If You’re Tired of the Same Workout Routine, You Need to Try This App

Break a Sweat

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  • Aaptiv personalizes your fitness program to match your exact goals
  • Expert trainers to guide your workouts
  • More than 30 new fitness classes added every week
  • Workout classes without the boutique price tag or pressure of others watching

The best I’ve ever felt and looked was when I was committed to a workout class. The combination of an instructor pushing me to my limit and the feeling of support from the others sweating it out beside me helped push me to my full potential. And while I really enjoyed my workouts, I didn’t particularly love the price tag that came with those boutique fitness classes.

On top of budget constraints, fast forward a few years and add a husband and kids to the mix, and my time for fancy fitness classes at a studio disappeared. That’s why when a fellow mom and friend told me about Aaptiv, I jumped at the opportunity to try it for free for seven days. She told me how this audio fitness app helped find time for her workout on her own schedule (during nap time or early mornings) and helped her lose weight — for only $15 a month. She even said it pushed her to try new kinds of workouts, like running — which she would have never been able to do without someone in her ear pushing her the extra mile, literally and figuratively.

I knew I needed to get moving, but I needed someone to hold my hand in the process. It had been a while since I worked out, so I felt like I needed a plan or someone who could guide me through the workout — not to mention I needed it to be a judgement-free zone, because I was definitely out of shape. Luckily, Aaptiv made that easy because I got the instructor-led training I needed without the intimidation of being the new kid in class who knew nothing about the workout.

When I started my free trial, I was able to check out fitness programs tailored toward weight loss, as well as race training, yoga and total body workouts. All of them were led by certified trainers, chirping in my ear and keeping me motivated. Aaptiv also adds about 30 new fitness classes every week, so I knew I’d never be bored with the same old workout routines.

After my free trial, I was pleasantly surprised to find it only cost $15 a month for unlimited access — quite a big difference from the $150 price tag I previously paid for unlimited monthly classes at a fitness studio. While my current budget and lifestyle doesn’t afford me the luxury of boutique fitness classes, Aaptiv makes it easy and affordable for me to make time for wellness. The personal trainers ensure it’s a results-driven and productive work out, which means I worry less about the fitness plan and more about enjoying my workout.

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