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Yoga is a versatile practice that benefits your mind, body, and soul. Luckily, you can do it anywhere, from guided group classes to at-home workouts to sunny sessions in the park. You can even try face yoga to support your lymphatic system and promote more youthful skin. I do yoga in my room with a wake-up session first thing in the morning or a gentle bedtime routine at night, so I need a mat that works well on the carpet with a stable bottom layer and a grippy top layer as I move from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2. You deserve to enjoy a quality yoga session wherever you are. Whether you practice on a carpet or need a versatile mat for your other workouts, you should check out the top 10 best yoga mats for carpet yogis like you.

Find Your New Favorite Carpet Yoga Mat:

Natural jute is a durable, naturally brown textile fiber grown from the corchorus plant woven into dense premium threads spindled into a wide range of fabrics. Ajna Organic created their eco-friendly jute yoga mat to withstand intense yoga sessions with natural fibers that repel sweat and other odors. The non-slip texture gives you a more stable carpet yoga session, and the 100% cotton yoga strap preserves its shape as you travel to your next yoga session. There are two beautiful colors to choose from: a beautiful Cloud Blue or a gorgeous Aura purple gradient. The chemical-, latex-, and BPA-free eco yoga mat rolls out flat the moment you get it (no weird bumps to trip you through your sun salutations), and it’s easy to wash with light soap and water or gentle natural disinfectant. 

Popflex founder and designer Cassie Ho is focused on helping women find their best selves in the fitness and wellness space. And she has been succeeding! If you’ve ever felt vegan suede, then you can imagine how luxurious this yoga mat feels (not to mention it gets grippier as you get sweatier). It is lightweight, cushiony, and non-slip with an ultra micro-suede top layer and high-density TPE bottom layer that gives you control as you move on your mat. The designs are stunning: a deep navy Diamond Sky, purple Cottagecore, teal green Flourishing Foliage, and sunset cotton candy Heart In The Clouds (you’ll also get the color-coordinated cotton carrying strap). There are no worries about the color fading with vegan suede, so you can wipe it down with a bleach-free mat cleaner spray or aromatic DIY spray after each sweat session. 

The colors on this carpet-friendly yoga mat are vibrant! Reetual developed their eco yoga mat with MicroGrip technology that starts to improve your grip during your first round of Sun Salutations. This yoga mat comes with 12 unique, intricate, and anti-fade custom designs that speak to your yogi soul as you move through each pose. Each eco-friendly mat has a natural tree rubber base (no rolling, curling, or weird bunching on the carpet) and environmentally friendly water-based inks that are biodegradable, recyclable, and free from BPA, latex, PVC, silicone, and phthalates. Want a two-for-one deal? This yoga mat is reversible and comes with a carrying strap, so you’ll never be without a premium yoga mat again. 

If you sweat a lot during yoga class, don’t worry! YOGA DESIGN LAB created a 2-in-1 Yoga Mat with an ultra-absorbent recycled PET microfiber towel-like top layer to help manage sweat and prevent slipping. The non-Amazonian natural rubber base gives you more stability on hardwood and carpets. Sweating actually helps your hands adhere to the mat, and you can spritz a little water before your session to get an even better grip. Though handwashing is ideal for each beautiful water-based ink design, you can throw it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle and hang it to dry away from sunlight. Check out the Promotions section to get up to a 20% discount when you buy two or more YDL products. 

This premium grip yoga mat is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced yogis. Liforme’s innovative “Align For Me” design helps guide your movement from one pose to the next, while the “Grip For Me” material gives you sustainable grip control without worry. The planet-friendly mat is biodegradable and made with high-quality and specially engineered eco-polyurethane and non-toxic rubber without PVC. It comes with a free Yoga bag that straps over your shoulder to take you from one room or class to another. 

Whether you prefer a gentle practice with Hatha yoga or a more intense flow with Vinyasa, Plyopic has a yoga mat to suit your yoga style. You can flip the luxury vegan suede mat for cardio and strength training exercises. No matter what you choose to do, the dense, eco-friendly, and SGS-certified materials will ensure that you have a firm grip and a soft landing. There are over 15 beautiful limited edition designs, from stunning ocean water to a mountain range sunset to a black and white moon phase. Some designs come with a center dotted line to keep your poses symmetrical as you improve your balance. It has a longer and broader surface space on the 3.5mm thick mat and is easy to fold and put away when needed. If you look at the reviews, all kinds of pups love this luxury yoga mat. 

If you love a good hot yoga session, you may want to check out Heathyoga’s Unbeatable Wet-Grip Yoga Mat. Heathyoga is the most popular yoga brand on Amazon, which is no surprise when you consider their responsibly sourced materials for safe body-kind products for your entire yogi family. The 4.5mm thickness cushions your flow while the sweatproof material wicks away moisture. It is lightweight enough to carry around without the fuss yet dense enough to stay put while you move. The three anti-fade designs bring simply striking colors with Glacier, Grey, and Purple marble to the high-density, closed-cell, non-slip rubber top layer. Whether stretching on a carpet or toughing out a session outdoors, this ultra-dense yoga mat is also great for protecting sensitive joints.

The popular yoga brand Gaiam has a name that comes from the Ancient Greek Mother Earth goddess (Gaia), which translates to the slogan “I am the Earth.” Their focus is connectivity from the Earth to your body through interconnected movement. They include a free downloadable yoga workout with every yoga mat purchase because they believe in your yoga goals. The premium extra-thick 6mm non-slip mat also has a “sticky” surface for better stability. Though you may experience a slight, harmless odor when you first unwrap your new mat, it should go away once you air it out, as the materials are non-toxic and 6P-free.

An eco-friendly, non-slip, double-sided yoga mat that comes in seven beautiful colors? Yes, please! That gorgeous burnt orange shade is my favorite, and the exclusively designed “Bone” pattern on the underside also prevents sliding around on carpeted floors. It’s eco-friendly and SGS-certified, so you can worry less about allergies like latex or toxic materials like PVC. The TPE material doesn’t give off any weird or chemical smells. You’ll get a carrying strap to travel with your lightweight cushion mat that weighs just under 2 pounds. The subtly textured surface helps hands and feet stay where they are so you can up your yoga game and become the yogi you were always meant to be. 

The indoor and outdoor Zuma by Retrospec may be a good fit if you prefer a two-toned yoga mat. The TPE material is slip resistant with a textured bottom and free of PVC or other harsh chemicals. The closed-cell design prevents odors and is easy to clean with gentle soap and water mix, then hang to dry. Your joints will appreciate the extra thick 6mm cushiony mat, no matter where you practice, and you can use the carpet-ready yoga mat for all kinds of workouts, from yoga to Pilates to strengthen training. There are over 15 colors to choose from, so take a look and get your next yoga session started in no time. 

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