Send Uplifting Letters and Gifts to Your Future Self Through the Future You Project

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Do you ever wish you could craft thoughtful gift boxes to your future self as a reassurance that everything will be okay and have them delivered like clockwork? Now you can, with the help of a service that’s striving to uplift and unite women everywhere. The Future You Project began in 2018 when founder Jennifer Zawadzki was going through an unexpected divorce. She wasn’t sure how to process her emotions and felt completely overwhelmed. That’s when the idea for Future You began to blossom.

Zawadzki arranged for gifts and encouraging letters to be delivered to her address for five weeks straight, and with each package she felt a sense of hope and confidence about what was to come. A year later Future Jen returned with a bonsai tree and a simple note with the words “I told you so.” Since then, Zawadzki has made it her mission to elevate, celebrate and inspire women through personal, hand-picked gift boxes. No matter what you’re going through, you’re never alone.

Here’s how it works: first select the category that best suits your life (or someone else’s; you can send a gift to another person besides yourself). The 5-Week Gift Experience sends the recipient, as mentioned above, one item every week for five weeks along with a personalized letter. This category includes themes of “You Grow Girl,” “Deepest Condolences,” “You Are So Loved” and “Breakup Survival.” Then there are the Curated Gift Boxes, which consist of a one-time delivery that are tailored to more specific situations in a woman’s life like “Mom to Be,” “Future Mrs.” and “Home Sweet Home.”

Next up are the Inspirational Coins with hopeful messages such as “Paw Prints on Our Hearts,” “She Believed She Could” and “Sleep, Rest and Recover” that can be stowed away in a pocket or a purse so they’re always physically with you.

The monthly Subscription Boxes, meanwhile, aim to help you relax, focus on self-care and reduce stress with wellness products and one personalized letter.

Future You provides three different letter options no matter which gift you’re selecting. You can send a pre-written letter shown with the box to be personalized with the recipient’s name, write your own letter in the section provided or send the gift to your address with blank letterhead so you can hand-write the letter. There’s also an option to remain anonymous.

If you’re on the fence about buying your first package, you can also purchase individual items from the boxes as little tokens of appreciation for someone you love. Our personal favorites are the “Hello Sunshine” trinket dish and the “Liquid Therapy” wine glass. These do not include letters.

Future You Project Gifts

You can purchase curated luxury gift boxes with handpicked quality gifts from the Future You website.

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