21 Unforgettable 40th Birthday Gifts for Women

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We wish we could’ve told you about a lot of really cool statistics on turning 40. But, we at least can tell you that there are a lot of things you can do for yourself, or someone you care about, to make the 40s, and beyond that, great years. These include reducing stress levels and keeping a positive attitude, inspiring some gifts on this list. Below you will find classic and not-so-classic 40th birthday gift ideas for women that are unique, unforgettable, and just plain great and sure to give your wife, best friend, sister, or other important gals in your life a reason to celebrate!

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Wearable Gift Ideas

Simplistic and subtle, the bracelet is both a novelty and legitimately a piece of jewelry she might wear. In addition to a square “forty and a fierce” charm, three small dangling charms hang from the glistening ring-style bracelet. Since the product says nickel-free, with a “shiny silver“ finish, we assume this is a pretty basic metal material.

Four rings interlock within this 925 Sterling silver necklace to represent each incredible decade your special lady has been on this earth. If you want the item to have more presentation, you will need to assemble it before gifting it, as it is packaged in a particular way to protect it. The chain is 19 inches long, but the company mentioned in the description that they would adjust it for free if needed.

Each of these robes is unique, as each one is homemade in India, out of recycled saris. A sari is a traditional garment of the Indian continent that consists of a draping unstitched garment. Multitudes of colors come together in the patchwork piece that is so clearly lovingly made. The robe is an elegant piece, fitting as a 40th birthday gift for her.

Gag Gift Ideas

Since this card is blank inside, the sky is the limit with the creativity you can put into it. While the front is downright hilarious, you can put your own touch on the inside. We might suggest adding some gift cards, so it’s not all about poking fun at your friend exiting her 30s! The card itself is thicker, while a craft paper envelope is included.

Funny can be practical, as this three-ply biodegradable gag gift toilet paper proves! Folks get creative when using this product, whether substituting traditional birthday streamers to sneaking a role in the bathroom before the birthday girl goes in. One important thing that seems to be a consistent opinion is that this toilet paper is pretty darn rough! Overall, customers said they would buy it again.

Can you really go wrong with her having tacos as a 40th birthday theme? You could have an entire taco buffet with margaritas while presenting her with this cotton T-shirt in various colors. Those who bought it said the fabric was soft and was true to size. Keep in mind that the cotton will shrink a little bit when drying. You can select from a men’s or women’s fit – – if you’re like me, you might typically prefer the fit of a men’s T-shirt better.

Dishwasher safe, BPA-free, accommodating to hot and cold beverages, and splash-proof – – we decided to go ahead and tell you all the major stuff you probably want to know first. Vacuum sealed and insulated, drinks keep their ideal temperature for longer. Include it in a gift basket, give it as a solo gift, or just have her favorite drink ready upon arrival at the party.

Foodie Gift Ideas

So we did some digging to see if there was any data on cakes that were most popular the year 40-year-olds were born. What we found was that those turning 40 in 2022 would’ve been born the year the Robert Redford cake was circulating through recipe swaps nationwide. The cake was basically a cheesecake and chocolate pudding layered confection. We selected this layered beauty from Goldbelly, consisting of cheesecake, brownie, and chocolate cake layers with a creamy ganache drizzle.

Boozy ice cream grants so many wishes all at the same time. Infused with up to 5% of actual alcohol, these classic and modern flavors are the real deal. The recipient will enjoy a strawberry sangria sorbet, cake batter vodka martini, dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel, and spiked hazelnut coffee in this particular pack. Eat them straight, or blend them into an insanely indulgent creative cocktail.

Wine may seem like an overdone gift, but do many people really get tired of it? While on a trip to Atlanta, I was out with some coworkers, only to find out one of them had undergone Sommelier training. While there are different levels, she is a serious expert. I told her I did not like sweet wine but really enjoyed something that was flavorful, not earthy. She picked an Oberon Merlot for me— I usually don’t like Merlot. But this one was silky smooth, with complex flavors of blueberries and other fruits, while not overly sweet. All that to say, this is one heck of a good red wine.

