection. The system works with the SimpliSafe cameras, which give you all the visual protection folks look for in a doorbell camera. However, the entire system also provides substantially loud alarms, and the option, but not obligation to have 24/7 live monitoring, that will connect to police or the fire department in case of an emergency. The base station is capable of working with Alexa, which will make arming the system a super simple process.

With an excellent picture quality, it will be easier to identify people who approach your door, whether you know and are expecting them, or whether they are sneaking about and up to no good. Connecting to your phone, you will see snapshot notifications of who is on your porch. Alexa can also connect, further enhancing the easy-breezy capabilities. Ask Alexa to show you your front door, and boom, you will get the information on your phone. If someone happens to steal the camera after swiping a box, for example, you will still have them on video, since the SD card will be inside your home.

Just because you don’t have a subscription, doesn’t mean you can’t have all of the major elements video doorbells have to offer. First of all, the camera angle on this particular selection is extra wide, ensuring you capture important details and images. Communicate with whoever is at your door, with the two-way audio function. This camera also features high-quality daytime footage, and night vision – – because a lot of offenses happen at night, so you would want to be able to see that. Last but not least, this device is also compatible with Alexa, which will definitely make life a little bit easier.

With multiple features that enhance the system’s accuracy, you will likely be getting far fewer false alerts. Temperature detection allows the camera to verify if it’s a live object, while the radar helps determine the distance from the house. And finally, with more advanced intelligence, the system can more efficiently determine if that object moving about is a human or not. The 3-D detection features also help ensure more accurate alerts.

Quite literally replacing your old doorbell, the same wiring that connects to your old school ding dong device will be used for the new and advanced video version. Expect extra-wide camera angles that crisply unveil who is at your door. Another welcomed feature is the LED light, which can be programmed to turn on and illuminate part of your porch, at various times of the day. The light can also be programmed to come on when motion is detected.

This camera is tough and designed to hold up against the elements. A little rain? No problem! With expected video doorbell features, this camera goes above and beyond. Utilizing color night vision, it’s surprising how much clearer and identifiable objects and people are when this feature is in place. Reduce the likelihood of someone taking something from your yard at night, without being able to identify who they are. The Wyze camera rates well and offers reliable imaging.

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