Gardener Gifts: 17 Amazon Gifts Perfect for a Green Thumb

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Whether Fruit, Flowers, or Vegetables, gardeners love enjoying and sharing the fruits of their labors. Encourage their creative expression and maybe they’ll share some of their harvest; or the knowledge needed for you to produce your own.

These thick briar-proof gloves make easy work dealing with Roses, Bougainvillea, or Blackberry thorns.

Grow flowering perennials over this dramatic arch for a stunning entryway to your gardens.

Extend the growing season with this small greenhouse. Great for getting a head start on spring plantings, the clear polyethylene cover lets sunlight in and keeps warmth near delicate starts.

Receive useful charts with clear breakdowns without needing to take regular notes and measurements; this wireless monitor does all the work for you.

If your gardening style falls closer to “food forest” than to rose garden, this foraging manual makes a useful companion on excursions for dandelions, mushrooms, and more.

Banish boredom and free yourself from two-dollar a pack hardware store seeds. A bulk selection of heritage seeds means you can collect and store your own seeds for future plantings, and the wide variety included in many bulk packs means you can easily rotate selections year to year, guaranteeing variety.

Keep deer, rabbits, and pesky neighborhood pets out of your garden with this easy to use electric fence kit.

Expand your tract or clear rows quickly with this gas-powered tiller; it requires no fuel mixing and fits into tight areas near bordered pathways.

This James Beard Award winning cookbook will help you make the most of your harvest, “From Artichoke to Zucchini.”

Save money on fertilizers, pesticides and more; often the solution to garden problems lies in a PH correction.

Save your joints and bring your garden bed higher with this Keter Easy Grow raised bed. Fill with potted plants for flowering vegetables; or fill with soil for rooting crops like carrots.

Send beans, peppers, or other vining annuals up and over this A-frame trellis, making harvesting easier and providing a natural barrier against moisture damage and pests.

Keep boundaries tidy and growth contained with these ergonomic shears; the brightly colored handle makes them easier to keep in sight, and the titanium construction helps keep them undamaged season after season.

Automate the watering of your most delicate plants to ensure they’re properly cared for, even if life sometimes gets in the way. Encourage germination, flowering, and proper humidity in greenhouses with this easy to use kit.

Easily keep track of what worked- and what didn’t- with this five year garden planner. Make notes on pest control and prevention, rotate nitrogen fixing and consuming plants, and record soil amendments for next season’s plantings.

Control mess and moisture with this 50 plant starter kit. The individual pods expand when watered, and are easy to transplant to larger pots or directly to the garden soil.

Keep tools close at hand, and easily harvest fruit, flowers, or other crops with this 16 pocket apron.

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