15 Genius Products Under $15 on Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed

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When you think of Amazon, you think of just about everything under the sun and you’re not wrong. From home goods to baby gear to the latest must-have products, you could spend hours shopping. But who has time for that? We came up with a list of cool (and useful) products you may not even realize you need, but totally do — and the best part: they’re all under $15!

Between body wash, shampoo, conditioner and all the other necessities we use, it’s easy for your shower to become overcrowded and cluttered. Luckily this convenient shower curtain has nine mesh pockets of varying sizes, so everything in your shower will have a spot.

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it, should be the motto of this toilet bowl spray. Made with discretion in mind, you’ll be able to poo in peace after a spritz of this.

Designed to fit nearly all types of pots and pans, this clip-on collander is not only a space saver but a life saver as well. Just clip it on once your pasta has reached the perfect al dente consistency and voila — pasta perfection!

Two words: shower wine. Can you think of anything better than coming home from a long day and pouring a glass of wine? Maybe a nice relaxing shower? Well why choose one when you can have both!

Make sure you can open up that bottle for your shower wine with an easy-to-use corkscrew. Simply stick the needle in the cork, pump a few times and there you have it. You have efficiently opened your bottle of wine and preserved the cork from damage at the same time.

Are you as avo-sessed about guacamole as we are, but struggle to slice and chop your avocado? Don’t worry, us too. That’s where this handy device comes in. Cut, de-core and slice your avocado with ease and you’ll enjoy your avocado toast in no time!

Two things we can agree on: no one likes stale chips and everyone has a drawer full of chip clips. With that said, why not add a little fun to that drawer with these cute owl clips!

Cleaning your floors have never been easier (or comfier). Made with specially-designed microfiber fingers, simply slide on these slippers and scoot your way to a cleaner home.

Sometimes even the best behaved doggo needs convincing to take a bath and we definitely aren’t above bribery. So make bath time a breeze with this dispensing mat that suctions right onto the wall where you can put your pup’s favorite treat for the most delicious distraction ever.

Between moisturizers, foundations, brushes and so much more, our makeup routine can get a little extensive and a lot disorganized. So stop digging through piles to find what you need and give everything its own spot with this 16-compartment organizer.

Popcorn makes the perfect snack (and sometimes meal, no judgement) and while popping a bag of those buttery kernels is easy, take your treat up a notch and use an air popper. Made of silicon, so it’s easy to clean and shaped so you can eat it right out of the bowl, you’ll be perfectly prepared for the next movie night.

Two of your favorite things — unicorns and destruction — come together in a hilariously fun, highly competitive game. Perfect for game night, Unstable Unicorn will take the cake for favorite family card game.

Never struggle to open a jar again. Perfect for just about any type of jar in your pantry, simply place it on the lid, twist the handle with ease and boom! You’re set.

You’ll be dreaming sweet carb-loaded dreams when resting your head on this surprisingly realistic and ultra-comfy bread loaf pillow. Not only is this pillow perfect in many situations, it will be a conversation piece that will never go stale.

Your love for tacos and dinosaurs collide with this TriceraTaco holder. Perfect for both kids and kids at heart, this dino just took taco night up a notch.

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