Top 11 Floating Candles (For Every Style & Need)

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Floating candles add this indescribable beauty to an extravagant party, or simply to a coffee table. Some are also designed to safely wisp around in a pool, or a fountain! While others are safe or in a glass cylinder surrounded by beads and other twinkling accents. We’ve gathered a list of floating candles that range from basic, to handcrafted and eco-friendly. No matter the celebration, one of these will likely be that cherry on top.

Looking for something basic and no fuss? These plain white floating candles have a constant smooth flame when floating across the water. Forty come within the set. One hundred percent cotton wicks are used in the smokeless burning candles.

We know this isn’t the type of floating candle you were thinking of! Harry Potter fans will be delighted to know they can have their very own levitating flame – – although this is not a real flame for safety reasons. Using the “magic“ of magnets, the candle really does float! The kids will be totally blown away. As a bonus, the light it puts off is completely ambient and cozy.

Don’t love the idea of having open flames floating around? Even if it is in water? These flameless candles are safe and powered by LED lighting. Coming in a set of six, customers can choose from a variation – – white flames, amber, or color changing. Honestly, the color changing candles alternate in the most beautiful range of rainbow hues! That’s hard to beat.

Twelve real flame floating candles come in this set that is under $30. Wax has been hand poured to create the delicate shapes, and there are not any scents to obstruct any other festive fragrances you may have going on at your party. The description on these candles suggests they float in glass water filled centerpieces, or in a pool or pond. We have to say, these would look stunning in a pond.

Made in Europe, these vibrant red candles are certainly eye-catching. Can you imagine how pretty these would be on Valentine’s Day? Or even on the 4th of July? A generous count of 20 come within each pack. Burning without smoke, you will just be gifted with the most perfect mood lighting. Think of how excellent these would pair with some rose petals.

Delicate petals are crafted out of real wax to create the illusion of a floating white rose. Yes, it is as gorgeous as it sounds. Instead of actual flames, the light is created thanks to LEDs. We also think it’s super convenient that the batteries can be replaced as well. So while you don’t get many in one pack, they are reusable. Without the flame, they are suitable, and actually quite perfect, to use in a bath.

Want to truly stop guests in their tracks when entering your pool party? Or maybe that extra wow factor is needed in a fountain at a wedding location. This large floating lotus flower can be a range of colors. Opt to buy several to create that mesmerizing impact. LED lights power these beauties.

Etsy is a fantastic place to find handmade and quite detailed floating candles. This particular artisan crafts these from all natural beeswax. The result is a neutral toned focal piece for a rustic holiday table. Shapes include poinsettias and holly! Use them for your holiday party, or even give them as gifts.

These white Dahlia floating candles might be the most intricate on our list. Each petal is so detailed, coming together to create an elegant accent piece to any formal event. High-quality soy wax is used instead of paraffin, and it burns much cleaner, and more slowly. Cotton wicks add to the quality of this product.

Made for celebrations like Diwali, these ornate, colorful and gorgeously shaped floating decorations are amazing. While they themselves are not candles, they are designed to hold lightweight tealights. Sit them on the ground along a staircase, or take advantage of the floating capabilities.

Acorn shells have been re-purposed into floating candles! Each one is filled with vegetable wax, and a festive scent such as cinnamon, Christmas spice and vanilla! Not into those smells? Try the lavender. Since made from sustainable materials, these candles are eco-friendly. Great for fall decor, or the most precious gifts, we absolutely love them.

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