21 Gifts New Moms Didn’t Know They Needed (But Absolutely Do)

Mommy Must-Haves

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The best gift you can give is love and support, but a thoughtful gift can go a long way in those first few bleary-eyed weeks.

1. A new mom is probably getting little sleep, help her stay as organized as possible.

The newborn days are a blur, but a tracker can help you remember feeding and sleeping cycles without making you question your sanity.

2. Both mom and baby will be thanking you for the ease this stroller gives them.

Not because she’ll actually be going jogging while in the newborn phase, but non-jogging strollers are so bulky and hard to steer sometimes they feel like you’re pushing a VW Bus.

3. Dinner delivered to your doorstep

With a new baby in the house, the last thing parents need to think about is what to cook for dinner. So let the folks at HelloFresh worry about the shopping and recipes, and have this meal kit delivered with all the pre-portioned ingredients ready to go. Another perk: Dinner will only take 30 minutes to cook, so it can easily be done while the little one naps.

4. Everyone loves a good pair of comfy sweats, new moms especially.

Sweats; because if someone sees your postpartum paunch and asks when you’re due you’ll go to prison for murder, and that’s bad.

5. New moms need to be able to hold baby and eat at the same time, cue granola bars.

For the early days when eating hot food and holding babies don’t mix.

6. Super cute, super convenient...basically a new moms dream come true.

This toy holding pouch unpacks into a play mat, perfect for tummy time.

7. Keep things tidy with the Uber of House Cleaning

The last thing sleep-deprived parents want to do in their spare time is clean the house. So hire a cleaning professional from the Handy.com to come tidy up around the house. They’ll even do the laundry! Plus the app makes it really simple to schedule someone as early as the next day.

8. Becoming a mom equals a lot of new aches and pains, help her ease the tension.

Poor nursing or feeding posture, awkward sleep patterns, and the physical strain of lifting and carrying an infant leaves many new parents with aches and pains. A sturdy foam roller, especially with a partner’s help, can break up sore and stiff muscles and ease some of the discomfort.

9. Anything that will help the ENTIRE household fall asleep, count us in.

Keep new parents, and new babies, asleep through background noise with this gentle white noise machine.

10. We've said it before and we'll say it again, staying hydrated is SUPER important.

Keep irritability and hanger at bay by staying hydrated; especially important for refueling in the night if you’re nursing.

11. Mommy may only get 3 hours of sleep, but with this you'll never know.

Lack of sleep isn’t doing any new parents any favors, but this eye cream helps soothe puffed undereye skin, making it easier to stay awake and soak up beautiful moments.

12. A new baby means taking soooo many pictures.

Your photo game may be on point, but what parent of a newborn has time to have photos developed? Keep visitor’s paws off your phones and cameras with this digital frame; you can load photos onto it using an easy to operate app.

13. For the less glamorous results of becoming a new mom.

Labor is physically demanding and can involve strains to joints and muscles; a comfortable cushion can help heal and relax those injuries.

14. Pregnancy hormones does a number on your skin, stay fresh always.

Both mom and baby go through huge hormonal changes after delivery. One side effect can be limp, greasy hair, and breakouts; keep both at bay with these skin-clearing wipes.

15. You'll be sure to get some serious love after giving these to a new mom.

Embrace the soft comfortable fluff of these slippers and put your feet up for a good cuddle.

16. Your baby will soon crawl all over the house, keep floors clean with ease.

If your newborn enjoys tummy time, you need clean floors. Keep them spotless enough to eat off of without running a loud upright vacuum and ruining naptime.

17. Because new parents are really going to want to save their leftovers.

Freeze meals ahead with these easy to clean and store glass containers; perfect for reheating dinner on days nobody wants to cook.

18. Name a more iconic collection for story time...I'll wait.

Set kids up for a lifetime of loving books by reading to them early and often. These rhyming Dr Seuss books help them learn the pattern of language and make it a fun and easy way for new parents to bond.

19. Make sure your new mom is still taking care of her skin.

Treat dry itchy skin and stretch marks with this oil-free moisturizer and sunscreen.

20. When baby is sleeping no one...NO ONE will be waking her up.

Let neighbors, well-wishers, and the UPS guy know; your silence is appreciated, please no knocking!

21. This monitor earned the nearly impossible 5 star rating on Amazon

New parents love the peace of mind that a video monitor brings, and this 3.5″ LCD screen video monitor offers temperature monitoring, a two way talk system, night vision mode, and the option to pair multiple receivers to a display, perfect for parents who have to keep up with multiple kids and pets.

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