11 Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas When Buying on a Budget

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Meaningful gifts don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Products exist that include a lot of thought and symbolization. Did you know there is something really cool you can do with old T-shirts? Customized works of art can be more financially feasible than you might’ve thought. And precious family photos can be printed on a list of products. Whether the need be for an upcoming birthday or a magical surprise for the holidays, we’ve come up with several meaningful gifts on a budget.

At some point or another, there is going to be that special home, or place that is very close to our hearts. If that’s the case for the person you were trying to find a meaningful gift for, these pint glasses are perfect. Send in coordinates of that memorable place, and it will be mapped onto the glass, along with a compass.

Various birthstones are significant to people for different reasons. Perhaps they have children, or just want to pair theirs along with their significant other’s. Or maybe someone they love has passed away, and keeping their stone on hand is a way of remembrance. These rings are stackable, so you can wear several at the same time, and the unique shape options are gorgeous.

All 62 parks in the United States are represented on this mug. Using a special marker, color in the tree of the ones you have been to. Then you will bake it in the oven to dry it on forever. This is a fun way to show off all of the national parks that you’ve had the opportunity to explore. And it’s just a really cute mug to have your coffee in every morning.

Prompts within this beautifully crafted sewn and cloth book help people compose their life story. Anyone who loves to journal will particularly enjoy creating a timeline of their life. This isn’t just a gift for the person you’re giving it to you, it will be something that is handed down through the family for generations.

We think every parent needs a coffee cup with their kid’s picture on it, at work. Or maybe a pet! SnapFish can put a high-resolution photograph onto an 11 ounce ceramic mug for just under $13. Imagine the possibilities! The mug is also dishwasher safe, and ready to hold your favorite cup of coffee or tea.

This Etsy artist is able to capture the general feel of your home, and the family members, within a beautifully designed snow globe. They do an absolutely stunning job on capturing the overall look, making this a gift no one would ever be able to guess that you got them. Whether it be your childhood home and family when they were younger, or something more current, it’s very special.

Ornaments are a great way to accumulate memories without taking up a ton of space. There are hundreds of branches on a Christmas tree, therefore, there’s always room for one more keepsake. This little house with a stone chimney commemorates anyone who is moving into a new forever home. While a Christmas decoration, we think this is a great gift anytime.

Playing off of our previous list item, these keychains make a wonderful addition to the Hallmark ornaments. Made of stainless steel, the ring comes with a shiny charm that says “our first home“, and the year. A tiny little house sits off to the side. This is a wonderful trinket to give anyone to commemorate their very first home.

Customized books can be expensive, but this one is not. That’s because you fill in the blanks yourself. On each page, there is a beginning phrase or prompt to help write a story about the one you love. The design is fairly generic, so it can be used for multiple people and multiple occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and so on.

Brew a special coffee roast, and set out some fun toppings like whipped cream and spices. Then have him or her open up these stainless steel spoons that say “let’s have coffee together forever“. While the gift itself is seemingly small, the meaning is significant. Have a fire in the fireplace and just enjoy this very special cup of coffee together. Maybe even throw in some heart-shaped donuts.

Imagine being able to sew years of memories together via old T-shirts. MemoryStitch can make you one of these priceless keepsakes. While quilts can be priced around $70 or more, given the depth of this gift, it’s reasonable. You cut out the front panel of your shirts, then mail them in. An artist puts the pieces together while lining it with a cozy backing. If you sign up for emails, you can get a pretty significant coupon.

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