The 10 Best Pillar Candles You Can Buy Online

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Pillar candles happen to be one of those home essentials that add a welcoming ambience for guests, and for ourselves after a long day at work. Set a couple by the bathtub when winding down at night with a glass of wine. Set the mood for a romantic dinner, movie night, or a small party with close friends. We sorted through some of the best pillar candles on the market, to find ones that are well rated, pretty and mess free. Enjoy!

Pillar candles don’t have to just be white cylinders. At the World Market, customers can find subtly carved options that come in a variation of colors. The green is striking, and absolutely gorgeous to have glowing in the home during the winter. Even more appropriately, different types of evergreen scents emanate from the candle, and finally finish with a golden acorn aroma.

Apple cinnamon fragrance either can transport noses to the autumn, when fresh apple cider is brewing on the stove, or when meandering down the narrow walkways of the orchard. Or maybe it takes you to the Fourth of July, with fresh baked apple pie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream. If either of those scenarios sound good to you, then Target has you covered with this pillar.

Bring nature indoors, with pillar candles that have the texture of natural timber on the exterior. Cluster them together against a window, or create a whimsical Alpine centerpiece for the table. Sweet succulent honeysuckles were the inspiration for the fragrance of this pillar candle from Pottery Barn.

Not a fan of burning real candles in the home? If unattended, candles can be a hazard, and some do contain harmful chemicals that just aren’t great to breathe. The answer? A flameless but hyper realistic pillar candle. Literally, the artificial light dances just like a real deal. LED lights within last for a good while!

Pillar candles don’t just have to be around! Take a peek at these beauties from Crate and Barrel. Unique silhouettes have been crafted to create a stunning shape that’s both intriguing and beautiful. Different colors are available, and it would be so fun to mix and match.

Beeswax candles are often used to save the bees! Uninhabited hives are turned into golden candles, that have a sweet and floral smell. Adding to the appeal, beeswax will pull impurities from the air, rather than adding harmful substances to the oxygen we breathe. Bees are amazing, and we just keep finding more reasons to prove it further.

Rustic elegance are the words that best describe this handmade beautiful candle. Phthalate free fragrances give the pillar a spicy and warm welcoming scent. Oranges and cinnamon combine for the most dreamy smell ever, and the output of heavenly aroma is impressive. With its burnt orange color, fall would be an amazing time to incorporate this into the home.

Inspired by the combination of cement and golden leaf design, these pillar candles are something totally out of the box. Add a unique yet not overwhelming touch to your home, wedding, or birthday party. Since this Etsy artesian packages each candle beautifully, they make phenomenal gifts.

We must revisit the flameless pillar! Found on Amazon, this set of nine come in various sizes, creating dramatic dimension wherever you decide to put them. Instead of dirtying up the fireplace, toss these babies in and use the remote control to adjust. So convenient. So safe!

A packaged pillar that is worthy of gifting, has been cultivated purely, with lovely aesthetics, perfect for any occasion. Zero paraffin or petroleum based waxes are used in the production of this candle – – only pure beeswax. Natural textures resemble something that came directly out of the forest, and pure cotton wicks ensure a clean, smokeless burn.

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