13 Moving Hacks for an Easier, Stress-Free Move

Pack it up, Pack it in

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The average person moves 11.7 times in their lifetime, according to a study by the U.S. Census Bureau. After a few times, you think it would get easier, but the more “stuff” we accumulate, the harder moving becomes. Thankfully, we’ve come across a few ways to make moving less stressful and time consuming, so you can focus more on making your new house feel like home.

Preparing for the Big Move

1. Hire a Professional to Get Things Squeaky Clean
Cleaning and moving go hand in hand — you have to clean your previous home, clean before you move into your new home, and you’ll probably need to clean up after you unpack. So save yourself some time and hire a professional to leave things feeling brand new. The experienced cleaning pros at Handy.com can tackle the bathrooms, floors and more, while you coordinate your big move. Handy.com also provides handyman and installation services, including furniture assembly, TV mounting and other odd jobs that can help make your new house feel like home again. What’s more, scheduling is simple and easy, and some Handy pros are available as early as the next day.

2. Be Prepared for Repairs
A thorough inspection is required when buying a home, but you really get to know a place after you’ve moved in — and it’s only then you realize there’s a slow leak under the bathroom sink or the AC is on the fritz. However, you can be protected from expensive repairs that may not be covered by your home insurance, warranties or local utility company with a home repair plan like HomeServe. It’s kind of like having roadside assistance, only for your home and it comes with a 24-hour repair hotline for that midnight roof leaks or emergency plumbing problem. See if HomeServe covers your area here.

3. Cut Out The Clutter in Your Life
Why move it if you can’t use it? Cut out all the clutter and get it hauled away with services like 1-800-Got-Junk?, which makes it easy to clear away any old appliances, furniture, mattresses, electronics, yard waste and more. The professionals at 1-800-Got-Junk? can clear away anything that can fit in their truck and you won’t have to lift a finger — just point to the junk, and they remove it.

4. Keep the Kids Busy with a Fun Babysitter
Your kids may be excited to move into a new home, but having them bounce around while you’re moving furniture isn’t exactly helpful — plus, they’ll probably get bored pretty fast. So hire a trusted caregiver from Care.com to help keep the kids entertained while you unload and unpack. Plus, wouldn’t it be even more exciting for them to walk into their new rooms all decorated and ready for play?

5. Help Fido Feel Comfortable During Your Move
Moving can be quite stressful for your furry friends, so do them (and you) a favor and have a trusty pet sitter stay with your animal while you’re coordinating the big move. Seeing their favorite chair moved by strangers or their toys in a box may cause some anxiety, so hiring a pet pro from Rover.com to walk, play and cuddle with your fur baby can help smooth the transition until you can welcome your pet into your new home.

6. Furniture Shopping has Never Been Easier…
Moving into a bigger home and need more furniture? Or maybe you’re downsizing and need a few apartment-friendly pieces. Either way, WayFair is an easy place to find furniture to fit your needs. The best part- it’s delivered to your doorstep, so there’s no need to wander the big-box furniture stores or haggle with a salesman over a couch.

Now That You’ve Moved In…


7. Get Your Groceries Delivered 
That first trip to the grocery store after moving is a big one because your pantry and refrigerator was probably down to the bare minimum before your move. So skip the trip to the store and get all your new condiments, fresh produce and more delivered to you from services like Shipt and Instacart. You can shop online or through the app, and they can do the shopping while you continue to unpack. That way, your fridge is stocked after a full day of moving and you’re not eating takeout for the next week until you find time to go to the store.

8. Stay Stocked Up on Household Essentials
Start fresh in your new home with non-toxic cleaning products and household essentials from Grove Collaborative. Whether it’s an everyday multi-surface cleaner, laundry detergent or paper towels, it’s easy and affordable to stock your new home with this monthly subscription for eco-friendly household products.

9. Never Forget to Change the Air Filter Again
We’ve all been there — the moment you realize you’ve gone far too long without changing your air filter. Take this easily-forgettable task off your to-do list and ensure your filters get changed on time with a service like FilterEasy, an automated air filter delivery service. It helps maintain home wellness by delivering the exact HVAC air filters you need, when you need them.

10. Trade in Takeout for a Home-Cooked Meal
You can get your groceries delivered, but who has time to plan out their meals when moving? Get the milk, eggs and other essentials from the store, but leave dinner to the professionals at meal kit delivery services like HelloFresh. Pre-portioned ingredients are delivered to your new home, making dinner a breeze as most meals only take about 30 minutes to prepare — all you’ll need to do is make sure you can find your pots and pans.

11. Getting Organized Just Got A Lot Easier
Moving is a great time to up your organization game and win the never-ending storage war, and The Container Store is the perfect place to start. Whether you need to organize all your crafting supplies, find better storage solutions for your garage or pantry, or design your dream closet, The Container Store can help you find a tidy place for everything. And if you don’t know where to begin, The Container Store has a free online organization service to help find the best solution for you.

12. Cut the Cable Cord 
Why transfer and go through all the hoops of keeping a service like cable when you can find all the shows you love and watch live TV through other services like Hulu — and for half the price. Plus Hulu is simple to set up and log in through your Smart TV, phone or tablet. Save yourself the hassle of setting up a cable provider and stream your favorite shows instead.

13. Because Moving is Stressful and Wine Can Help… 
So maybe wine isn’t a necessity while moving, but it sure does make unpacking all of those boxes a bit better. And we all know unpacking isn’t just a one-night thing… it takes days, maybe even weeks, to get fully unpacked. So make sure your stash is stocked with a wine subscription like Firstleaf. You’ll never run out of your favorite bottle of wine for those stressful nights of “where did I put this?” and you’ll have plenty of wine for your upcoming housewarming party.

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