18 Cool Kitchen Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

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Maybe you’re the type of person that swears against kitchen gadgets. It’s understandable! Having clear countertops and minimally occupied drawers is a good feeling. However, gadgets shouldn’t be a totally banned word in the home. Sometimes, one-use items or straight up quirky kitchen products can add immense ease to your life. But if you love gadgets, we won’t have a hard time convincing you that the following could be a spectacular addition to your kitchen, and make excellent gifts. Regardless, we think that there are some dazzling features about these kitchen products that might just wind up on your Christmas list.

Taking up a fourth of the space of a traditional colander, this strainer will likely be the new go-to when emptying water out of a pasta pan. The heat-resistant silicone design features two clips that secure snugly onto a variation of pots or pans. Without having to occupy your hand with another strainer, this will allow you to keep both firmly grasped onto the handle of hot pots of water.

Avocados have become a staple in the American diet over the years. They’re full of healthy fats and quite satisfying, so having a way to quickly prepare one for toast or tacos is extremely convenient. This is a three-in-one tool that takes the enclosed avocado all the way to the point where it’s ready for garnishment or adding into a recipe. The knife slices the exterior, a handy center tool pulls out the pit and the scoop style slicer allows you to have it plate-ready in one movement.

An absolutely genius space solution, this handy magnetic shelf allows you to make even more use of your kitchen, just when you thought you had used every nook and cranny. Securing over the top of your stove control panel, the shelf creates space for adding spices and garnishments, while closing up that annoying gap between the wall and the appliance itself.

Adding some flair to this part of your kitchen gadget lineup can be a little dull, no pun intended. Designed with bright cheerful colors and floral patterns, the set of three knives will certainly be something you want to keep on display or keep out when carving a ham for a dinner party. The wooden handles give a neutral touch, making these a wonderful balanced gift. The set comes in a lovely box for gifting.

Do you worry that the Christmas ham isn’t totally done? Have you ever cut into a deliciously prepared chicken dinner, only to find that it needs a few more minutes in the oven, or some time in the microwave? Worry no more with this set of six stainless steel probes, with BPA-free silicone handles that communicate via Bluetooth. Temperature information will be sent directly to your phone, so you can continue chilling while watching the game until you know for sure that the barbecue is ready to come off the grill.

Have you ever tried to wrestle a pizza out of the oven with a spatula in each hand? Well, this extra wide spatula made especially for pizza might be the answer to your problem. The piece actually makes an elegant gift, as it has a beautiful rose wood handle. Maybe tie a bow around it and include your homemade pizza dough. The handle also folds down for easy storage.

Nitro cold brewed coffee can be enjoyed fresh right from your living room couch. Making a delicious brew is as simple as filling the specially-made canister with coffee and cold water. Let it sit overnight, and then in the morning, you will be ready to sip coffee immediately. This is great when your mornings are a little bit hectic and you’re short on time.

Part decoration and part functional counter device, this endearing yet industrial robot has one very important job. Two liquor bottles can be tipped into the holders and conveniently dispensed whenever you should need a shot of your favorite tequila or bourbon. He has intricate and fun detail, such as a flask backpack and a shot glass holder.

Never buy cooking spray again, as this glass bottle with a stainless steel sprayer can be filled with your favorite olive oil. When air frying food specifically, having a nice even coat of oil is important for the perfect crispness. However, you will likely find yourself using this for spraying a favorite oil on popcorn or evenly distributing oil into a skillet before cooking up eggs or French toast.

Sometimes it feels like there is no great way to organize pans and pots. They tumble around in one cabinet, and perpetually stay in an unsettling pile of chaos. If this is something that you find bothersome, this simple yet versatile rack will help organize and neatly stack skillets and such. Use it on the counter, in a cabinet and choose between a vertical or horizontal set up.

Funnels are a great necessity that help prevent spills, whether transferring oil into a spray bottle or tea into a container with a small mouth. So why not make an average kitchen item into something fun and interesting? Decorated with a bright red cap and snow white dots, this endearing fungi-themed funnel will serve great as a stocking stuffer or as a gift on its own.

Aprons may seem old-school, but they are incredibly practical and should certainly make a comeback. Made of canvas and leather, this ultra-heavy duty apron is versatile and can be used by anyone. From working hard around a hot grill fire or baking cookies at Christmas time, this is an option that is made to last. We also love that there is a built-in bottle opener, because even if you’re grilling with friends or baking cookies, there might be a reason to pop open a beer!

From mixing bowls to measuring spoons, this Pioneer Woman baking set has essentials to get you started on your bakeware collection. Of course, each piece features that endearing floral country design that is now well recognized. Made of sturdy melamine, the set still has the classic look of beautiful ceramic dishes.

Prepare perfectly-sliced vegetables for party trays in an instant, or have potatoes the exact thickness for an excellent gratin with this handy food shredder and slicer. Its shredding capabilities are perfect for freshly-grated cheese to go atop your famous smoked macaroni or just on pizza! The motor-powered appliance can not only cut and shred, but ripple cut too. Wipe down or detach the base and toss in the dishwasher.

NutriBullet has proven itself as a long-standing and worthy blender. This design in particular is great for those who like to mix up smoothies and such while still being able to drink straight from the container. When rushing out the door to your daily workout session, blending up some greens and protein powder is a snap. The NutriBullet also helps extract nutrients from ingredients.

Toast is the base of many great meals and breakfasts. Avocado toast, egg toast, peanut butter toast, goat cheese toast – so many good options! Made to be ultra fast, this particular stainless steel beauty starts perfectly cooking bread in just two seconds with special glow technology. The touchscreen not only looks super cool and sleek, but it’s practical too, as it allows you to select the perfect crispy color for your bread.

Before the world became a bunch of hand sanitizer fanatics, it was still quite difficult to prepare chicken, for example, without transferring bacteria onto a traditional soap dispenser. But now, it’s more convenient to be able to place your hand under an automatic dispenser to easily retrieve a handful of soap or hand sanitizer. These days, this is far more than a gadget, and nearly a necessity. The kids can come in from school and clean their hands before touching the refrigerator door.

Okay air fryer fans, get ready to be stunned. This particular countertop appliance not only fries chicken to perfection with minimal oil, but it has seven total features, such as a rotisserie function for the most perfectly-cooked turkey breast. Our mouths are watering too. Really, you might not have to turn on your oven hardly ever, as there is also a baking function that will cook your favorite muffins and treats.

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