14 Fun Products to Take Your Family Game Night Up a Notch

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Family game nights are a fantastic option for entertainment these days. Staying at home saves money, and might be the overall better option for now. Only a few key elements are needed to ensure a successful few hours of excitement and bonding. Food of course, which can be themed or just casual. Then you need great games, and something to make it a little interesting, like scorekeeping and prizes. We’ve put together a guide to the ultimate family game night.

Popcorn from the microwave will never be the same. Because this stove top device adds ease to the process of making real, homemade popcorn. Built sturdily, this popper will last for years, providing unparalleled popcorn for every occasion. Just use a little olive oil and some salt  -– that’s it. This Williams-Sonoma set comes with gourmet kernels. But thrive market organic popcorn pops perfectly in the Whirly as well.

Isn’t pizza one of the most staple game night foods in existence? We definitely think so. There’s nothing like playing a lengthy round of Monopoly while snacking on cheesy pizza. But you don’t always have to order it out, making it at home could be part of the family fun extravaganza. This crispy crust maker from William Sonoma cooks dough to perfection. The best part? The kids will have a ton of fun making creative topping combinations. We are talking taco pizza y’all!

Okay, okay, so we really built up the Whirley Pop. And to be quite honest, that is the very best popcorn you’re going to get. But if wanting something a little out of the box, and kind of peculiar to try with the kids, opt for pop corn on the cob! That’s right, this stuff pops directly off of the actual cob, and there’s something amusing about it. So obviously we think popcorn is a great game night food, because we’ve included two ways to enjoy it.

Here’s another one the kids can get in on while prepping for the actual game night itself. This handy thing allows you to create cookie cups! Or shot glasses for the adults. What do you do with a cookie cup, you might ask? Well, just eat it, or fill it with candy, ice cream, and again for the adults, maybe some Kahlúa! The real question is, what can’t be done with a cookie cup? These add such an incredibly fun touch to a festive evening.

Picture this, snow is falling outside, all of the new games received during the holidays are stacked on the table, and you’re wanting to do something super awesome with the kids, since all the festivities are winding down. You could get elaborate, but you’re tired of cooking. So how about making some seriously ultimate hot chocolate? Go ahead and have warm milk on the table for everyone, and these handy hot chocolate sticks that basically turn the milk into rich goodness. Have various toppings to apply, like marshmallows, sprinkles and whipped cream.

Fondue is for families! Cheese, chocolate and other various delicious gooey foods are great for making a wonderful fondue. It just depends on if the taste buds beckon for savory or sweet. We kind of feel like having fondue in the middle of the table, and everybody having their dipping sticks, is somewhat like being around a campfire roasting marshmallows. So therefore, this easy chocolate fondue is another great game night food option.

Sure, nachos can be messy. Resulting in cheesy residue all over game pieces. But nachosaurus to the rescue! Playfully line chips in the crevice down this adorable green dinosaur’s back, and place any dips or sauces in the bowl. This will be a lot less messy, and a lot more adorable than a pile of soggy cheesy messiness.

Brain teasers become tricky trivia questions in this fast paced family favorite. Don’t use automatic logic when being asked any of these kooky questions. Words aren’t what they seem, questions are full of secondary meanings. Everyone will be rolling over in confusing laughter as they try to answer correctly.

Escape rooms are a ton of fun to visit, but since people are staying home more now, it’s likely something folks are missing. Combining the puzzles, problems and riddles of a traditional escape room, the game is more symbolic in terms of “escaping”. But all of the brain power and satisfaction from cracking the mystery is within this box.

Utter Nonsense, as its name would suggest, was created to be completely absurd. Two cards are drawn by the person in turn, one will issue an accent (which can be beyond crazy and obscure) and the other will give a phrase. Combine the two, and you have a night of bad acting and memorable laughs. A judge will determine, each round, who did it best.

For those of you who have never played Googly Eyes, boy are you in for a treat. A simple game that is easy to understand and requires a little instruction, even the young ones will catch on. Like Pictionary, but with an added element of visual impairment, it’s something that never gets old. Prompt cards tell what you’re going to have to draw, with crazy glasses that distort everything. Your teammate will have to guess what on earth you’re trying to depict.

Having an official score book is an organized way to keep up with the winners of the night. However, it can also be great for ongoing scorekeeping throughout weeks and weeks of gameplay. While keeping a tally of up to eight players, this small book will add a lighthearted element of competition. It definitely makes things more interesting.

So maybe you’re not looking to document things so extensively, just use this handy flipper board for the night! Family members can be divided into teams for the evening, and score can be kept after every victory. We like this because it is simple. However, creating a more complicated bracket system with more opportunities for victorious opponents to face each other, could be even better. You can find a handy bracket here.

Better Homes and Gardens has an extensive guide to family game night as well! But one of their stand out featured components is this candy filled trophy. Going beyond a plastic commemorative piece, a glass jar sits below filled with delicious sweet treats! You could completely bypass the plastic trophy, and just use festively decorated mason jars from Walmart, and fill those with cookies, M&Ms or even some type of tasty nuts. All will be jealous of the victor.

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