20 Best Funny White Elephant Gifts For Under $20

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A staple of office holiday parties, gift exchanges are always fun, but some of the most raucous and enjoyable inter-office swaps have to be White Elephant swaps. Sometimes called the “Bad Santa” game, the point of these gifts is to see who can choose the worst, funniest, or most embarrassing gift to contribute to the pool; usually, there’s a capped price to prevent the winner from simply buying their way into first. Everyone, from the class clown to your stodgiest coworker, can let loose and have a laugh with these gifts.

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Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, but I won’t be able to get away with using this tiny putter game on the company’s time.

Encourage your coworkers to fully embrace their outside of work dream and transform into a cartoon character. Perfect for sports fans and pranksters alike, a little custom paint will let the recipient commit fully to the bit.

Useful, but still confusing, the ideal White Elephant gift always makes the recipient feel like they’re missing a key part of an inside joke, or maybe that they aren’t and the younger generation is just super strange. This burrito blanket fits the description perfectly.

Unlike a motion-activated Halloween themed jump scare toy, The Screaming Goat has no holiday to beckon his emergence, no raison d’etre; he simply is, and therefore must scream

Dozens of dad jokes on command are sure to perk up even the most bleary, coffee-deprived offices on a Monday morning. Batteries are included, so the recipient of this gag gift can immediately start enjoying it.

Humorous both for cat lovers and cat haters, this six pack of magnets is funny, functional, and a guaranteed conversations starter.

OK this one is a little over budget, but it may be worth it! I don’t need to tell you why an adult-sized banana suit is funny, and I couldn’t put it into words if I had to. Watch your coworkers plot and scheme to steal this, and enjoy years of Halloween photos courtesy of the winner.

The perfect accessories for loafing around, these bread themed slippers come in a range of sizes and styles.

You can’t give a passive-aggressive gift directly to your co-workers, but this is an appropriate, and hilarious, way to tell a few choice folks that it’s time they sucked it up.

Puns, the indisputable highest form of humor, are at peak form in this set of kitchen themed funny magnets. Killer one-liners like “Don’t be afraid to take whisks” are guaranteed to be memorable, and this set will be stolen repeatedly as the game progresses.

Got a dog-loving coworker with a good sense of humor? Give them the gift of a hilarious puzzle of 101 dogs pooping!

We’ve all been there – this mug helps us chuckle about it! The ceramic white mug with “I survived another meeting that should have been an email,” is even dishwasher-safe, making it a convenient choice for coffee.

Get that holiday office party roaring with this game. The set includes a 2-pack of hoop headband baskets, so partner up and get to hooping!

Have an awkward friend or coworker that you need to buy for? Try out this Awkward Turtle Word Party Game. This game is filled with awkward, funny words that your teammate has to guess – and will keep the laughs coming!

The recipient may think they’re getting a sequin pillow cover – but wait until they see the real picture on it! This 16″L x 16″W Michael Scott sequin pillow case will be the prized possession of any fan of “The Office.”

Who doesn’t love pizza and who doesn’t love socks? These pizza socks are useful and will get some chuckles from the crowd. Now I’m craving pizza!

Before Work, After Work, who are we to judge what you put in these glasses? There’s even a pint glass version for the beer drinkers.

For the coworker that is always cold and wishes they were “Under The Sea.” Grant their wish with this awesome knitted mermaid tail blanket. The bottom of the blanket is open, so still convenient to put on.

This cute gnome will make your recipient smile as they watch the chia pet grow. And if they’re a Bob Ross or Golden Girls fan, there are even more chia pet options out there for you.

We take no blame if this turns the holiday party into a karaoke night. This karaoke microphone is wireless, Bluetooth, and sure to get the party started!

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