Made with a glass blowing technique, the artist rolls each one into glistening crushed glass representing that month’s birthstone. Reviews detail how beautiful these turned out, and many folks have purchased them more than once. Find an extra special bottle of wine, and gift it with this stunning birthstone wine stopper.

Celebrating with rosè wine is always a good idea! Have a low-key 40th birthday celebration for her with this fully rounded gift set with a champagne chocolate bar, rosè gummy‘s or jellybeans, and a cute wine glass that says “sip sip hooray. “ 1800 Flowers is known to have a quick turnaround time and even same-day delivery, should you look for a really last-minute gift.

Milk Bar creates award-winning treats, one of which is their birthday cake. And to the delight of those with gluten sensitivities, they have a gluten-free version! Keep in mind that this cake is made in a facility that processes wheat. The rainbow sprinkles layered cake has strong notes of vanilla and a dreamy creamy frosting between each section. Famous crunchy Milk Bar crumbs are on top, and additional add-ons include birthday candles and pink chocolate drizzle! Time to party!

Flowers & Gardening Gift Ideas

Reviews are solid across the board on this creative and colorful blossoming cake! No, there are no edible parts of this creation, but it serves as an absolute show-stopping centerpiece to a party or as an exciting birthday delivery to the workplace. Customers raved that this florist does a great job and that the blooms were gorgeously arranged in a very realistic cake fashion. The display has been bought for various ages, from teenagers to 80-year-olds!

Turtles often represent longevity, so gifting this lovely turtle planter is a thoughtful gesture as women hit this monumental age. Rustically crafted out of aluminum, then given a golden finish, it’s a charming piece to add a fun flair to any lady’s home. While the reviews are overall positive, it is mentioned that the pot does not have a drainage hole.

Pink orchids specifically represent femininity, strength, and joy – – perfect elements to celebrate her birthday. The orchid tends to be 15 to 20 inches high and comes in a small white pot. Therefore, this is technically considered a mini orchid. The description notes that it may arrive in bud form, which means the recipient will get to witness the blooming process – – possibly.

A talented glassblower creates these stunning bird feeders individually by hand, adding drizzles of color so that they are enhanced when hit by sunlight. A simplistic rustic rope is used for hanging, and the bottom can be filled with birdseed or hummingbird nectar. Research shows that our personalities are malleable and can change as we age. So while an 18-year-old might not appreciate sitting on the porch looking out at birds landing on this beautiful piece, someone in their 40s might.

Self-Care Gift Ideas

Give the gift of cake and frosting, reimagined! The two-piece bath set comes with a shampoo and body wash combo that smells like vanilla cake and, fittingly, a lotion that smells like sweet frosting! She’ll feel ultra festive when getting ready for her birthday dinner after having a little rest and relaxation time with this Philosophy gift set.

Choose from three different sets of this nostalgic perfume line that has been specifically designed to take her back to life‘s most significant moments, whether that be childhood, love, or maybe a special vacation. Maybe you want to bring back memories of that spectacular road trip across the country. This set comes with a variation of scents featuring notes of blossoms, cardamom, cashmere, and ylang-ylang.

According to the Medical University of South Carolina, our posture gradually changes in height, beginning around the age of 30. By age 70, it is more pronounced and is to be expected with aging. However, paying attention to your posture can help slow down this process. This posture enhancer is made to fit sleekly underneath clothing and comes in various styles, including this beautifully neutral sand drizzle pattern. It’s a wellness item that gives indefinitely.

Outdoorsy Gift Ideas

Various studies have been done on the benefits of paddle boarding, and it’s been noted that paddling at or above a light level can help increase strength in your back and your abdominal muscles. This paddle board comes with several essential accessories, like an air pump, leash clip, and bungee cord to strap down belongings. It is great for taking to the waters of nature. A kayak seat and paddle also accompany the set.

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