13 Best Instant Pot Cookbooks for Easy Dinners

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The Instant Pot is the much-loved, must-have item for home cooks, an electric pressure cooker that enables home cooks to pressure cook safely, so making enough pulled pork to feed the entire family, or turning dry beans into a delicious chana masala in mere minutes is now not only possible, it’s actually easy. If you’ve just bought or been gifted one of these little counter top superheroes, knowing exactly where to start is sometimes scary; the manual is full of unfamiliar terms, and everyone who owns one is just so sure that you’ll love it that it might actually be stressful. Take all the guesswork out of those first few trips through the steam cycle with one of these start to finish cookbooks, and you’ll have quick and delicious meals that seem that they must have taken hours to whip up.

Ideal for anyone using an instant pot for the first time, this helpful how-to functions as much as a supplementary manual as it does a standard book of recipes. Learn to make all your favorites from scratch, from breakfast basics like oatmeal, to a three-course meal, complete with desserts.

Replicating your favorite restaurant dishes at home is one of the most appealing reasons to buy an Instant Pot, and this authorized cookbook helps break down well-known Indian classics like beef curry, chana masala, biryani, and more, making them accessible, and walking home cooks through the steps one by one, maximizing flavor and minimizing cook time.

If you have a fear of that new pressure cooker, Jeffrey Eisner is the writer that will convince you to give it a try. His Youtube content can help anyone become a pro with an Instant Pot, and this cookbook is a practical guide for all skill levels, from the simplest of instructions in how to boil an egg or steam vegetables, to restaurant quality risottos or pastas.

One of the most beautifully photographed Instant Pot cookbooks around, Everyday Instant Pot features an incredibly broad array of recipes, from hearty fare like the usual chili, brisket, and ribs, to slow cooker staples like jam and hummus, as well as setting up first timers with a how-to on making homemade stocks and broths. Available from a variety of shops, if you order it from Williams Sonoma it’s worth grabbing something from their line of Instant Pot branded tie-in items, from their gorgeous starters and sauces to these fantastic little molds for making egg bites to their exclusive Star Wars themed pots that are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Expat communities are a huge reason for the success of the Instant Pot internationally; the multi-generational Facebook groups sharing recipes, knowledge, and family traditions make it possible for families separated by long distances to still share meals together, and to pass on important recipes and traditions. Anyone seeking to recreate delicious Filipino dishes will be thrilled by this helping hand, guiding them step by step to delicious results, whether it’s a quick and easy Pinoy curry, or a modern take on chicken adobo.

Vegan cookbooks can be intimidating to amateur cooks; complicated substitutions and a lack of clear explanations of the decisions behind the process leave new cooks stuck recycling the same meals over and over. This cookbooks suffers from none of these flaws. It is a comprehensive overview of some of the best of vegan cookery, as well as an extremely useful starting place for cooks looking to expand their skills to the next level. Pairing it with a companion book that focuses more on beans and grains can help round out an excellent vegan diet.

It’s an open secret in the publishing industry that too many cookbooks are published without being thoroughly vetted, so it’s extremely comforting to be able to buy a book from a trusted household name. As much a guidebook as it is a list of recipes, Good Housekeeping’s entry into this crowded field casts a broad net, offering a guiding hand for any cook to make foodie approved risotto, restaurant quality coq au vin, and simple weeknight suppers, while only dirtying one pot.

Meredith Laurence brings a wealth of teaching experience to bear in this how-to guide that’s perfect for home cooks, whether they’re interested in entertaining a crowd, or making a simple weeknight supper. Though her timings and measurements may need tweaking- this is a general purpose cookbook for any electric pressure cooker, rather than one designed specifically for the Instant Pot user– it’s still a versatile book that works particularly well for beginner in the kitchen.

For families with multiple health issues or diet restrictions, this thoughtfully constructed cookbook is the way to go. Color coding makes it much simpler to cross-reference important considerations, like whether a recipe is vegetarian, paleo, vegan, low sodium, and more. While it isn’t aimed as a companion piece for any particular model of Instant Pot, Duo owners in particular should consider grabbing this one, because the focus on lean proteins makes it an ideal choice for experienced cooks to do some slight modifications and convert a few of these into incredible sous vide meals.

This cookbook ought to come packaged with every Instant Pot as an all-around guide to taking good food and making it great food. The one area that often disappoints new users of the Instant Pot is the fact that pressure cooked food tends to be unappealing on the plate; all one color and texture. Essential Mexican does everything possible to lay out exactly how to dress up drab meals with sauces, salsas, cremas, and other gorgeous finishings, so meals look restaurant quality and cookbook worthy.

If you’ve got a recent, higher-end model Instant Pot or picked up their immersion circulator, this has to be your next cookbook, because it offers both a robust overview of sous vide techniques as a whole, and because it will save you countless hours watching YouTube videos of other people explaining how to sous vide. While standard Instant Pot recipes are known for taking tough, cheap cuts of meat and applying time and pressure to extract every morsel of delicious flavor out of them, immersion circulation is ideal for lean meats that would suffer under long cook times and intense pressure: think chicken breast, wild game, pork chops, or salmon. Sous vide cooking uses a water bath and sealed pouches or bags to inject intense flavor into these high-end meats, and removes the option of user error, keeping your food juicy and delicious.

Eating full flavor meals doesn’t have to mean an ever expanding waistline, and this cookbook has absolutely zero tolerance for flavorless substitutions or going to bed hungry. You’ll start the day right with the most important meal of the day, and a wide variety of breakfast meals makes it a snap to meet your perfect match. It’s easy to sneak more veggies in, even with picky eaters in the family. and filling up on these delicious soups and

Truly, this cookbook lives up to its name. The rare case when one should even buy the book before the new gadget, it takes you through the steps of selecting the right Instant Pot for your family size and cooking style, through setup and maintenance, all before getting down to business and offering up two hundred recipes. Yeah. If you’re an amateur cook at the beginning of this journey, there’s really no better way to hone your skills and confidence than to cook your way through this absolutely enormous, clear and easy to follow book.

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