We Tried Custom Pillows from Pluto and They’re What Dreams Are Made Of

Sweet Dreams

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You know those people who take their pillow on every road trip, vacation or overnight stay they go on? I used to giggle to myself when I saw them walking through the airport with their “special pillow,” but now I envy them. They’ve found their perfect pillow, something that up until now has been elusive to me.

There are a lot of factors that make up a great night’s sleep, but a restful slumber is difficult to achieve without the right pillow. My husband and I are a testament to this. We’ve tried everything: cheap pillows that don’t offer enough support; contour pillows that offer support only in one sleeping position; therapeutic pillows that combine the use of wedges, body pillows and more. All of these we’ve either thrown away or returned, but we’ve always settled when it comes to finding the perfect pillow — until now.

Pluto Pillow gave us new hope, offering a personalized, handmade pillow that was customized to our body type, sleep habits and preferences. The best part: We had 100 days to try it and love it or we could return it for a full refund. So we decided to try it because we had nothing to lose at this point — we’ve tried almost every pillow imaginable, so why not try another one.

To start the process of building our perfect pillow, we each had to answer an online survey with handful of questions about our body type, how we sleep and what we like in a pillow. Questions ranged from our height and weight to the position we settled into at night. It only took a few minutes to complete. We splurged and got the king-size pillows because if we loved them, they may as well be the perfect size too.

After about 7 business days, our pillows arrived and I have to say, when my husband opened his, he looked like a kid on Christmas morning. He’s struggled more than me in finding the perfect pillow, so I was crossing my fingers that this would finally be “the one” for him.

My first impression of my Pluto PIllow when it arrived was a sincere appreciation for the care and thoughtfulness that went into the packaging. Not only did they personalize the note included with my pillow, but they reviewed my survey answers as a nice little reminder of what I wanted and needed in a pillow so I could really assess my new made-just-for-me Pluto Pillow. Extra props for including Airhead candy — haven’t had one of those since I was a kid!

The first night, my husband said he slept better than he had in a long time, with his regular (more like constant) complaints of shoulder pain and numbness in his hands completely subsided. His pillow has a firm core and a quilted surface that feels silky smooth to the touch. He said it offered firm support with a touch of softness that prevents it from feeling too hard, which was his main complaint of his previous pillow.

However, my first night on my Pluto Pillow wasn’t as amazing as my husband’s. When I first laid my head on my pillow, I was surprised at how amazing it felt. It had that plush, melt-in feeling I love, but the core was firm enough to support my head and neck — I’m a habitual side sleeper. But the next morning I woke up with a sore neck and I was initially a little jealous that my husband’s new pillow worked so perfectly for him, but mine wasn’t as magical.

So while my husband peacefully drifted off to dreamland every night, I sat my new Pluto Pillow aside for a few nights and went back to my old pillow because I chase two toddlers around my house every day and ain’t nobody got time for a kinked neck. Pluto Pillow does warn that there can be an adjustment period of up to two weeks, so a few nights later, I worked up the courage to try my Pluto Pillow again — and I was so happy I did because it was amazing. No sore neck the next morning and for the next few nights I felt like I slept more deeply than I had in months.

Maybe I just slept funny that first night or maybe I went through an adjustment period, either way this pillow is the elusive perfect pillow I’ve been dreaming of, giving me a membership to that exclusive group of people who love their pillow so much they bring it on vacation with them (it me!). My husband said while he still has a bit of trouble sleeping with shoulder issues, overall this is the best pillow he’s tried yet — and I almost never hear him complaining about it, which is a major win in my book!

We’re currently more than a month into our trial with Pluto Pillow and neither of us have plans on returning it. It’s something I’ve recommended to friends and family, with the caveat of that important adjustment period some of them may experience. I’m never going back to department store brands, I’m officially a Pluto Pillow customer for life — try it for yourself and see if custom pillows from Pluto Pillow is right for you.

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