The 20 Cutest Christmas Socks We Could Find

Holiday Traditions

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Socks make great stocking stuffers, secret Santa surprises, or just solid gifts in general. How cozy does it feel to put on a new pair of fuzzy socks laden with iconic Christmas symbols? All you need is a cup of hot chocolate and a warm fire blazing under the garland. Every year, multitudes of stores contribute phenomenal contenders to the cutest sock game. We’ve sorted through the best, to bring you this list of the cutest Christmas socks.

Target always totally nails it in the sock department. Featuring many advent calendars this year, we really love this one because it’s generic and full of Christmas cheer. Candy canes, elves and more contemporary design fill the exciting countdown calendar.

Hedgehogs and hot chocolate? So incredibly precious! Fuzzy and warm, the snuggly foot warmers also serve as a gift card holder.

Cats definitely don’t get the credit they deserve. Sure, some are disinterested loners – – we think. Who knows what cats are thinking. But these lovable fur balls are members of many families, and deserve a place on a cute pair of Christmas socks. So happy “Catmas” y’all!

Yay for dogs! With a bright red background, one of America’s favorite dogs, the dachshund, is dotted all over, and is wearing a cute tiny Santa hat.

Stance has an incredible selection of super awesome socks. And you better bet they delivered this Christmas. Featuring the classic silhouette of Clark from Christmas Vacation being zinged by Christmas lights, any fan of the movie will laugh out loud when receiving these.

Old Navy comes through this holiday with a classic line of fleece socks that are so toasty warm. We’re totally feeling the Santa buckle socks, but there are five other holiday designs to choose from!

It’s been a year for America. And folks are wanting to show their patriotism more than ever. Well Santa, featured on these black crew socks, is here to help you do that! He is proudly waving the American flag.

We guess the statement “ain’t no man like a snowman” is true! Humans don’t possess the frosty coolness of a snow packed being. The socks are quite neutral, fitting for anyone.

Papa elf? From the north pole? Well no, but the papa of your family will adore the title. The elf theme is the cutest for guys.

Stegosauruses, a T Rex, and one other omnivore that we are struggling to remember the name of are featured festively on these dino Christmas socks. Quirky, yet historical! Or we guess, pre-historical.

No crazy characters, no modern movies – – the socks just feature whimsical cartoons of Saint Nick and his loot. Occasional ribbon wrapped Christmas gifts, and tasty gingerbread men are alongside him.

Three cheers for Christmas margaritas! Actually, these might be martinis. Regardless, they are red and green, with booze filled dainty glasses accented by peppermint sticks. And they are on cozy Christmas socks. We are sold.

Red socks with festive designs are completely and totally stocking stuffer staples. But these aren’t just any red socks, as busy woodland creatures, and Rudolph himself add an extra embellishment around the top.

Statement glasses, wizards and reindeer – – we must be referring to Harry Potter socks! Harry Potter absolutely deserves its own line of holiday apparel. Now we’re in the mood to binge watch the series.

Is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie? That is the controversy of the Nightmare Before Christmas. But many see it as both. Two seasons to enjoy one of the most beloved stop motion movies in history. This assortment of ankle socks will go perfectly for movie night.

How does Santa do it all in one night? Maybe a spaceship makes sense! So therefore we bring you these socks with Santa flying in a spaceship through the planets. As a bonus, these are compression socks and can improve circulation. Check with your doctor first.

Keeping with the outer space theme for a minute, we definitely cannot overlook these alien socks. Literally peering out of a snow covered brick chimney, the little guy is wearing a Santa hat and it is impossible not to fall in love.

Spreading more of the cat love this holiday season, here is a another pair of undeniably adorable cat Christmas socks. Kitties are leading Santa’s sleigh, helping to deliver toys to the millions of boys and girls around the world.

Knee-high socks. Check. Knee-high socks with milk and gingerbread cookies. Double check. A bonus pair with candy cane stripes? Now you are ready for the holidays.

Feliz Navidad everyone! Christmas is celebrated in a variation of ways around the country and the world. So we really like the socks with prickly cacti wrapped in colorful Christmas lights!

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