The 16 Best Home Water Filters for Any And All your Needs


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Water is the center of our being—we cannot survive without it. Did you know that the type of water you are drinking can vary greatly, from contaminants within it, or the minerals and nutrients that can be added to your body? The quality of your water can affect numerous aspects of health, including metabolism. Luckily, there are multiple ways to filter your home water, that are affordable, and easy. Yet, there are more elaborate and expensive options at the same time. Water filtration systems are also better for the planet, reducing plastic water bottles that end up in landfills, or worse, the ocean. Keep reading for our top picks of home water filtration systems.

Thrive Market delivers a straightforward water filtering pitcher, that holds up to six cups of water at a time. Filtration only takes a few minutes, so you’ll have not only clean, but alkalized water ready to drink in no time. Thrive Market requires a yearly membership fee, which goes toward charity, then members have access to significantly price reduced healthy products. With replacement filters coming in at just under eight dollars, there will be a lot of savings by not having to buy bottled alkalized water. The pitcher also features a timer to indicate when to change the filter.

Reduce up to 77 contaminants in your water, with this under the sink water filtration system. Have the device out of sight, and out of mind, so you can simply enjoy pure water that has been 15 times more effectively filtered than that of water that comes from the standard pitcher filter. The concept is intended to remove harmful substances, while still allowing beneficial minerals to make it into your glass. A dedicated faucet has been made to accompany the system, and comes in a few different styles, to match your kitchen decor.

The countertop system gives you all the benefits of Aquasana, without any true commitment. So you do not have to have anything permanently installed underneath your sink to reap the benefits of the filtration system. Up to 77 contaminants are still reduced, and the water is 15 times more effectively cleaned than with other certain filters. If you have a little bit of extra counter space, this eco-friendly device is a simple addition that will be hydrating your family more wholesomely.

Pictures are a great water filtration option, but we particularly like the convenience of dispensing water from this slim fit fridge container filter. It seamlessly slides onto a shelf, taking up relatively minimal space, then water can be released into your glass by the push of a button. The filter uses the traditional pure method, and removes two times more contaminants than other leading pitcher filters. While the BPA free container holds an impressive 30 cups, water can be dispensed while filtering is taking place.

No difficult or complex installation, just simply hook on to your faucet, if it will accommodate this style of filter. When wanting fresh and clean water, simply flip over to filtration mode. When washing dishes, switch back to regular water with ease. The simple to use filter, will provide about 100 gallons of fresh contaminant reduced water, or about three months of clean water. This design has been around for quite a while, and has had time to prove itself.

Brita is the long time water filtration system that many homes have grown to trust. With a super simple design, this particular model attaches directly onto the faucet, and even has an ad on spray option. Flip back-and-forth between filtered and non-filtered water, and enjoy crisp tasting H2O for around four months before needing to change the filter. With the capability to remove up to 99% of lead and impurities, you can feel a little bit better about the water you are filling your glass with. An indicator light helps determine when the filter needs to be changed.

The Big Berkey is probably the most eye-catching water filter on the market, and its shining reputation is just as attention-grabbing as its high polish stainless steel exterior. This popular 2.25 gallon water filter works by filtering the top chamber into the bottom chamber, which can take up to 2 hours to complete. However, with multiple lab results and jaw-dropping research supporting the science behind Berkey’s approach, it’s hard not to see the facts backing up the hype.

Fridge space is often limited, and many do not want to deal with installation of a system under the sink, or they may not have a faucet that accommodates the faucet attaching component. Therefore, countertop water dispensers are a solid option. Removing harmful impurities, the system also alkalizes the water with helpful minerals such as selenium and calcium. Not only will the taste be improved, but you might feel a little bit better after drinking it. The system comes with three filters, and each one lasts for a few months.

This countertop system is a top pick, because the filters last a really long time—24 months to be exact. Water goes through four stages of filtration, before making its way into your glass. Remove sediment, chemicals, and something called cysts, which sounds awful. With a futuristic looking design, the product looks cool on the countertop, or in your RV while camping. Overall, this is a complex and affordable way to enjoy clean H2O.

Let’s go back to the basics, with a Brita pitcher. However, this one features a pleasantly bright red top that might go well with other kitchen designs. Everything about this pitcher is traditional, from filter installation, to how you fill the top bin with water. Each filter will give you about 100 gallons of delicious water. The best part is, there’s nothing complicated about this water filtration system—simply place it in your fridge like you would a gallon of milk.

Are you looking for a countertop device that is a little bit more elegant? Well then you have found it, in this lovely, delicately presented carafe, with shiny metal touches. Just because it looks dainty doesn’t mean it functions lesser, as it is capable of providing 40 cups of filtered water at a time. Going through in five stages of filtration, the system rids water of solids, herbicides and pesticides. The description states that this is the only pour through filter that is NSF certified to remove chromium and lead.

Who knew that different types of water could have so many health benefits? Adding minerals your body doesn’t make, this filtration system has 10 filter phases, that both remove contaminants like chlorine, but add things that your body needs for good metabolism, neutralizing acid in the bloodstream, and absorbing other nutrients. Pretty impressive! The super cool looking system sits on your countertop, while coming with hardware you need to fit your faucet. The description notes that the device will fit most faucets, but be sure to check before purchasing.

Installing a water filtration system under your sink might take a little bit more time, but it can be an investment that is well worth it. Keep your countertops clear, by having this multi filtering component neatly tucked away out of sight. In the reviews, folks note that this was easy to install, compared to other under the sink filters. Others noted that when giving their pets filtered water, they saw an improvement of health. This system comes with a special faucet that works together to bring you water that is free of potentially 1000 or more contaminants.

Berkey filters are big stainless steel vessels that sit on the countertop. While it takes some time for water to filter through, each sip tastes incredibly pure and clean. We also love that the filters are designed to last not a few months, but often years. With as long as the filters last, the description details a gallon of water to cost about two cents. Talk about money savings in the long run! The large top opening makes it easy to fill, and the dispenser releases water smoothly. A stand can also be purchased so that your Berkey doesn’t have to have the spout hovering over the sink.

Each filter within the Epic system is fully recyclable, and can reduce up to 550 plastic water bottles from going into a landfill. That’s significant, especially if your family purchases a lot of bottled water. The BPA free pitcher and filter reduces 99.9% contaminants, and can give a little bit of peace of mind when having to drink city tap water. Providing 150 gallons of water per filter, the Epic filter, like other water filters, is a money saver. The company also offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

So this is definitely an impressive little device, that allows you to drink safely from streams or other water sources in a survival or emergency situation. The straw removes up to 99 percent of bacteria, and also won’t let parasites pass through. Small and compact, it can easily fit in your backpack, for whenever it is needed. Impressively, the straw will provide up to 1000 gallons of filtered water before needing to purchase another. But one of our favorite aspects is that every purchase of a Life Straw will provide clean water to someone for a year.

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