Anecdote Candles Turn Everyday Scents and Stories into Conversation Pieces


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Pictures are worth a thousand words, but what about candles? That’s where Anecdote Candles comes in, a California-based company that combines heavenly scents with witty, tongue-in-cheek quips that will become the center of any conversation.

Anecdote draws from personal experience and cultural trends to bring you everyday luxuries worth spending money on. Each candle is hand-poured in the USA using natural ingredients, and not one of them includes additives, dyes or preservatives. The coconut-soy wax and cotton core wicks mean you’re guaranteed a clean and long-lasting burn that will fill your home with delectable aromas. No more splashing out on much-too-concentrated bottles of room spray.

You’ve got three sizes to choose from for each scent:

  • 3.4 oz travel tin with a burn time of 25 to 35 hours
  • 7.8 oz standard jar with a burn time of 40 to 50 hours
  • 9 oz gold holiday tumblr with a burn time of up to 70 hours, comes packaged in a special gold foil box

anecdote candles on display in glass jars

Anecdote offers personalization options, too, if you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding favor or searching for corporate gifts. You can go here to reach out and find out more, as these orders depend on season and inventory.

The coolest part about this whole thing? Anecdote takes a unique approach to crafting new candles by involving customers directly in the development process and encouraging them to share stories for the next genius idea. Who knows, your go-to tale from the college glory days may be the next sweet scent in households around the country. You can click here to see stores near you that carry the candles.

Check out some of our favorite Anecdote Candles below.

The smell of a new book is one of the greatest things in the world, but since it’s difficult to make a candle out of it, this is the next best thing. With notes of orange flower, grapefruit, vetiver, spices and oakmoss, Coffee Table Book is the epitome 0f modern living. It’s basically Pottery Barn in a jar.

Ahhh adulting, one of my favorite words. At 24 years old, I still feel like I’m missing some key pieces of advice on how to function like a grown-up, but hey – I’ve got a job, a 401K and a happy cat! I’m doing all right, and you will be too with this earthy, sophisticated candle. It’s got fig, sandalwood, grapefruit and lemon to inspire you to finish that to-do list and hit the hay early. Perfect for college students and recent grads (or anyone who files taxes, TBH).

I’m Speaking is perhaps Anecdote’s most well-known candle. As a woman, I’m all too familiar with rude interruptions and men monopolizing the conversation, no matter what space we’re in. This candle is inspired by the power of girls and women. You’ll smell citrus, vetiver, violet, jasmine and angelica, along with a base of amber and sandalwood to add dramatic notes to the fragrance. Plus, Anecdote will donate 15% of the candle’s net sales to She Should Run, a nonprofit that aims to increase the number of women considering a run for public office.

In the age of the coronavirus, we all need to take more time than usual to relax and step back from our hectic lives. Light this Self Care candle while you put on Friends and your favorite face mask. Let the notes of verbena, mint, lavender, moss and eucalyptus carry you to serenity – and remember, no checking your email while you’re unwinding!

Fruity candles are nice, but strawberry pound cake and mango smoothie scents can become overwhelming after a while (I really need to stop buying from Bath and Body Works when I haven’t finished the five candles I currently have). Why not opt for something lighter and cleaner? Laundry Day is a breath of fresh air, even if you put off the folding process for a week. It happens to the best of us.

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