18 Perfect Gifts for Starbucks Lovers

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Whether they’re a passion tea devotee or are married to their macchiato, Starbucks lovers are easy to please, complicated drink orders aside. Tag along on their coffee run to hear all the latest news in beans and brewing, or just to watch them come to life when the caffeine hits. If you really want to spoil them, indulge them with some rare collectible gear, help them enjoy their favorite beans or brew at the right temperature and strength, or pick out some necessities for them to play barista at home.

There’s no sweeter gift basket than this collection of Starbucks goodies. Designed to help you rise and shine, it makes a great gift for the coffee or tea fan in your life.

A two piece collection, these insulated tumblers keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks icy and chilled. BPA free, the stainless steel design makes them easy to clean, and having a second tumbler means that leaving one at work by mistake won’t ruin your Starbucks run the next morning.

For anyone who spends all their time in the gym burning off those afternoon mocha frappucino with whip, this logo lookalike shows off those gym gains in style.

Cut down on those disposable cups and save money all at the same time with this multi pack of reusable Starbucks cups. They offer a 10c discount per refill when you bring these in too, perfect for those marathon study sessions.

Pretend and imagine with these dress up aprons, and let your little ones practice those fantastic creations- maybe they’ll invent the next unicorn frapp!

These limited edition ornaments are popular year after year, but sometimes you can find some lingering online even after Christmas is over. Great for filling in that missing piece in a collection.

Add a touch of your favorite Starbucks syrup to homemade baked goods, brewed coffee, or a glass of warm milk at bedtime. An indulgent treat that you can bring home and enjoy every day.

The grown-up stocking stuffer of choice, a Starbucks gift card is always a welcome gift. Include one in a birthday card, a thank you note, or in appreciation for the hard workers who we know could always use a pick me up- like for teacher’s day.

For anyone with a serious Frapp habit, buying in bulk is a necessity. These glass bottles travel well and are recyclable, so bring them along on road trips, camping, or to the beach, and enjoy your Starbucks fix wherever you go. Plus they now offer Almond milk options too.

If you’ve stocked up on whole bean Anniversary blend, you’ll need a grinder at home to convert into the rich brew you get at your local Starbucks. This countertop model grinds best for drip methods; if you like French press, have them grind it in store instead for the correct grind size every time.

Give that home brewed cup of Pike’s Place an extra oomph by making it a Cafe Au Lait. This milk warmer and frother helps you make some basic versions of those coffeehouse favorites, like lattes and cappucinos, or add a boost to that Starbucks hot chocolate by making it with steamed milk.

Pick up a pound of your favorite Starbucks blend and brew a refreshing cup at home with this easy to use French Press. Makes a great addition for dinner parties or around the holidays, dessert and coffee has never been so simple or enjoyable.

Tea parties have their place, but this two person play coffee date set is tons of pretend fun for kids and parents to play together.

Whether paper or reusable, hot cups can hurt! Protect yourselves from that extra hot drink with these insulating sleeves. A four pack ensures you’ll actually be able to find one when you need it.

Recreate that amazing Starbucks aroma at home with a coffee scented candle. Perfect for days when you’ve had way too much caffeine but still crave that coffee scent.

There’s nothing better than the smell of a fresh cup of coffee, perfectly made by that expert barista; but it’s not socially acceptable to do your whole morning routine in the local Starbucks- at least not yet. Start your day with that fresh brewed smell at home with this richly scented soap.

If you’ve managed to snag some of Starbucks collective location or Holiday themed mugs, show them off proudly on this handy organizing shelf. The top rack also makes a convenient place to store and display those Starbucks K-Cups.

If heading down to Starbucks for brunch is your favorite way to de-stress, bring along one of these coffee themed coloring books and let your creative juices flow. A great way to relax and enjoy simple pleasures.

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