Supplies for a Stylish and Functional Home Office

Working From Home

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Picking out the right desk, chair, lighting, and other essential pieces can transform any home office, whether it’s a small nook in a busy kitchen, or a dedicated room designed just for working from home.

A leaning bookcase is an incredibly easy way to amp up your storage space in a room, while also adding a place to store art and mementos. The lower shelves are workhorses, big enough to hold bulky boxes and files, while the narrow upper shelves are just right for nesting photos, collectibles, or other keepsakes right at eye level.

Stop chasing trends with annual calendars and planners and have one effortlessly stylish organizer that is guaranteed to suit your decor. Personalized and generously sized, it’s the perfect blend of style and function.

Please don’t think I will ever shut up about how gorgeous the entire set of Optical Inlay furniture is. These are the sort of “hero” pieces that anchor an entire home aesthetic, define color palettes, and just genuinely make houses into homes.

Dreaming of a beach vacation? This seashell lamp helps bring a beach vibe to all latitudes, and helps anchor an ocean themed

If a latte or cappuccino from the coffee shop is an essential part of your work day, brush up on some barista skills and learn to make your own. This affordable countertop model produces 15 bars of pressure and includes an easy to use milk frother, so all your favorites are back on the menu.

Consolidate your errands into fewer trips with this helpful hook rack and reminder basket. Easily corral the to-do list, mail, receipts, gloves, and other easily-lost items and keep them in one convenient place.

Convert an existing seated desk to a stand-up desk with this riser. Despite the slim profile, there’s still room for two display monitors, so anyone interested in the health and posture benefits of changing up their work station can try out standing desks affordably.

Keep documents in place and organized with this multi drawer desk. A keyboard drawer completes the effect, and anyone who needs a scrupulously clean desk top at the end of every work day will appreciate these little touches.

List makers will adore this desk pad that features mood tracking, checkboxes for accomplished tasks, monitoring water intake, and more.

Minimize eye strain with a task lamp that keeps desks perfectly lit and comfortable for hours of work. Ideal for artisans and crafters, it also brings a gorgeous bit of vintage charm.

Perfect for families looking for a co-working space, this divided double desk is perfect for homework, working from home, and even as a bill paying station, with easy to organize drawers.

If you think your coworkers are wearing uncomfortable heels or other “office appropriate” footwear during your conference calls, I have some news. Enjoy one of the comforts of working from home with the truly cozy feel that this soft fleece rug brings to your space.

A tiny touch of glam can bring personality into even the most spartan and hastily designed work areas, and this little desktop calendar might be just the touch of color your space needs.

Clean lined and sharp with a vintage sensibility, this double shade lamp offers a relatively focused beam close to a work space, perfect for non-digital tasks like note taking and reading.

Ikea’s affordable basics are an easy place to start picking up the essentials for a home office, and this stand-up desk is just the sort of versatile investment piece that you’ll see years of use out of. A good choice for transitional areas, it creates a little work space without committing an entire room to permanent use as an office.

Minimize your office footprint with a secretary desk that closes up when not in use. The main compartment closes snugly, so you can keep your workspace secretly messy, and the three divided cubbies stay visible, making it easy to display framed photos or other mementos.

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